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Trenton STEM-to-Civics Charter School Reviews

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The thing about Stem Civics is that as a freshman who will spend only 1 year in this school is that it has so much potential but and can do better but the lack of resources are to low and doesn't meet to the standards that it promised to meet. Some good teachers how actually taught were fired for no apparent reason and the school is at its down fall but at the same time the school dose have potential to be better and is not that bad but it just doesn't meet up to the standards that it said it would meet I read the pamphlet and I also read about the school online in there website before enrolling in and there was a lot of things it promised but when I went to the school I found out that all of those things they promised to do were a lie.
StemCivics was an interesting joinery over the last four years. It is a school unlike many. It is very unconventional and was like no other school I’ve been to before. Although the school has its many downfalls, it also provided students with opportunities they would see no where else. It’s growing, just like I’ve grown with it over the last four years with all its craziness, it became a second home.
My experience at stem was not all that great. at the school I feel as though they treat us like we’re still in middle school . I would’ve like to get a good high school experience but I can’t say that the teachers to teach very well . The thing I would like to see change at stem civics is The level of maturity through the teachers and students also more extra curriculum activities during the school day .
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I love Trenton STEM-to-Civics Charter School because of their passion to see their students excel academically, and the disciplinary action displayed throughout the school. My counselor, teachers, and staff have a tendency to aid in their student's needs with respect, love, and understanding.
This school has helped me achieved amazing academic excellence.
Throughout my journey as a student, I have matured and takes responsibility both as a student, and an individual, which will help me excel as a college student!
I'm proud to call myself a student at Trenton STEM-to-Civics Charter School and I look forward to graduating!
One thing I would love for my school to improve on is the school lunch, I feel like the school can provide a much desirable food for the students.
Overall, my experience at STEMCivics was good. The school really teaches you the values of life and they show you how to make your life productive after school. With that being said, I think a lot should be changed.
Stem Civics prepares students for their future regardless of the field they choose. Stem Civics emphasizes 21st Century skills that can be applied to just about any area. By focusing on these skills, Stem Civics gives students the maximum opportunity to succeed in their chosen field.
I went to Stemcivics Charter School since freshmen year. Stem opens a bunch of opportunities for you especially if you are intrested in becoming an engineer. In march i went to Puerto Rico to help build and tear down broken houses because of hurricane marie . There's also an National Honors Society program here that gives scholarships.
My experience in Stemcivics has been very rewarding. Teachers are always eager to help you in any way. They go beyond for their students. Being part of the National Honor Society taught me a lot. We go from helping build with Habitat Humanity to a mission we went to in Jamaica helping out the orphanage. I recommend any parent to look into Stemcivics Charter Schools.
STEM Civics is a recently new high school filled with potential. The major problem with the school is the students. They're unable to control themselves. As for the academics, I personally feel as if its behind in its curriculum compared to other schools. However, the school provides unique opportunities that other local schools don't offer. Students have the chance to go on a trip to the Liberty Science Center monthly. There is a big diversity in sports: from soccer, basketball, to equestrian and archery.
One of the few charter schools, a bit crowded because it's in the old elementary incarnation school. It gives us really unique courses related to STEM like Aerospace, Civil Engineering, and we have our own FRC Team.
I love that my school empowers the children to exceed beyond any of our dreams. They do not just give us a normal curriculum, they inspire our mind, body and soul to achieve greatness
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