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Absolutely loved attending Trinity, such a great atmosphere with caring staff members! I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a christian school with remarkable academics.
Great School, diversity has increased largely in the last year. Teachers care about students and help them to learn and the counselor is involved in making sure you get to where you want to be. The students are pretty accepting to others, but it is a tight knit community. They just started a football program that will definitely grow and have success in the next couple of years. As a long time student, I would recommend this school to those who want to be involved and learn.
The students at this school when my child was enrolled were biased against religions other than their own. She was rebuffed and bullied by the girls in her class. She cried every evening. I wasn't aware of this until close to the end of the school year when they wrote a headline that had her name and said found dead. I know 7th grade is rough, but this is not Christian behavior.
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My kids absolutely love going to Trinity! They got the opportunity to go and see the high school basketball girls and boys teams play at states last year and it made them super excited about their future there! The academics are great there is nothing I would change! The numbers are going up ever since we got a new superintendent around 3 years ago! She has made the school wonderful! I hope my kids continue going to Trinity for the rest of their school years!
Overall I had a pretty good experience at Trinity Christian School. However, I felt that some things could change for the better. I didn't feel prepared when I went to college. I graduated top of my class and upon arriving at college I struggled during my first semesters. The small school atmosphere is nice but the school lacks diversity, as well as top of the line education, clubs, and sports teams. The teachers did treat the students like they're own and encouraged learning from all ages.
Small class sizes, caring teachers. Lots of academic and athletic opportunities. I feel I received a great education.
My children have attended TCS since K4. We love everything about it-the Christ like environment, the teachers-I can't say enough about them. They're Awesome! Academics-my children excel. Our Science Dept. is the best, thanks to Dr. C! A very safe and loving atmosphere.
It's the best school in the area and my top choice.
All of my best friendships were made through my school and I think having gone through elementary, middle, and high school with the same group of people is what made us so close! We all struggled with the same bad teachers. We all had the funniest inside jokes. And we all had a crush on the same person at one point in time. Going to a small school made some situations a little more awkward than they would be at a larger school, but it also made everyday interactions much more personal and our relationships so much more close-knit! Most importantly, going to a Christian school provided the Christ-centered foundation for those who wanted to take advantage of it!
Sometimes there are not enough kids interested to keep a particular sport or activity going, which is frustrating, but in general there are more opportunities than public school for the average kid to be involved in what they enjoy.
The school is very lean and safe. We have experienced no issues. Full-time nurse. You can opt to have her be able to give your child certain over the counter medications which cuts down on absences.
Like I've said the school is small, so that makes bullying both more and less prevalent. You couldn't get away with obvious, aggressive, or physical bullying because people are around and you'd get in trouble (though people have and did get in trouble). We do fire drills and the like. Half of the entrance/exit doors are locked from the outside. There's a health class. I don't know how safe we would be in the case of a shooter or a bomb, though we have done drills. No police or security guards work at the school.
There's basketball, baseball, softball, soccer, volleyball, cross country, track? and they tried to start a football team.

We're known for basketball. Soccer was co-ed/boys for a long time (until my senior year, and then they had a girls team). Fine arts and music were pretty good but I think they're declining in talent/resource/leadership. There was a Fellowship of Christian Athletes club, but it seemed kind of redundant at a Christian school.
We have chapel once a week and a Bible class each year, which at times could be very valuable. Teachers, though not *always* skilled were at least kind and cared about their job and students. I would choose the school again because I don't want to change my past, but at the same time I feel little to no desire to be back there. I would be interested to experience a different school, a public school. Some people were great, and I had an excellent english teacher and learned a decent bit of science… but mostly everything was small and thus got too familiar and annoying
There's a pretty decent computer lab, a small library, a good gymnasium, a helpful guidance counselor, a few AP classes. The internet speeds can ruin watching an online video in class if too many people at the school are using the internet at once. The building and rooms are good shape as far as I recall. One could complain about the number of courses (and AP/honors) courses offered, but it IS a small school (approx. 100 students in the high school) and the AP classes offered are done pretty well.
There are after-school sports, but not any clubs.
Most of the teachers are very knowledgeable. They go the extra mile when a student needs instruction beyond the classroom time.
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The administration is very open to interaction with parents. They deal with any situation that arises quickly.
It's a small, Christ-centered environment. The curriculum is difficult and fast-paced. The friends I have made, I will have for life. The teachers genuinely care, and strive to ensure that students are well-rounded individuals.
The school building is very secure, and there are policies to discourage violence and bullying.
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