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After three years of trying to develop an identity for myself in high school, I struggled to find who I was and where I belonged. My name is Adrianna Santillanes, and I’m a current senior at Trinidad High School. In fact, I’ve been apart of the Trinidad School District #1 my entire life from kindergarten to the present. Trinidad is a historical town and former mining community, where you can experience many things such as the town coming alive at night or enjoying the beautiful mountain ranges and plains. I was born and raised here, and I have really enjoyed growing up here with my parents and 2 younger brothers. It’s amazing how living in such a small town can have a genuine impact on your life.
Our policies are just right. The school takes our safety very serious and we have many practice drills to ensure our safety.
If more students participated in extracurricular activities the school spirit would be phenomenal. But most of them are athletes so they're constantly busy with practice and games.
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Every teacher I've had while I attended T.H.S has been prepared and organized. All teachers engage us students in a variety of ways in almost every lesson. Whether it's group discussion, projects, or research. The only thing the teachers lack is encouragement in use of technology. We rarely are allowed to use any source of technology in some classes, but not all.
Not a lot of students participate out of one grade. For example, in student council there is a good amount of freshmen, sophomores and juniors. For the senior class, there is one student, which is me.
Our school is pretty much as great as it possibly gets. The faculty always puts the students first and makes sure that they do all that they can to succeed. Also, college prep courses are offered, such as as a student at Trinidad High School, I have had the opportunity to enroll in dual credit classes with our local community college. Everything at Trinidad High School is great.
The staff at Trinidad High School always thinks about what's in the best interest of the students. Some may not always agree, but whenever a student is in need there is always a member of the staff there to help out. As for the dress code, students must always wear shirts that have sleeves. Students are not allowed to wear basketball jerseys that have no sleeves on them. Other than that the dress code is pretty lenient.
For the most I have had good teachers not all are good but not all are bad
They let most kids get way with what ever they are doing
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