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Triopia Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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Having attended Triopia, I now look back upon my home high school with great fondness as it has really promised to fulfill its students with "college readiness" mindsets as promised throughout my tenure there. Triopia is truly a special small-town high school where deep memories and total academic achievements succeed over sterotypical rural school districts.
Triopia is a very small school, my senior class only has twenty-three students. And it is placed in the middle of cornfields, with no cellphone service. I have only attended Triopia for two years, but it has felt like a lifetime of being miserable. In the beginning of my junior year, my first year at Triopia, it seemed alright, but as time went by I notice all of their problems. The learning environment is just terrible, the teachers are either mean or don't know what they are doing. And I have never really felt liked by many of my teachers even though I have tried my hardest to "get on their good side." On top of that, Triopia has a lot of bullying which nobody has ever tried to stop, which makes it hard to even consider liking this school at all.
Small School environment. Small classes more hands on with the teachers. Availability of clubs and sport activities. Close classmates and friends.
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We have alot of fans at the games the water fountain in the locker room puts out warm water wish it would get fixed
it was a great experience i loved alot of my teachers and some of my classmates
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