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Trillium Public Charter School Reviews

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Trillium has a unique constructionist environment. It is a wonderful school, but it is not for everyone. If you really require structure and routine in your schooling, go somewhere else. Located in a great part of Portland, high schoolers can go off campus for lunch, go downtown for field trips, and be self motivated learners. It's unusual and supportive, but keep an open mind.
Trillium has great teachers and an excellent learning environment. Each student is focused on individually, and encouraged to learn in unique ways that utilizes a student's personal passions.
Trillium has a democratic constitution, and many decisions are made during meetings in which the high school or whole school will assemble to discuss and vote on proposals. This can be a frustrating system, because, although many students often don't bother to participate, they are indignant when decisions are made without their input. Overall, however, Trillium tries its best to involve students in decision making, which is more than must public schools can say - or would want to.
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Regarding the digestive situation, the kitchen is very sanitary and I have never felt uncomfortable eating, school lunch, although I have never eaten it anyhow. Students can prepare toast and tea themselves. Most bathrooms are well maintained, especially for the female equation, though there have been periods where the upstairs boys' toilet overflowed on a daily basis. Efforts have been made to regulate the accuracy of urine streams, though these have been largely ineffective.
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