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I love Trinity because it gives me a chance to grow in my academics, community, and faith. Trinity pushes me to give my 100% in everything I do. For evidence, I started in Honors classes my freshman year, now as a senior I am enrolled in AP and Advance classes. Furthermore, there a plethora of activities and clubs Trinity encourages to get the student out in the community and with school peers. Lastly, Trinity provides resources for students to grow in their faith to learn more about God and the world.
Trinity High School is superior to all college prep schools. Not only in Academics but faith and brotherhood.
Trinity High School couldn't have done better preparing me for college. The classes are rigorous and there are high behavioral expectations. If you are not prepared to act mature, act like a man, then you will be by the time your four years end regardless. Once a member of the class of '18, I am now a pre-medical student at one of the best schools in the region.
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Absolutely excellent school. Perfect level of challenge comes along with the Advanced/AP program and everything it contains. Best private catholic high school in Kentucky by far.
I am very happy about trinity. I am very involved at trinity i do bowling archery culinary and theater.
Trinity's focus on building boys into men, in addition to offering top-level academics, is what separates the private all-boys school from the rest. A strong alumni base and major emphasis put on school pride offers every student a second home for life. Distribution of class levels and flexibility among those levels gives Trinity students the opportunity to cater their schedule to them. In addition to award winning teachers, faculty members, and coaches, Trinity boasts a beautiful residential area campus that has connected itself to the fabric of this community and stands as a shining reminder of the power of a Catholic education.
I love this school!!! My son is actually engaged and excited to learn now. I don't know what this school does but the boys are motivated, enjoy school, and are all engaged. They really know how to teach boys. The block plan is wonderful. My son is learning more but not overwhelmed. I wish I had sent my older son here.
Like the block scheduling. This helps me to manage my time effectively and prepare for this in college. We also have a house system which helps us to interact with other students in each grade assigned to our house. Would not change anything
One of the only schools in the area with mandatory drug testing. Incredible faculty and academic courses that adapt to your student's leaning style.
I have 2 sons that currently attend Trinity. Both are becoming men of faith and character before my eyes. I have been impressed by the welcoming culture here at Trinity. This truly is a competitive but family oriented community. My boys are thriving here and I feel are becoming well prepared for college. The House System and Block scheduling is what sets them apart from others - it's truly like a college experience. There are SO many clubs and extra curricular activities to participate in - there's something for everyone. I like that Trinity accepts ALL students so my sons are experiencing what the real world is truly like. With the House system they are interacting with all types of students. Couldn't be more proud of this school and what it has to offer.
Great teacher, coach’s, student, friends and great teams. Try to get into sports clubs and activities
Trinity is a college prep high school and works with every student equally and makes sure they succeed!
Block scheduling helps teach the boys how to manage their time efficiently, all the while preparing them for college.
My son is a freshman at Trinity. We had the honor of attending the Freshman Convocaton during the first week of school. Wow! What a special and meaningful ceremony for the boys and parents. My son truly feels that he is now a part of the Trinity community. We are so lucky to have such a remarkable school in our area that truly cares about each and every one of the youg men that go there!
I loved my four years at Trinity and it helped me prepare for college. Trinity also helped me find out what I wanted to do with my life.
One of the best experiences I’ve ever had. They give you everything you need to succeed! Loved the place.
Very accepting, which was important being a transfer student.
This is one of the best schools in the entire city. The school offers lots of opportunities for kids that want to explore what they would want to do later on. Great school for college prep.
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The best school in the city by far. I am sad to be transferring due to a relocation of work, I just finished my sophomore year, and this school has helped me become the person I am today, all the teachers are caring, understand your problems, most of all, the faculty is there to help. The house system is by far my favorite thing at trinity, along with TTV, and most profoundly the brotherhood I have created with a lot of people there. Trinity has a club for almost everything, it ranges from the UNO club, to bike club, and a large variety of classes you can choose from.
Trinity is a very good Catholic School were I learned a lot. Everybody really cares about you there and this is very important for high school students.
While at Trinity I have been able to prepare for college, taking multiple challenging courses, all the while having fun with my friends. All teachers are happy to talk to students if they have experienced any problems with their education or struggles in life. Lastly, I can gladly say that I have never seen or heard of any forms of bullying within the Trinity community.