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In Trimble tech you meet amazing new people, the teachers are very nice. You feel welcomed being there. The spirit of the students is like no other in fwisd. Trimble tech prepares me for my college life, and my future success. It is a great thing to say you’re a bulldog.
I am a Sophomore attending Trimble Technical High School and my experience for these two years has been the best experience ever. Freshman year I made friends that I’m currently still friends with, pep rally’s are always fun, and I love my school because they are so competitive and want you to achieve.
The school is great for people who seek the real world experience. They provide career choices that some schools do not offer, and clubs in which to support growth within yourself. Since the whole covid-19 disease started, the counselors made sure to contact us through remind and inform us of the situation. Even in our darkest days, they are there to help and provide to all people. Even if our senior year is not the greatest, they find a way to still make up to lost events and traditions. That is enough to say that they deserve 5 stars.
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What I like about Trimble Tech the most is that they give students the chance to graduate with a certification. I really liked going there because it was a good school, and I got to meet new people that I wouldn’t have met if I had gone to my homeschool.
The thing I like about tech is that you can have a lot of engagement in the school and the bullying is controlled. Something I would change is the food quality.
what I like about Trimble technical is the great environment for students around the campus. Tech offers many many college classes and college readiness opportunities, students have easy access to get a gist of what college really feels like. The access students have here is being able to feel real close connection to the teachers And feel as if they can confide in them for help when it comes to helping for homework and college submissions.
I love this school I am currently in this school and the teachers are nice. I have learn so much from my classes, and you really get to learn so much from your major.
It is a good school, we are considered one of the best schools in the district, however, we do lack in sports, especially football. You would meet great students who respect each other.
Overall it's a decent school, and the variety of majors makes the experience much more fun. Despite the pep rallies being somewhat the same every year, it's interesting to see how engaged the school is when it comes to things like homecoming. There are also opportunities for spring traveling to other countries such as China, France, Puerto Rico, ect.
What I like most about Trimble Tech is that each student has a major. This opens opportunities for so many kids. For example, I am a health science major and I got to do clinical all my junior year and this year, as a senior, I am getting my EMT certification. These are opportunities many kids DREAM of having.
Trimble Tech is a school like none other I have ever seen, it practically is the definition of unique and reediness in my book. I so far have experienced intense education and have been shown the rough side of high expectations but that in all is what I was hoping to get at this school. They treated me like I could do whatever I put my mind to do but they also reassured me that I could do it even better. It feels like a home to me where I get to understand what to do in the real world and be able to express myself, something that I am forever grateful for being able to do at this amazing school.
Trimble Tech is what you make it, it is very diverse. At times it is boring but you make the fun, my whole four years has been well and eventful. I’m truly going to miss the good and the bad days. So many memories.
It’s a pretty good school and somewhere you should look into when enrolling your children into a high school. Great Teachers. Great Students. Great Teaching,
My experience at Trimble Tech High School has been outstanding. There is many clubs and activities to participate in such as Art club, a club to help out our environment and also a club for those who support the LGBTQ community. Trimble Tech has lots of school spirit. Our pep rallies and football games are always fun to be at. Overall, my experience at Trimble Tech these past few years have been great thanks to my teachers that help me with class work and my great friends that I have met at this school. The teachers and staff are also preparing me for college so therefore they are preparing me for my successful future
Overall Trimble Tech is a great school where teachers are very nice and helpful as long as you ask questions they’ll always be glad to help you. In addition, this high school is the only one who has access to Harris Hospital as a helpful way to get experience if interested in healthcare however you’re major will have to be Health Science Technology (HST).
My experience at Trimble Tech high school has been the far best! I love the people here. It has been easy for me to make friends and socialize with other people. The classes they have at this school really a big opportunity for us as students to become successful in life and will actually help us once we graduate. We have so many privileges that other schools don’t have. And it makes this a very unique school. Trimble tech was been a huge impact in my life that has helped in so many ways.
Trimble Tech HS has many major that other schools are not able to have. I think it is the best high school in the district and I would not change anything of it.
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Trimble tech is a very amazing school that gives you some many opportunities to make yourself a better person, plus they really do have great teacher that want to see their students do something amazing with their life.
I Love Trimble Tech. This school is my second family and home. Everyone here gets along with each other. I love that the teachers actually care about us. The school spirit here is unforgettable I love the pep rallys. I’m so glad and thankful to be a student here at Trimble Tech High School.
I loved everything about Tech! Teachers were always available to help students and direct them to the resources they needed. The school culture was great! Everyone was close to each other and we were a tight knit class of 2014. Whenever someone needed help weather a student or an administrator everyone was there to lend a hand.
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