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They do so much for such small school! Always willing to listen to parent feedback and answer questions. My student was able to participate in many activities and sports programs through the school. She excelled academically with the advantage of small class sizes and individual attention. Moreover she learned that she is capable and able to attend college or pursue any other path after high school. I highly recommend taking a look at this school!
My experience with Trinity Christian High School was very well. I enjoyed my time there. I was involved in the student government, the National Honors Society, I did sports and clubs such as Spanish or performing arts. Overall, I was delighted to go to Trinity Christian High School.
First years had good family environment where teachers really cared. Decent administration was being upheld. Then we moved campuses and the culture really changed. Our new principle was very dictator-like and forced many kids to hate school. He created an environment oppression and fear. He strongly discouraged the kids to have a relationship with teachers and vice versa. Unfortunately the school that had promised strong family culture and encouraged learning had completely changed. The sports were weak, but I did love the opportunity within their programs. They had bad coaching but there were no cuts and everyone was allowed to play.
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I’ve gone to this school for one and a half years and the students and teachers are amazing. I don’t necessarily feel that most of the academics are the best, but they’re good for this area. I’m a very shy person and I found the students very including and the teachers care for you so much more than any other teachers I have met. They care more about the students than the grades.
A productive environment to excel studies in a manner backed, but not focused on a Christian standard. With a moderate workload, the pride of Trinity lies in its teachers, with each providing a unique teaching style and supporting each and every student who walks through their door. With opportunities in sports, academics, and the arts alike, Trinity offers a way to pursue passions in a way that reflects Christ.
Trinity Christian High School has excellent teachers. I believe that is what stands out the most about this institution. I have never heard of another school where teachers sit down with their students at lunch to just have a conversation, not about anything school related, but just about life! I am so grateful for the Christian mentors that have poured so much into my life the past 4 years.
One of the best things about TCHS is the amazing teachers and how invested they are in each individual student. I know that with my son, I've seen his concerns and adolescent issues be addressed with love & compassion. He has teachers that he respects as strong men of God who take the time to not only teach the subject matter, but also mentor and advise him. My son is a junior and has 2 wonderful years at Trinity behind him. He is thoroughly enjoying the amazing Performing Arts program run by Mrs. Perl and Mrs. Bowens. If your are even thinking about TCHS....please come out and Shadow. I think you might be pleasantly surprised by strong family that is TCHS!
Some may say that because of Trinity Christian High School's size it has less opportunities than the average public school. While this is true in a sense, what many do not consider is that because of the small environment and class sizes, Trinity has several opportunities that the average high school cannot offer. For example, many underclassmen participate in varsity sports, even sports that they have never tried before. Small class sizes allow us as students to learn more from our teachers, and understand the subject matter even better because teachers have more attention to give each individual when working with a small class. If the academic rigors and competitive athletics of bigger high schools appeal to you, Trinity may not be the best fit. However, Trinity does aim to prepare you not only for your future academically, but also for a future in the world, aiming to serve God and others.
Trinity is a great school with amazing faculty. The small class sizes allow for personal one-on-one studying with teachers. For a small school Trinity has many opportunities that even large high schools don't have.
The minute you walk in, you are a part of something bigger than a school. The family atmosphere, has been one of my favorite parts of attending this school. My teachers are not just teachers, but family. I always say you can go anywhere for an education, academically speaking. However, you cannot get what this school has going for it spiritually and emotionally, just anywhere. I wish I had more time left here, than months. This school really is the whole package. I am blessed to have attended it.
One of my favorite things about this school is the fact that the teachers treat students as if they are people, who deserve their own opinion. The fact that we go to a camp for a couple of days instead of school is another major plus.
The teachers are great here. A lot of them care for students. Some do not make the best of there class time. But all materials end up getting taught by the end of the year.
The school is pretty small, but they make good use of the local gym, and fields around the area.
The people in the school feel like they are better than others. These people give other trouble, and like to talk behind everyones back. Thank god I graduated. However, there were no physical fights, and the teachers often patrolled the halls.
I feel like it prepared me to go to college. The educators at the school provided a good understanding of materials, and life.
The clubs within the school are great. The sports at the school are great too. Even though they are not the biggest school, they show amazing sportsmanship, and great teamwork.
It is so safe. There is no quarrels between anyone that can escalate to an unsafe situation. Our school is also very prepared for every emergency scenario, the students go through drills more often the most schools.
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All the rules are reasonable and supported by the teachers. All the rules can be explained and backed with reasons for them being rules. All of the staff gives slack to the students and sometimes lets things slide, which mean a lot to some students. Everything is there for a reason and that is to further the student spiritually and academically.
Trinity has a variety of sports, clubs, and awesome electives. All are very accepting to knew learners. All sports have new players each year that has never played. However the Coaches are amazing and in most sports dominate the league. For the size of our school we have so many athletes and talented people. The size does not seem to limit the success of their students.
They are very fair and do not judge you solely on your academics, extracurricular involvement, or athletic abilities. They do take these things into account when selecting. They mainly focus on the students potential at the school. They don't only look at if the student will better the school, but also if the school can better the student. Recently the school is trying to expand, but not change. The size of the school is a very big factor to the community and relationships there. The dynamics of the school would change if they just let anyone in. So although it is relatively easy, there is a screening process. Some of the selected students are actually known to be "problems" before their acceptance. However they were accepted on the belief that Trinity would better them and be a place of growth for them.

The financial aid situation is that more than half the students apply for financial aid at the school. So the funds available must be spread out.
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