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Trimble High School Reviews

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Trimble High School is a very small school located in Glouster, Ohio. It is a school known for high school football. The community of the school is great. Trimble High School offers adequate education and multiple sports. There is no place like it.
Not the best facilities but that's a funding problem more than anything, great teachers. I wasn't very happy when they got rid of advanced classes though.
Trimble High School is located in a poor town in southeastern Ohio. Funds are low and it is every noticable throughout the area.
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We only have two legitimate clubs. One is younglife and the other is the video game club. They both meet up once a week and many kids participate. They both offer great opportunities for kids and keep them out of trouble.
I love being a part of Trimble but i have not had a single regret with anything involving my education. I have had a lot of accomplishments, was nominated homecoming queen, and also top of my class.i have had a very successful high school career and i would not want it any other way.
Some teachers care about both the students and the curriculum. But others just care about the paycheck they get at the end of the week. Which is a problem in most schools. We also do not have the money for more tools to learn which makes teaching harder sometimes. Other than that, the staff is outstanding.
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