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Overall, Troy is an academically challenging experience. This is great for development, but can be stressful. If you're heading here with the intention of topping the class and getting into a top school, you're here for the wrong reason. Troy gives you real hand on experience at a college level of rigor, and is great for STEM, but not so great if you want to have a fun high school experience.
Overall, Troy gets you really ready in terms of academics. The classes are great, especially the STEM side. It is easy to find friends due to the fact that Troy is a magnet school and accepts students from all over the state. Not only that, their competitive teams are top-notch. The Science Olympiad team has achieved first place nationally 5 times in this decade. The only negative side of the school is that the workload is very heavy.
Academically, it is a challenging school and it pushes everyone to become the best version of themselves. Troy has teachers that develop you to be able to think outside the box and to achieve high standards. The teachers are helpful and every single one is willing to take the time to ensure that all students succeed. Socially, it is easy to find a group of friends. Being a magnet school, there are often a lot of kids that are also coming without knowing anyone so it is easy to find people who also need someone to talk to. Sports are decent, which Girls basketball and golf being nationally ranked. The school spirit is growing and more and more people are becoming involved as more clubs are developed. I recommend Troy High School if you are looking to grow as a person and learn true perseverance.
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I love that the rigorous course work really pushes students to learn the importance of time management and self discipline. The teachers and faculty are all so friendly and always kind to their students, especially since they know how much pressure we are under to keep up with the school work. If I could change one thing however, I’d love if there was a wider range of future pathways for the students. As of now, our STEM fields receive the most attention and funding, even thought our arts and literature programs are equally as excellent.
I have had a very good experience at Troy High School--it's felt like home. I have felt academically challenged in all my classes and everyday I am surrounded by excellent teachers and students. Rigorous curriculum is used and they offer many programs in academics (such as AVID, IB and AP), extracurriculars (such as Yearbook, Journalism, ASB), and athletics.
I had a well-rounded experience at Troy because there is a lot of academic competition, so everyone is constantly pushing each other to strive for more. There are also many extra curricular activities to be in and the teachers and students are compassionate and intelligent people. However, due to the nature of academic rigor on this campus, it can take a toll on mental health and put a lot of pressure on students
I liked that you were pushed because it prepares you well for what you will experience in college, however the overall consideration of students' mental health is dismissed by almost all administration.
I liked the teachers as they wanted their students to succeed. However, the rallies and sporting events didn’t seem as exciting.
Troy High School is a very rigorous school that has many programs for students to be in. It definitely is harder than other schools and there is a lot of work that is given.
Troy is a great school with a rigorous and competitive environment. Troy really sets you up to have the most success possible after high school. The teaching staff is extremely good at what they do and truly care about the success of their students.
I liked that Troy High School has many teachers that are very invested in how you are doing in the class. The academics can be very rigorous which makes it a very competitive atmosphere and sometimes a very toxic one. I would like to see more of a sense of community and school spirit as well as not having the only focus being how you did on the one test.
Honestly I wouldn't have gone to any other high school if given the opportunity. It was a rigorous challenge but I also made some really good friends who helped shape me into the person I am today.
Troy High School is very accepting and rigorous. They offer many interesting courses such as Design Tech and teachers are great and truly care about their profession. They prepare their students very well to be successful in college and their future after college.
Troy High School is a great place to learn. The teachers are very helpful as well as counselors. Troy also has many exciting events such as it's school dances, international day, senior sunrise, etc.
Overall I had a great four years here, though it got very hard and stressful at times. For example, I don't remember much if because I took AP Land and it was a hell of a class and I hated it but I learned a lot. Also, junior years is a lot to handle due to stress about grades, SAT and ACT. Also, the beginning of senior year sucks because of applying to colleges.
Troy High School is one of the top academic schools in the state. If you are interested in engineering, math, computer science, etc. Then this school is the best choice for you. They have programs and pathways for your future career and readiness for college. I personally think that its great for future mechanics, nurses, doctors, and others into that field. However, what I would like to see change in this is school is having a bit more artistic courses and maybe better meals. Overall, it's a great school.
Troy High School is a vigorous school. There academic ratings are to the max. Troy tries to make their students be more involved with academics than electives. In my opinion, I feel like there should be more optional classes for students who want to be more creative. It can certainly get very stresssful at times; we are constantly aware of our work. However, Troy High School is a great preparation for future college assignments. I believe Troy has made me develop great observation and occupational skills.
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Troy High School is a very competitive School. It pushes you to be the best that you can possibly be and develop an amazing work ethic for College.
I like how in way the school provides a sense of preparedness for college in the fact that everyone has great study habits and have their schedules set out to achieve a lot. I also like how Troy provides access to laptops to all students which can be of great advantage to those who don't have such access at home. The school is very good in providing a good amount of extracurricular activities such as business and the program it's best known for, Troy tech.
Troy is very rigorous and challenging; it provides opportunities to high schoolers that are unique. However, the educational pressure tends to be very hostile and overwhelming.
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