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My experiences with Trion City Schools are pretty amazing. I live about 45 minutes from the school, so it was my choice to attend. That was the best decision of my life. I have attended Trion since Pre-K and I have finally came to a end at my senior year. The past fourteen years have been one for the books. Memories at Trion will never fade from me. All teachers there treat you as if you are one of their own. Never have I walked into school and felt as if I was being judged. If you go/went to Trion you are officially in the Bulldog family. Honestly their's probably nothing I would change about that school. The people there are family to me and always will be.
good location. good teacher to student ratio. good curriculum. great athletics. great food. great communication between faculty and parents.
If I could change anything about Trion, it would be having a wider variety of classes, activities, and options available to students.
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Trion High School is a smaller school in Trion, Georgia. The student-teacher ratio here is wonderful. Students can personally connect with their teachers here to get extra help or just to have a friend. They also have an awesome athletic program in place.
Extracurricular activities make up the backbone of Trion High School, so the entire school is a close-knit community.
Helpful teachers, clean facility, frequent upgrades. Students are given high expectations. Many rules, but for the safety of the students.
My time at Trion High School from when I was in kindergarten to Senior has been quite interesting. I have had many good teachers, and only a few that were not very good. I did not like the cafeteria food until Senior year. All three libraries have always had a wide variety of selections, and I love how organized most classrooms are. I have always felt safe and protected in all of my years here. I always have thought that Trion could make minor improvements in keeping textbooks up to date because I have gotten many books that are already falling apart upon receiving them. Overall my experience with Trion High School has been five stars!
Trion has always been known for its success academically. Most all students are involved in sports and other clubs/activities. While most teachers are very helpful and willing to listen, there will always be one or two that are a bit tough to get used to. The student body isn’t very diverse, but the principal and superintendent are the best. So is the board of education.
Small town school with small town mindset. Not the most accepting environment. Very few AP or advanced classes. Only one foreign language class.
I love Trion because of how close we all are to each other. There is only about four-hundred people in the whole high school and this makes everyone of us very close. I also love the academics. I am able to take online college classes and some of my teachers are even teaching college classes at my school. I believe my school is defiantly one of the top schools around.
I like that Trion High School focuses on higher education, and helping students get into college. I feel that the school puts equal resources into all the sports at the school. I would like to see more students get involved in clubs, sports or other after school activities.
Trion High School overall is a very good high school to have gone to. While the student body is very small, only about 400 students, there is a lot of pride and family in the school. For being such a small school, the administration does a lot for the students by buying new laptops or textbooks.
I am currently a Senior at Trion High School, and have attended Trion Schools starting in Pre-School, and love attending this school. Academics at Trion are very important to the teachers and the students. The faculty is always ready to help if you ever need it. I personally know that I can go to several teachers for anything, and they are always willing to help. I would recommend this school to anyone.
Great school. Just wish they offered more AP courses. Great staff that are there to help you succeed
The academics here are in the top of the schools in Georgia we strive for excellence here and nothing less. Academics are the main focus here.
Everyone gets along, no one discriminates against one another. We are all equal.
We have a good bit of choices of extracurricular activities at THS. There are activities for everyone.
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I would choose this school again because there is no other school like it. We're one big family and that's very special students from the past and present know each other. That's a very special and unique thing to have at a school. I love this school and wouldn't want to go to another school ever.
The teachers and staff at Trion High School are the best you could ask for. They respect the students and the students respect them as well. They help and get involved as much as possible. There isn't a time a teacher cannot be reached or asked for help with something. Everyone at THS are the best.
I feel like the academics offered here are great and helps the student prepare for the college classes.
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