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Trinity Christian Academy is a great school with teachers that care about their students. Most of the teachers have a geniun concern for the academic and personal well being of their students. The school has a fairly new administrator that has been making excellent changes to improve the school. The school has recently be renovated with a fresh, modern look. They have also been renovating the teaching styles by adding in project based learning, stem labs, a media center, roboctic, and more. The school is on an upward climb and I am excited to see its progress!
We pulled our children from another private school and brought them to Trinity . This is my youngest 4th year here (Junior). My son graduated last school year. It was the best move we could have done!! They both had good teachers, made friends, good coaches, etc. They have handled any issues that might have come up correctly. I would recommend doing a tour.
I am an alumni as well as the parent of three students, two graduates and one a senior. I've had the opportunity to watch the school grow to the strong academic, community based and athletic strong entity that it is today. There was never another option for my children to attend. The education and Christian based influence has provided them a strong foundation for their futures.
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Love the teachers. They are genuinely concerned fir the mental and spiritual wellbeing of my child! Great school!!
My children started in the preschool and went all through the high school. They had great opportunities to develop their skills and talents. The teachers loved them and help them find their potential.
I love the theater and fine arts programs. Each year we do performances and have a chance to go to NY and see shows. I love the choir teacher and we do lots of performances and competitions all year long. My math teachers are not the best and I don't feel like I get the help I need sometimes but most of my teachers are pretty cool.
I've been here since I was a child and I've had a great experience save for a few sour apples in the student body. I would like there to be more disciplinary actions among the teachers- most students (especially athletes) get away with too many things.
Trinity is a good school, although they could definitely have some more sport options, and better arts programs (band,art,chorus) and choose teachers and administrators wiser, they are usually half are good, some are ok, others are awful. They could also due with some updates and better cleaning of the bathrooms and lockers.
TCA is a school that strives to help each student academically and spiritually. I appreciate a school that has a Christian environment and a strong academic curricula to prepare them for college.
The School was overall good and the teacher were very friendly. The school overall just needs more diversity among the teachers, and the students, but I learned a lot going to that school.
My children have been in the school since nursery age and I love the staff and the education they have received. TCA seeks to improve always and works to support parents and students in the academic process.
Personally, I enjoy going to Trinity. I think the main thing that gets on my nerves is putting our phones in pouches at the beginning of every class but other than that, I can't complain.
Although I grew up at Trinity (Pre-K through 12th grade) and didn't have experience at a public school, I believe Trinity is one of the best organizations out there! The teachers and faculty genuinely care about students and parents. I would recommend TCA to absolutely anyone!
I liked that the school gave me oppurtunity to be able to do college and high schiil at teh same time. I wish that the school did not show so much biase to the sports.
What i like most aboit trinity was how all the teachers and faculty did everything they could to help me succeed if I was having a problem
I like the teachers. The teachers are very kind and responsible for students. I like the environment that the student body has made for me. I love the international student program. It gave me a second house in the United States.
Academically I had a very good experience at Trinity. I feel that I was well prepared for college and had a number of opportunities at this school.
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It is a great school, but as there is always positive to something, there are also negatives. It is a great, safe environment. The teachers are nice and care about there students, but there are some who are not always that way or are Christian-like. Also, it seems as if there's some corruption among the authority and administration that needs to be addressed. Through it all, I've had a wonderful experience with this school, don't let this review discourage you!
There needs to be more diversity in the teaching staff. There is great diversity in the students that attend but the majority of the teachers at TCA are Caucasian.
trinity christian academy is a school just mainly for academics no need to come for the liking and teachers pet type of character it's not all about that the best thing here is the academics, and from here and there the staff there's only a handful of faculty members i can point out and personally say were great and never had to question them on there behalf.
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