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Tory high school was a very inspiring experience for me. Going into my freshman year I was a little worried about making friends and passing classes. However, at Troy you don't need to worry about practically anything. It doesn't take long to make friends; I feel as though they just happen to appear out of no where and the teachers at the school really help students to ensure they pass.
very racist and teachers didn't do anything about it. all the students there were very smart and everything was just a competition.
it’s a fairly good school. most of the staff are nice. only a few of them don’t really know what they are doing but other than that it’s good.
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the mentality the students have to be at the very top of academics is emotionally draining. at least one student commits suicide each year, but our counselors choose to give us business cards with hotlines that call the police on you. everyone says the diversity is great, but many marginalized students vehemently disagree, like everyone beefing with the district on twt. the administrators have pretty bad handling of huge events such as the loss of a student or mass condemnation. the teachers are generally v good, though some of the older ones would benefit from letting it go and retiring. i’ve been able to form really special bonds with many teachers the last four years, and i plan on keeping in touch with them once i graduate too. this school tends to be stressful but you can make amazing bonds with amazing people there if you’re willing to deal with the negatives. the students at school who will peak sometime during their four years serve as a good source of free entertainment.
Troy High school was a great school that I was proud to attend, however there can be improvement in the facilities and the school culture. Most students have a very competitive attitude towards academics.
Troy High is a great school in material and academics. The overall quality of student life is only about half as it is hard to find a student that is not partaking in several advanced classes, and sports/clubs. Troy High is a school for overachievers that are ready for a challenge. The material is good, but the teachers don't have a high level of good response from students. It's about 50/50 whether you may receive a decent teacher. I was once given a teacher who struggled with a head injury and could not remember the class she was teaching. The class had to protest as she was failing us as she did not understand how to use the online grade book and sources. However, one bad teacher does not diminish the group of amazing teachers I have received. Some I've even kept in contact with after. I believe if you are ready to be challenged and show the world that you are capable of high education, Troy High is the right place for you.
Troy High is not a bad school. There's a very wide range of teaching abilities, ranging from very good to very bad. Depending on the subject and level of difficulty(like honors/AP for example), they tend to have good teachers. However, I've still dealt with teachers who are not that good and worked my way through the school year learning on my own instead.
Troy High School has an extensive availability of courses, from several AP classes to classes in the THS Auto Shop and courses in childcare and life skills. In addition to the numerous course options, THS has a large number of clubs - both official and non official - that cover nearly every aspect of interest. Students can also form clubs of their own as well. The THS community is quite diverse as well, with a large Asian population at the school. The environment at THS is quite academically centered and competitive, but there are opportunities beyond academics as well.
Troy High excels in almost every category. The teachers are amazing, the academics are challenging, and the student population is very diverse.
Great school with amazing academics, but students should be prepared for a competitive environment because the academics are rigorous and students are very intelligent.
The diversity at Troy High is like no other! I love how there are hundreds of clubs available for students to learn more about other subjects and cultures.
Troy High School has brought me to where I am today. It has taught me to persevere when life gets tough and to never let anyone or anything stop you from being your full potential. Although competitive academics wise, I am now a successful adult who has Troy High School to thank.
Troy High is a really good school. One good thing about Troy High is its diversity. There are people from all ethnicities that attend Troy High and they have taught me about cultures that I otherwise would never have been exposed to. It also showed me how important it is to be surrounded by a diverse community. As a Chinese American, I was able to bond with other Chinese Americans. The academics in Troy High is also excellent. They offer so many different courses and many AP classes. I know I would not have received as high of an education had i not moved to Troy High. There is also so many different clubs that are in Troy High that there will always be at least one that appeals to you. One problem I did observe is the academic pressure that exists within peers. Instead of the regular forms of peer pressure, a lot of peer pressure involves taking higher level classes such as honors or AP's. I have found myself feeling pressured to take harder courses and felt inferior when I didn't
If you're attending Troy High, there are two things that you should be attending it for. Either the musical arts program (Band, Orchestra) which is one the best in the state or for the STEM science clubs that foster an interest in science far beyond what school normally can bring. The teachers at Troy are phenomenal ad are undoubtedly some of the best educators in Michigan if not the U.S. They are available most of the time and are willing to devote their own free time to clubs and to help students privately.
Overall Troy High is a very good school. There are definitely some changes they could make, such as food and usage of some funds. They are very strong academically, but it can foster pressure to score high and add unnecessary stress to students.
bands are great. school spirit sucks. very diverse. lots of teachers/students full of themselves. lots of opportunities.
I think that Troy High School is overall a strong school with a variety of advanced classes to take and several clubs/sports. There is also so much diversity here and it is so easy to meet people with similar interests. I think that the competitive school environment encourages students to challenge themselves and strive to reach their personal best.
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The work is hard and your peers challenge you but its a good environment to push your boundaries and grow. The teachers are all very helpful and will give you assistance and guidance if you just ask.
Overall, Troy High is an amazing school. It's big, has a lot of people, a lot of diversity, and has something to involve everyone. Most of the teachers and the administration staff are very kind and helping people. There are lots of opportunities for students to do what they like. There are classes offered for every interest, there are many different sports teams, and a lot of clubs. It's very easy to get involved and find others who are interested in similar things.
Troy High is a really good school academically because they offer a lot of challenging courses. The arts departments are really good and our marching band, personally, I think is great. The sports do get funding, but our football team could probably use a better coach. Most of the teachers genuinely love their job and are good at teaching difficult concepts. The biggest problem is how competitive the students can get. It sometimes feels toxic because of how much we compare grades or test scores.
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