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Toledo School for the Arts is unique place, very different from any other public school. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming to all, even the lunch room staff and janitors. The education of the arts are what most students enjoy here, and it is no doubt that they are becoming well educated artists within this building. However, something that may shock people is how well this school exceeds in academics as well. You get the best of both worlds at TSA. From the catchy tunes playing in the halls during class changes to the dance battles in the cafeteria, Toledo School for the Arts is full of excitement and acceptance.
This is going to be my 5th year at TEA and the atmosphere is just amazing. I have learned so much from my teachers and I couldn't ask for a better education. I already feel that I will be more than prepared to college. We may be an art school, but we focus on our academic classes just as much as we do our art classes. We may have more proformances and showcases than "normal" schools, but then again, I'm sure any student from TSA can tell you that we love our proformances. We are able to freely express ourselves without having to truly worry about what other people will think about us. I think this is something that brings us all together, almost like one big family.
Amazing atmosphere and amazing educational opportunities!!! Amazing teachers and required internship to graduate, never can be more college ready. I hated high school but I loved tsa!! it was the best school experience ever.
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Toledo School for the Arts is an academically rigorous arts school. It has a very well rounded staff and extremely talented students.
I went to Toledo School for The Arts from sixth grade through my senior year. When I began at TSA, I was a super shy girl who didn't do very well academically. The teachers and staff not only pushed me to do my best academically, but they also pushed me to do better with the arts and step out of my comfort zone. I started out as an art major but changed to dance because of how much I love to be on stage. I was also apart of the yearbook club and culture club for a few years. TSA also prepared me for the real world/ juggling having jobs and school at the same time. When you walk into TSA, the atmosphere feels different from other schools. Going back as an alumni, I feel at home when I walk into the school. Even though the school is in downtown Toledo (Which can be pretty sketchy at times) The staff and security guards made the school feel like a safe house. Without TSA, I don't think I would have multiple jobs and the more "outgoing" personality that I have today.
Toledo School for the Arts provides college-ready educations to its students, and provides them with a fun and accepting environment to further their minds.
My experience at Toledo School for the Arts was overall a good one. I feel like I was given the ability to grow in creatively expressing myself.
This fall I will beginning my seventh and final year at TSA. Attending TSA has given me countless opportunities, like traveling to Chicago, Washington DC, and Columbus with the Studio Orchestra, playing with the BGSU Philharmonic Orchestra, and performing in countless concerts and recitals year after year. In this past six years, a lot has happened and through many hardships, the teachers have been kind and gracious, and the students can band together like a family no matter what. Even after I graduate, TSA will always be considered a home.
I transferred to TSA after my first year of high school and I honestly cannot explain how grateful I am for all the experiences at that school. I was constantly surrounded by beautiful & talented people that even inspired me more to do what I loved to do, dancing. One thing that I absolutely love about it is that it's diverse and filled with a lot of different people from different backgrounds. It's definitely a school I would send my future children to.
TSA is a great school for students to go to and express themselves. Though we don't have sports, our school spirit is over the top! We are like one giant family. And we are rated the number one charter school in Ohio.
Toledo School for the Arts is an amazing school. It provides you with once in a life time opportunities and sets you up for a successful future.
I went to TSA from the 03-04 school year until graduating in 2009.
I cannot say enough good things about TSA. I knew from the moment I walked in the doors at TSfA I belonged there.
All of my teachers actually cared about me and knew my name. I was never afraid to ask for questions or for help. While there were no "advanced" classes when I went there, there were many classes that challenged me academically.
Once I reached college I felt more than prepared for my coursework. In fact, I was mostly bored with college until my final two years, because of how well prepared I was, thanks to TSA.
It's a rare thing in a school for a senior in high school to know the names of almost all the 6th grade class. It's even more rare for the administration to know student's names.
I have come back many times, and while much has changed, much has also stayed the same.
It's a great school with many opportunities for students who have an interest in the arts and want to be exposed to those arts. It's also a great chance for you to meet people with the same interests as you.
Great environment for learning and very supportive. Great emphasis on the arts always. Would love to see more arts classes.
Teachers are fabulous! They want the students to succeed in their careers and lives. It's in downtown Toledo and have so many connections to help their students grow.
Toledo School for the Arts has truly broadened the horizons for me. The staff genuinely cares about the future successes of the student. TSA is great academically and arts wise.
I have been at TSA since my sixth grade year and I'm currently a senior. TSA has totally changed my life. I did not have good experiences at my elementary that TSA welcomed me with open arms. I knew that I was going to study visual art when I applied to TSA, but I did not know the different types of visual art. TSA has made me a very well rounded student with my arts and academics. Some days I will admit it is hard going to school but then I alway remind myself that TSA is an amazing opportunity that you can not get anywhere else.
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Toledo School for the Arts is a great school, but very academically challenging. Every academic class incorporates various act projects into their curriculum.
Teachers want their student's to succeed in life and not fail. They try their hardest to support and help the students.
The controlling access to different floor levels are great security equipment.
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