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Great Academics and support for students. Excellent college preparation allowing for an easy transition. Excellent and knowledgable Faculty always ready to answer students' questions.
Trinity has driven me to not only become a hardworking student but has also driven me to become a kind, enthusiastic, and well-rounded individual.
Everything about the school is great, from the staff to the student life. No one is excluded, and everyone is encouraged to do their best.
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I am thrilled to be a part of the amazing professionals at Trinity Prep who give their hearts and souls to making our school the best. The students are impressive and a pleasure to work with. Truly a special place, I cannot recommend this institution highly enough.
I like the community, athletics, and academics. Trinity prepares you for college by offering many AP classes and gives you access to college counseling. Trinity offers many different science classes and clubs.
I have two students at Trinity (a middle schooler and a high school student). I am very happy with Trinity and all that the school has to offer. Academics are top notch, the quality and availability of the teachers is remarkable, and the arts and sports programs offer every student an opportunity to get involved and find their passion. We love it!
In all my years attending Trinity Prep, I have learned that the diversity in this school is not where it should be while some of the language teachers are also not the greatest. I really liked Math, Science, and English education at Trinity Prep. They have a lot of resources to use in the science department which really helps in learning new materials and enhances the aspect of learning. Trinity Prep also prepares the students for college in a really good way. They help us create and improve our college essay as well as improving our writing and thinking skills. Personally, I think Trinity Prep should improve its diversity by accepting more students from different cultures and religions even though Trinity is a religious school.
I am currently attending Trinity Prep and I really love it here. Everyone at school is really friendly and all the teachers are extremely helpful. The school has lots of fun activities, such as Headmasters Day and the Pep Rallies. I look forward to going to school everyday, and seeing all of my friends and teachers. I think the schools musicals and plays are really amazing too. There are lots of clubs and activities that I can participate in here. The one think I would like to change about TPS is I would want to curriculum to be a bit more challenging, as I am not struggling at all in school. Overall, Trinity is an amazing school!
From the first on-campus tour until the day of graduation, being part of Trinity felt like being part of a close knit family. The lessons and values my son learned will stick with him for the rest of his life.
I love the academic support that Trinity gives me. I truly feel like the staff does a great job of making students feel like their ready to succeed in college.
I'm sad that I have to leave this 1-star review, however, until Trinity makes substantive changes to create a less racist and bigoted environment, I will have to leave this as it is.
I could list hundreds of things that I saw that were unacceptable, but I have limited space to give an idea of what it was like. It's normal at Trinity for a locker room or bathroom to become graffitied wall to wall with swastikas, racial slurs, and threats. This probably happened 3 or 4 times while I was at the school and while I recognized this was hateful, I thought it was a common occurrence at most schools. Furthermore, there were teachers/staff who went on racist rants and faculty who gave students nicknames based on their ethnicity.
Unfortunately I'm running out of space so I'll wrap this up by saying I had a few great teachers who helped me unlearn a lot of the racism and bigotry I had, however, much more has to be done to combat this dangerous and racist environment.
For the most part, Trinity has always felt like an average school to me. The facilities are good and the teachers can be wonderful. There is a palpable culture at Trinity, but diversity is poor as although there is a wide variety of races, the mass majority is mostly Caucasian. Clubs and Activities are very fun, and I have never truly ever felt as though my safety was jeopardized at school. The food is good as well, but the STEM programs are lacking, unfortunately. Perhaps it is just my perspective, but it feels as though there is a much higher emphasis on athletic achievements and the Arts, which unfortunately causes the STEM programs to suffer immensely. A lot of the work required felt like busy work, and the amount of work given was too much many times. It is often a joke at the school that the students do not get much sleep, and although it is humorous, it is still very much true. As any other school, it has its pros and cons, but the school itself has felt average to me.
Trinity Preparatory provides an opportunity for your child to explore their whole self and discover what they love. My child has had the opportunity to play on several sports teams, explore the Arts programs and exec academically. The teachers are engaged with their students. Trinity provides the best educational experience in the area.
Truly fulfilled it's "preparatory" reputation! I felt so prepared going into my freshman year of college, thanks to the hard work of all of the teachers, faculty, staff, and student body. Their fine and performing arts department made me pursue my career in theater.
Keep in mind that the reviews here are prior to 2016. Head of School Craig Maughan retired in 2016. The academics remain great and your student will be ready for college. As far as socially, your student had better be Spartan-like, otherwise your student will be miserable. The "Trinity Family" is fake and only applies to donor families. The three stars are considered "average". Parents who are sending their students to TPS expect more than average.
Trinity is a very rigorous school with challenging academics. It is also a community in which you learn essential life skills, helping to prepare you for the future.
Trinity Preparatory School's environment can safely be stated as a private bubble where students are confined and unable to learn about the outside world. Students at the school most often than not are simply trying to get out or wait for college. The courses are hit or miss, the same as the teachers. I've had maybe three really good teachers and fifteen who couldn't care less about my wellbeing and education. Not to mention that this is a private college preparatory school where students are supposed to be able to get into college. There are only three college counselors this year, and we will be down to zero next year. The art department cries whenever the slightest thing doesn't go their way, and the athletics are praised above all else. Overall, it was a fine school, but you will probably find a better education and college prep experience at a school such as Lake Highland.
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How well this school prepares you for what college will be like. The teachers are great and truly care about the students.
Overall, the school is high level, offering challenging classes and generally great teachers. It also focuses on and is successful at getting students into the colleges they want to attend. However, admin is slow and inconsistent, and there is a general consensus that the school is letting itself go due to actions such as adding lower level classes, admitting students solely on athletics or money, and the quick turnaround of teachers and counselors. To maintain its status, Trinity must not continue down this path.
At Trinity Prep, students are given many opportunities. Whether the student takes these gifts and uses them is up to the student themselves. Trinity prices themselves on the sense of unity and a sense of family. You will never not see a friendly face when walking around the beautiful campus. The teachers want to get to know you and are invested in your academic progress. Though rigorous, the school work has proven to be worth it when alumni come back claiming how well prepared they were.