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Triangle Lake Charter School Reviews

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This school is incredible!
All of my kids go here.
They have developed amazing friendships and strong bonds with their teachers. They are involved in interesting projects that push them, and are connected to schools around the country. They are treated with respect by all of the staff which filters down to all of the students treat each other with respect. And the academics is the best in the area.
Building safety is extremely low. The floor leaks asbestos, and the walls have mold. Concrete floors are dangerous for students, and it is poorly wheelchair accessible.
If you are looking for extra curricular activities, sports teams are your only option. The teams also lack motivation. There are no after-school activities year-round for non-athletic students.
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This school is unique because of the small community that surrounds it. Everyone at this school is made to feel welcome. However, there are quite a few issues. Some teachers overstep their boundaries when it comes to discipline and authority. I would not send my children to this school. If a child is struggling, the staff often makes excuses- such as the child has a mental impairment, when the child really just needs additional help.
teachers are inconsistent with grading. Lessons do not engage students, and are created more to keep the student 'occupied'. Teachers make excuses for their inadequacy of grading. Most members of the staff are approachable and easy to get along with. However, there are too many staff members trying to be in charge of Triangle Lake Charter School. There is not one leader, which causes communication issues.
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