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The academics at this is are incredible. I would like for the administration to show more care for the students. I would also enjoy for the school's income to go towards more productive things such as a gym or new classrooms.
I have been going to Trinity since Kindergarten, and I am now currently a senior in high school. I have never taken one public school class; Trinity is all I know.

The idea of a uniform I am okay with, but ours are fairly expensive and not the best looking, though they have improved greatly as time has gone by. The campus is also fairly small, only being one two-story building as of now, until they inevitably expand.

First of all, the teachers are all excellent. They are all great people, and I love every one of them. The grade school teachers are some of the sweetest and most caring people I have ever had the pleasure to know, and the junior high and high school teachers are all college graduates who know much about their subject.

The class size is great for learning, the largest class I had is 22-24 students, and that is a very rare occurrence. Their goal is to create a pristine learning environment by maintaining smaller classes, which is great for students.
Trinity is a great school if you are chrisitan and looking for that kind of comunity. The academics are rigorus and very strong overall. This is a great school run by amazing people, although it is fairly new with no state funding making some of the policies hard to understand and follow.
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Classical education provides students with the cultural capital that will give them some authority and confidence in college and will connect them to a rich legacy of study. By studying things that other students their age do not, they will be set apart in a way that will make them more appealing to colleges. However, it is also limited to western tradition and often in that perspective, the focus on the issues that concern us today and an understanding of multiple diverse experiences are missing. Through this education, I have learned a unique way of thinking that is different from the majority of my college peers and has provided me with an older but uncommon way of approaching at thinking, arguing and reading. The science and math education does not match the quality of the humanities, as may be expected of a classical school. I do think that, though I received a very interesting and engaging education, I missed out on a decent understanding of science an math.
My experience at Trinity has been very memorable. I have created friends for life and memories that I will forever cherish. The education has been phenomenal and the teachers has been more than willing to help us. The administration has created an atmosphere designed for the students to succeed.
I loved the education I received while I was in high school. My teachers are incredibly smart and knowledgeable on their subjects and apply it well to situations outside of the classroom. The school culture can at times be stifling and I feel that the school gets too involved in our personal lives, which is an obvious negative, but the intentions within the faculty are clear in that they want us to succeed and be happy.
I would say that Trinity Classical Academy is one of the best schools out there. The teachers actually care about your future and want the best for you. Academically, Trinity offers an education that is priceless.
More facilities are needed, although the teaching staff does very well. The curriculum does very well in helping students learn basic reading techniques, but have some lacking sides regarding the arts.
I went here from Kindergarten through 12th grade, and I would say that this school will not only help your student grow as a well rounded and thoughtful individual, but will also challenge and prepare your child for the rigors of college and career.
It is a pretty awesome school with a rigorous curriculum and a faculty that genuinely cares about you.
The education was rigorous and prepared me well for college life. The teachers truly care about each of the students and take time to truly help you reach your academic goals.
Trinity Classical Academy offers a different kind of education and a group teachers that genuinely care for their students. The teacher and student relationship at Trinity is truly something that all students and teachers should strive to have.
Trinity Classical academy has the strongest academic program as far as I know, high sat/act score, offer many AP and honor courses, and their college counseling resources also makes them a wonderful college preparatory school. I also very impressed by their rigorous program and how amazing the staff they have there.
This has been my home from 1st grade to 12th, and I can say without a doubt that this school has gone above and beyond in preparing it's students for college, and life thereafter. I am now a freshman in college at Concordia University, and Trinity Classical Academy has helped me so much throughout the journey! Trinity provides a safe and challenging atmosphere where students can work hard while feeling surrounded with great friends and outstanding teachers that they come to have close relationships with.
The overall experience is okay but just okay. People here are nice, they are really helpful. However, the academics though isn't strong enough, students don't really have passion and eagerness to pursue a brighter future. Ironically, loads of them disdain public school, laughing at public schools is one of the most popular activities here. After all, as part of Trinity Community, I sincerely wish it keep flourishing in the future.
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