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The reason why i love my experience at Trinity High School is because the teachers all worked together and even the principals combined did everything to make sure the students have their best four years.
Everyone is treated like family. There is a variety of activity’s that gives you the chance to connect with your classmates and teachers and grow as the Trinity family. Most teachers are willing to stay after school and help you with what you need or even if you are stressed and just need someone to talk to.
Trinity High School is an overall good high school for everyone. They provide a Professional Internship Program where you go to different companies and facilities to intern at. It helps you decide what you want to do for your occupation later in life.
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Has progressively worsened over my 4 years. Accepting vouchers is the worst thing they could’ve possibly done. Bringing in kids with no respect, guidance, or academic/athletic talent.
I enjoyed attending Trinity. We have an internship program where I gained much experience. I worked in three different healthcare settings. The only downside is that their was not much to do other than sports. If you did not like sports, you were out of luck.
Trinity is a great Catholic based school. The kids are thoughtful and courteous. I have had some wonderful teachers.
I graduated from Trinity High School two years ago. Attending Trinity helped form me into the woman I am today. I was very involved during my time at Trinity, I played four years of Varsity softball, was greatly involved in the Ministry Program all four years, helped lead numerous retreats each year, was the football team's manager, volunteered at many of the school's benefit events, took part in our internship program and was part of the Senior Leadership Team. Because of my involvement with the school, I not only made life long relationships with my peers but also with my teachers, coaches, and mentors. Trinity High School was not just a place where we took classes and participated in clubs and sports, it was a second home. My peers and teachers became more, they became family.
I like how everyone in the school has a positive attitude. I love the block schedule and am excited about the internship program.
I have gotten a good education at Trinity. It used to be different when I started 4 years ago, more like a family. It has changed over the past couple years. Students are admitted through the voucher program, so the culture has changed.
Trinity is like a second home for many of it's students. We have the opportunity to grow in Faith and be confident in who we are while making close friends to journey through high school with us.
some of the teachers are complete jokes. some don't even have teaching degrees. others will spend there time helping yo when you really need it. very little money goes towards ay sport besides football. the internship program needs to be fixed.
Trinity High School is an excellent choice for young people to come together, learn about not only academics, but to gain knowledge and understanding of the work force through the internship program.
I enjoy the fact that it is a Catholic school and many of our teachings are religious based. In addition, we are required to participate in a Pre-Professional program as part of our curriculum. I desire to become a Pediatrician and my internship is at a local hospital. I am part of the medical track classes which is helping me to prepare for my future. Trinity also has many extracurricular activities. I am a Student Ambassador, a member of the choir, a cheerleader, and a member of the drill team. As a result of my academics and activities, Trinity is helping me to become a well rounded individual.
Trinity High School was an amazing home for four years. The overall student body may be small, but it made it feel more like a home. It is a little family of so many diverse people. While the school lacks in sports and clubs, it does provide a good education, work experience, and amazing religious opportunities. School retreats are life changing; experiences you cannot find anywhere else. It is a wonderful thing to be apart of and witness.
I am a senior at Trinity and I absolutely love it, but I do wish their were more opportunites in advanced classes, clubs and extracurricular activities. I wish the counselors would be more involved with the students not just for college and state testings. Even though the school has a pre-professional internship, I feel like the students should be more prepared for college. I feel the teacher's do not prepare us as much as other school's would. The block system may sound nice only having four classes for half the school year, but it does not help the student at all. In classes, you're being rushed with new information in one day's class and no time to actually learn.
I have enjoyed my time at Trinity High School. I participate in a large number of extracurriculars, including soccer, drama, retreats, ambassador club, environmental club, writer’s club, and the tutoring program. All of these extracurriculars have taught me a lot, and I have really enjoyed participating. The one downside to Trinity is that, as a smaller school, there are not a lot of electives and AP classes offered. I would like to see more of these advanced and specialized classes offered in the future.
Not everything at Trinity is perfect, but no school is. I love the retreat program and internship program the most, and the family atmosphere is like none other. We put on retreats for other 8th grade private schools and then we have a large 8th grade retreat for any 8th grader that wants to come. We also have a retreat every year for our class. Not only do the retreats bring our class closer together, but they bring us closer to Jesus. I am apart of the medical part of the internship program and I love it. I am currently at Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital as a PCA and it's great . The program has helped me to confirm my call to the field of nursing.
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This school is just okay. Nothing special. I made a few friends and had some good times. It's quite pricey for what you get out of it to be honest. Lunches are also severely overpriced so I advise you to pack a lunch daily. One thing that I disliked about this school is that the internship program is forced upon you sophomore-senior year. I personally did not enjoy that program.
I was very disappointed with the teachers and principal reactions when I have questions or concerns regarding my child assignments and or grades. When I ask the teacher specifically about my daughters grade the act as though I was bothering them and seemed very unprofessional and rude. My daughter is a senior and when I ask the principal questions regarding getting transcripts sent to colleges she acted the exact same way. The principal and teachers seemed very uncaring and quite frankly as though they are in the wrong field of work.
Social media bullying and verbal bullying was present, but there was pretty strict administration. No physical fighting.
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