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though troy high school wasn't my home high school, i'm glad i was accepted because i met many people that have shaped my life for the next years to come
My experience at Troy High School has been extremely unique with all teachers and students I interacted throughout my freshman year. I felt very welcomed coming in as a freshman. Classes are tough but no where near impossible with commitment. Not only did my teachers prepare me for my sophmore year and a few honors classes but they also taught me so much about college and how to prepare for life itself with time managment skills and life tips as well. In my opinion, this is where I feel so comfortable and safe.
Troy High School definitely prepares you for college. Throughout my high school career I have had ups and downs academically, however I would change a thing about it. Troy High School definitely allows their students to grow in ways that'll benefit their future.
Their sports programs are amazing and their programs definitely have the most dedicated coaches one could ask for.
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There was a very toxic masculinity culture in the football program. This culture was heavily encouraged by the coaches, at the time it was Hastin and Burton. They would encourage bullying by turning a blind eye to the underclassmen in favor of not disciplining their top athletes.
Troy was one of the most challenging times of my life, but the life skills you learn at Troy are invaluable. For the most part, the teachers are experienced and give different problems that help develop critical thinking skills. Furthermore, the Tech program helps to cultivate practical experience in the field you are interested in so that you can learn what your passions are.
Coming to Troy, I was faced with a heavy workload. However, as pressuring as the workload was, Troy exposed me to an elite set of students and showed me what real world competition is really like. I can wholeheartedly say that Troy prepares you for the real world and does not sugar coat the challenges one will face. On the other hand, Troy does not assist in getting into prestigious colleges. It is very difficult to maintain a competitive GPA at Troy, and often all energy is put into schoolwork. Colleges tend to favor students who have been able to do an extensive amount of activities outside of school, and Troy's school system does not assist in doing so. If getting into a big name school is your goal, one is better off attending a less competitive high school and standing out among their peers for both academics and extracurriculars.
Very deceptive. The students are tested in and are largely out of district. The work load is excessive with late nights and sleep deprivation. They tell us that college will be easy after this assuming we don’t burn out. Not an enjoyable experience and poor balance with most focus on competing for grades.
It will push you to your limits but it will be worth the effort. Everyone gets something different out of Troy. All you have to do is pick your opportunities and see them through to the end.
I really enjoyed my time at Troy even though sometimes it was tough but I put it on myself to take all weighted classes. The tech program is the best part because the 4 years I was there I was able to have a close group of friends from that program. It was nice to see the same faces each year.
I really like Troy. It does have a scary reputation but there are a lot of resources for you to succeed. Most of the teachers are super nice and they want to help you. I do still have time to fun things even though the school is really focused on academics. Troy overall is a lot better school than my home school.
This school really prepares you for college and what to expect later in life, however the crushing expectations and high competition takes a major toll on you mentally.
I personally have liked my time at Troy. I’m part the Troy Tech program and although it feels very competitive at times, I think that it has been great way to get hands on experience with potential career pathways , especially through summer internships.
I graduated high school in 2018. I have my high school experience done; I finished and what I have is what I will remember forever. That being said, I am thankful of my experience. Aside from learning fast paced at a rigorous school, I learned a lot about myself and learned that I have a lot to learn. Not only academically, but in life; I took in good experiences and bad ones to learn from them. I paid attention and stayed mindful in order to learn something from everything. I want to be a Special Education Teacher in the future and Troy has an amazing Special Education Program- Best Buddies.
Troy High School is a public magnet high school located in Fullerton,CA. It's Known for its its rigor academics, Cyber Defense, Clubs, and Troy Tech . Troy's community is committed to helping its students achieve success in the future. They really take the time to cater to each students needs, abilities, and backgrounds.
My son went to Troy High School , he knew it would be hard but it prepared him for college. I think it's for the student that knows what they want, and is up for the challenge... Some students are not ready or don't know what they want.
My daughter decided she too wants to go to Troy High School , Fall 2019 -2020
Troy High School has an excellent education and nice campus. The only negative about this school is the work load. It can sometimes be stressful.
Troy High School is very rigorous in its academics and helps prepare its students for studies beyond high school. With its advanced curriculum and strong prep for college, students are able to find the support and guidance they need to succeed. Troy offers full Tech, IB, AP, and Honors pathways which help each individual learn and advance in their classes. The school is competitive, but also supportive.
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My experience overall was very interesting. There are lots of great clubs on campus such as Future Business Leaders of America and ACS Chemistry Club. There is a club for every interest. There is even a big epsorts league that plays against other schools. There is also a statue that they paid too much for.
A+ is based on what criteria’s. Noticed the school managed to wipe out the not-so-good information about that school from online. Beware parents how this school can crush innocent spirits of your impressionable kids. I truly regret down to every bone in my body for letting my student be judged by extremely biased teachers. It cannot admit it has more than few uncaring and horrible teachers. Their lies are innocent but so quick to mark confused kids as dishonest or call them worse things that I can’t say. Some there will go extreme to be helpful to kids who aren’t very honest but wii do nothing for so called average kids to their eyes. Your kids don’t need this. Every awful things I heard about this school were true.
Its been a great experience during my 4 years at this school. Teachers are soo friendly and ready to sacrifice their time to help students. Most students are outgoing and easy to make friends with. The campus is fairly big that offers many different courses of subjects.
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