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From everything I have seen from attending since kindergarten, TCS is a welcoming and well-rounded school with good values. We are like a tight-knit community that is constantly on the lookout for each other and enjoys encouraging others in their Christian walk. Unfortunately attending a small, private school comes with some cons. Since we are private, it can be hard to find teachers with our same values that are experienced in their area of study. This has caused problems concerning teachers or sports coaches teaching maybe too many things at once. Despite any problems that have arisen, Trinity has seemed to overcome it.
My opinion, and resolve to keep my daughter enrolled there, has only strengthened over the 10+ years she has attended. We know TCS strives for excellence and consistent improvement.
We have raised two kids in this school and have loved almost every moment. Academically TCS is solid - classes are small, teachers are attentive to students' needs and the administration communicates well with parents. We appreciate the focus on discipline and good behavior, especially towards others - bullying is very rare and is not tolerated. Athletics has been strong for years and is getting better with the addition of football and some new facilities, but we like that the school seems to be focusing more on extracurricular arts programs. And the prospects for the future are great, as the school will eventually move to a new location in the southwest part of Lubbock. It's a sacrifice we are glad we made and we wouldn't hesitate to make it again.
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We are very thankful for the opportunity to send our girls to TCS. We chose TCS based off the small classroom sizes, Christian education and high academic stands. We have been blessed with so much more...wonderful teachers, amazing friends for our girl and our family and a loving, Christian environment that challenges our girls daily. We are thankful to be part of the TCS family.
My parents knew going in that this was a Christian school, but they didn’t know how narrow minded they were. The policies at the school are like from the 1950s. Anyone who is different at all is shunned and bullied. We all believe in God, but our interpretation of a loving God was different than the school’s. Girls are treated as less important than boys and if your not an athlete- forget it. It’s crazy traditional and judgmental. I didn’t feel prepared for the “real world” at all and wish I’d gone to a public high school.
Trinity is an excellent school to attend. It provides a great academic program for students. It also incorporates a strong, Christian foundation that is accompanied with education.
Trinity Christian School was an incredible experience for me. I attended from K-12 and would not trade it for the world. The overall atmosphere and culture was one where I was truly able to grow spiritually and learn life-long skills. The academics were strong and most of the teachers knew how to accurately teach the material. It would be nice for there to be more extracurricular activities and for the pre-existing programs to be strengthened more. However, with any small school, there are some hinderances to being able to have strong diversity. TCS does offer really incredible opportunities that many schools do not offer, such as: missions week, senior trip, 8th grade retreat, high school retreat, 6th grade science camp, etc.

All in all, TCS is an incredible place that allowed me to grow spiritually, academically, and in relationship with others. I cherish the years I spent at TCS so dearly.
This school is terrible. If you’re not a stuck up rich kid then you definitely won’t fit in. Everyone is all about popularity and money, even the teachers. The people who make the varsity teams or get the best treatment always happen to be the kids who’s parents have all the money and make large donations. This school is all political and doesn’t actually care about the majority of the students. If you have a personal issue, don’t dare bring it up to any authority at school because 99% of the time they will just make it worse and not help at all.
The administration at this school is led by severely task-driven people. The administration too often gets caught up in fund-raising and buildings (looking to the future) instead of focusing on students in the present. It is sad to see how this affects teachers and students.

I was never welcomed by a majority of the administration. I only spoke with administration if they had an issue that needed to be dealt with. Most teachers at this school feel like they do not belong to a group. The teachers are on an island by themselves at TCS. Many students who do not excel at sports often feel the same way. This is a school trying vigorously to raise money for new facilities and a brand new school building. They have a motto of "If we build it, they will come." Until they reach that point, they will continue to overlook precious individuals throughout the process.
Trinity is full of extracurricular activities, especially for high school students. Latin club, chess club, leadership/discipleship, Spanish club, and other various clubs provide great resources for students to get involved. School activities and events (such as prom and homecoming) allow students to work together for a fun cause. Most extracurricular activities are hosted or sponsored by teachers, a unique opportunity to allow students further interaction with teachers outside of the classroom.
Trinity is a very safe school; the area surrounding Trinity is not the nicest area of town, but the school has never experienced any problems. Many security drills are held throughout the year to insure school safety. The school is cleaned and treated for germs frequently. Bullying is not very common at Trinity; any cases are handled immediately by the administration.
Trinity Christian School is overall an excellent school. Nowhere else in Lubbock or the surrounding area will you find a school so devoted to a holistic education. Arts, academics, and athletics all work together at Trinity in the common bond of spiritual education; every area of education at Trinity is geared toward helping students both achieve their goals and grow as a young Christian. While Trinity provides solid programs in arts, academics, and athletics, it also provides engaging and unique experiences for students to become better individuals. A Trinity education offers fun events such as Road Rally and class parties, but it also offers Missions Week, a whole week of school dedicated towards local, national, and international mission trips for students. Trinity Christian School is full of resources to help any student grow.
The teachers at Trinity Christian School are encouraging, motivated, and prepared. I have never attended a class where the teacher is negative; each teacher in each class expects great things from students. While the teachers at Trinity Christian strive to make students smarter and effective for post-high school life, they incorporate the Christian message and work ethic into each class, something very unique to Trinity Christian.
Good, I would want my children to go there
Trinity is a very safe school. I have never felt unsafe at Trinity in my entire life. Of course it has bullying, but that happens at every school. If the faculty hears about it, they will put a stop to it immediately. Bullying is probably about as bad as it gets a Trinity.
Trinity is a very, very, very difficult school. The homework load is probably around 4-5 hours a night, so it can be a struggle sometimes. You definitely can not get by on not studying. You have to study for every test, or you will probably fail, but it is all worth it because Trinity students can get into some of the top colleges in the nation.
We have book club, triathlon club, Latin club, Spanish club. I have only been a part of the Latin club which was always really fun. They provide food, and you get to play a bunch of games. After school activities mainly just consist of sports because we are heavily devoted to our athletic system, and that is something that is very important at Trinity.
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I never really eat at the cafeteria because I personally don't think the food is very good. Not only is it not good, it is kind of expensive. They also don't have very healthy choices which stinks because I need to eat healthy for basketball. If they brought in some healthier food, I would definitely eat their more often.
All of the teachers are amazing! They support us and devote their lives to teaching us. They are constantly thinking of new, fun ways for us to learn. Some of the alumni come back and teach/coach at trinity which is always really cool. The teachers at Trinity, however, are very difficult, which is a good thing. They expect a lot from you, but are always willing to help if you are struggling in a certain area. They definitely give you your money's worth at Trinity.
Trinity is known for their basketball program, which I am apart of. The coaches are amazing and supportive. The girls coach, coach Ammons, always says that he is not just coaching us for basketball, but for life. Students come out and support all of the sorts. We will sometimes do fun events at each sort. For example, we will have "dogs at the diamond", and they will give out free hotdogs while you watch the baseball game, or they will do a toga club for volleyball where the boys will dress up in crazy outfits and go support the volleyball team. Trinity athletics is just a great atmosphere to be in.
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