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TOPS at Seward Public School Reviews

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Fantastic place to get a large range of studies. Having passionate teachers who start focusing on art and science young help foster young learners.
There was a HUGE problem with bullying when i went to this school. It was also the least diverse place i have ever been. A lot of white kids and only a sprinkling of Black kids and Asian kids. the kids that had gone there since kindergarten got special treatment and so did kids with siblings in higher grades that were liked by teachers. I liked a few of the teachers when i went there but only a few really seemed to care about the students and their lives. Nina Binder and Lori Eikleberg were great.
They did their best in resolving conflicts between students.
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They have opportunities not available at other schools
I love the all day field trips that occur 3 times
Tops is one of the best schools I have attended!
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