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Traders Point Christian Schools closed their program effective March 16 and we had to find alternative means for childcare. Disclosure: my wife and I both work to support our family,

When attempting to cancel daycare due to TPCS non-performance, TPCS refused to acknowledge contract termination despite their nonperformance of services. We were even in a prepayment position and willing to forgive what was due back to us. Despite this effort, TPCS continued to attempt to charge us the $1,000 withdrawal fee and/or pay 30% of the weekly fees throughout the remaining school year. Despite terminating ACH authorization with them and communicating the contractual dispute, they unethically continued to charged our bank account/credit card claiming they couldn't anticipate COVID-19 and the consequences. The organization appears extremely avaricious in this particular situation and one I wish to no longer be affiliated with.
I love the growing sports teams, I have been on multiple teams at this school and we have developed immensely. The teachers are great, they are good at managing time and all have a strong personal relationship with the Lord. The academics have helped me grow and take more responsibility, we use project based learning, and it has benefited my creativity skills. The school is starting to provide many unique classes to high school students that will greatly benefit them in college. Overall a very good school and has a big potential to grow.
I like the school a lot and everything that they have done for me through their christian education.
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Excellent educational experience. The teachers and administration genuinely care about each student in and out of the classroom.
I attended this school for 6 years. The staff was incredibly welcoming and caring. It is a small school so they pay very close attention to the families and you never feel like just a number.
School board and administration do not operate with Christian values nor do they take into account the concerns of long time parents.
Good school but they try to keep you in this bubble too much. Staff is nice and polite, however, they have their favorites and can be super controlling.
I graduated there last year, I went for my Junior and Senior years of Highschool and I loved it. It is a small school so you become close with all of the teachers and classmates. The different school trips helped me get to know others better and form a strong bonds with one another.
I liked the way that the teachers connected with the students. I really liked how there was chapel every week and how we got to worship. I really didn't enjoy how the academics were. I felt they were sub par and not the main focus. They were very concerned with growing the school and only promoting themselves. There was one class i had my last year that i ended with 6 different teachers in the class and failed. This resulted in me having to re take the class in high school. The elementary program has also gone down since i have been there. Many of their practices have left the original mission statement have solely become a school yearning for money and popularity.
The small community makes it feel like a family. I love this aspect. I also like how willing the teachers are to help you and how they want you to succeed. The academics, however, are not very challenging. There also is no consistency in discipline, which allows for a lot of misbehavior.
Traders Point Christian High School has been the best high school I have attended. I have been more involved with this school and its activities than I have been with my schools in the past. This school is not like a public school at all, and all the teachers really do push the students to excel and grow. The classes are not easy to where we don’t have to try to pass, and the school strives to push forth responsibility, growth, character, and success. The school does have some cons, with the pros. One of them is organization. They have some difficulty with properly planning events, especially for things required for both parents and students like mandatory service work. They also have an imbalance of homework. Some days there isn’t much, other days there’s too much to physically have enough time for, leading to prioritizing. Despite the few cons this school has, I would still greatly recommend it. The atmosphere is amazing, school is enjoyable, and it is definitely my favorite.
Since I've joined the school I've really enjoyed the school and the people in it. As soon as I joined I was readily accepted by a lot of the students. And even though I was late the teachers did what they could to adjust me to the point that the rest of the students were. I also really like the difference in need to work harder at this school compared to the school I attended before. One thing I would like to be changed is more club activities electives like band and orchestra for the high school.
Traders Point Christian Academy has provided more than just an education on mathematics, the english language, and religion. I have learned about relationships, impacting the world using my individuality, and the importance of working hard to earn what I want. Apart from all of these things I have grown in my relationship with Christ, and have given my life to Him while attending this school. Without the opportunities that have been provided for me through Traders Point, I wouldn't be who I am today.
My experience at Traders Point has been life changing for me. Coming from the Carmel school district which is very large I did not know what to expect going to a small private Christian school. Throughout my first year at traders point it stood out to me how much all of the teachers care. They are here for your own success not for them selves. I have learned so much spiritually as well. The student led chapels, mentor groups, and missions trips to Nicaragua showed me about Christs care and grace that he has given to us. The only thing that the school could improve on is the lunches. They could use some serious improvement.
I really enjoyed my time as a student at TPCA. I went there from 2nd grade until my junior year. I wish there had been soccer for high schoolers, but I loved being able to take intensive Spanish and the trips we took to Nicaragua for language emersion. Overall, I had a good experience there. The teachers are very involved with the students and care about them deeply.
I had a great experience at Traders Point . They really were like a second family for me and helped fight through the tough times
Traders offers far more opportunity that most schools their size, and far more than larger schools because students can actually participate instead of sitting on a bench or not having a spot on a team, group, etc. They are limited by their facilities right now. But they have a new, 21st century high school campus under construction that opens in a year. Then they can have more HS students and open the current building for more K-8 students. that will open up more sports, clubs, activities for all the students. My rating to move to "it's the best" at that point.
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The most unique thing about Traders Point is the relationships. Teacher to student, student to student, parent to parent, parent to staff....relationships are so strong and so caring. No child is a number but rather loved as a unique creation of God with a special purpose and calling for their life. As a community the school is focused on helping every child learn who they are in Christ and then to prepare and equip them to have maximum impact for Christ in their future - relationships, community and world. You simply can't ask for more than this.
Traders Point teachers are top notch. They genuinely love their students and are always available to help each student reach their potential. They put in the extra work to know their students well so they can push and hold accountable as appropriate. Every teachers has their strengths and weaknesses, of course, but you never doubt their commitment to your child. What I like also most as much as them knowing my child so well is they are committed to their own personal growth, too.
there are some activities, but limited due to the size.
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