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Teachers are very informative and helpful. With less than 100 students per grade, it is very easy to build strong relationships with faculty and peers.
I've gone here since the fifth grade. Overall I have enjoyed my time here. I feel as if the school has thoroughly prepared me for college in an academic aspect. Although it is a great school, as a person of color I would like to see more students of color but teachers especially. Currently, there is only one black female coach. In my opinion, there should be more diversity in the school.
I’m very glad I chose to come to Trinity Valley. The teachers here are amazing and genuinely want to see you succeed. The size of the school makes it easy to get to know everyone well. There are ample opportunities to get involved, especially in the sports and performing arts programs. I do wish, however, that there was more diversity at this school.
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Trinity Valley School is an amazing learning institution that gives its students the skills to succeed in working world and life after High School. The Faculty members at TVS work many long years which tells you what kind of place it is. I have personally been pushed to work hard at this school. I would like to see some architectural change; some buildings are not necessary.
I like how Trinity Valley prepared me academically for college and life. If I could change something about Trinity Valley, it would be its diversity and to have more teachers/staff that are minorities so students of color have someone they can relate to.
Trinity Valley has provided an excellent college preparatory curriculum. The faculty and administration sincerely care about students success.
Trinity Valley is a great environment for an amazing education and to explore your talents and gifts.
Trinity Valley School has given me a fantastic education since 7th grade. The academics are very strong, and TVS has done well to prepare me for college. Several full time college counselors are on staff and available to students (about one college counselor to 30 students). Sports and arts are both strong. My only complaint has been diversity, although that is (slowly) changing. There are very few students of color and very few Hispanic students. Until very recently the administration was not very tolerant of LGBT+ students, but following recent changes in administration, the environment has quickly begun to shift to a more inclusive stance.
Trinity Valley is a place that has many positive aspects, as it should for its price. $22,000 a month gives you the amazing courses that Trinity Valley School offers, alongside a classroom expirence that few schools manage to have. An average of 17 students per class, it is quite easy to forget exactly what a privilege it is to attend such a school.
Great school.
I can honestly say it has made college 200% easier up to this point. I feel totally prepared and ahead of the curve.
I have attended Trinity Valley School since the fifth grade and have enjoyed every moment of it. With such small class sizes, it is easy for their to be such a tight knit community. The teachers are always willing to come to school early or stay late if a student needs extra time. TVS is all about academics and making students college ready, so this is where the majority of the school's focus is. With that being said, I am also involved in athletics, global initiatives, and our "Trojan Outdoor Experience" program, all of which are fantastic to be apart of.
I owe a large amount of my success in college, and as a person, to Trinity Valley School. This school prepared me for college not only in academics, but in life.
I came to TVS as a 7th grader and immediately was immersed among the student body. TVS became my family. Every member of the community displays intelligent citizenship and the highest respect for each other. As a member of the Ambassador Club, I highly recommend this institution to others.
Theater is so wonderful here; it's made such a positive impact on my life. There are lots of clubs available, from the feminist club to film club to crafters club to table tennis club and more! And if there is a club that doesn't exist that you would like to start, all you need is a faculty member to sponsor you! Sports are available, though the focus is more on academics. The arts are strong, and there are a lot of creative outlets for students. There are also some study abroad opportunities. I went on a trip to Spain one summer that changed my life, and I've hosted a Mexican and Austrian student as well.
Overall, Trinity Valley has been an extremely positive experience for me. Out of the schools in the area, I'm so glad I had the opportunity to go to this one. While I'm personally ready to go to college and escape the preppy vibe that is so often inevitable around here, I would definitely do TVS all over again. I found my niche of chill people who have made it a wonderful experience. The theater department has been life changing; it's really taken seriously here. The school has very strong art departments all around. The attention from teachers and the genuine curiosity of (most of) the students makes it truly worthwhile.
While there were definitely some teachers that I did not think put the effort into their classes that I felt they should, overall, the teachers here are extremely passionate about what they do. Most every teacher is an expert in their topic, and they do a wonderful job of making sure that each and every student gets the attention they need. They can help you any time you are struggling, and they truly want you to learn and succeed.
There are an extremely diverse range of extracurricular activities offered here.
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Everyone is extremely nice, talented and truly welcoming.
The teachers here are fantastic and truly the best of the best.
Security is strong and taken seriously. The Nurse and Counselors are fantastic.
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