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It is a very open and accepting environment with good programs. The school keeps you busy and is definetly not an easy school.
I have known Toledo School For The Arts ever since I was four years old. My sister started going there the first year that they allowed sixth graders in 2004. My family has played the biggest role in the school. My oldest sister graduated valedvictorian and both of my sisters received the Honor Award.
A blessing I’ve had in my life was being able to attend a performing arts middle and high school that has also contributed to the openness of my views. It has taught me that a sense of community is incredibly important to succeeding as a group. I think I work better in groups because I’ve had an immense amount of experience working with classmates on a common goal. At Toledo School for the Arts, we value everyone and who they choose to be. We aren’t prejudice because every student and faculty member is so unique in their own way that we would become hypocrites if we were discriminatory. Because of this, everyone has their own story and values to pass on. It truly seems like there is an unlimited amount of knowledge you can obtain by just talking to an individual here. I am incredibly thankful and lucky to have been able to attend this school for 6 years and walk away with all the experiences and life lessons it has taught me.
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I absolutely love the staff at TSA, they are so helpful and kind. The teachers are so unique and brilliant. They create such a stimulating learning environment that you look forward to each class. The content taught is accelerated in hopes to prepare students for college. I didn't enjoy my classmates but that is a personal issue.
Not really an "arts school" but rather a typical high school with arts electives. Arts are not integrated into the academic classes as one might expect. This school is known around Toledo for its overwhelming amount of homework. Even weekends and holidays are full of homework that was assigned at the start of the weekend/break and due upon return from break. TSA does not practice "equal opportunity" for all students. Many favorites chosen in dance and theater. Others do not have a chance to advance in those classes or perform on stage. How is a student to gain experience if they do not perform in front of others? Administration does not want to hear from parents or students regarding ideas to benefit the school or issues that arise at the school. Most troubling are teachers who every year belittle and bully students in their classrooms while administration does nothing, even promotes them to teach the CCP courses. Parent org sadly lacks any initiative to address issues.
I’ve been at Toledo School for the Arts since my freshman year, and it’s completely changed my life. Without TSA, I wouldn’t be half of the musician I am now. I’m a percussionist, and TSA has broadened my studies further than I ever thought they’d go. TSA is a college prep academic school, which has helped ready me for my future of school. I am planning to study medicine, and I was able to take college credit classes to get ahead as well. My only personal downfall is that many of our staff members have changed since my first year. A main reason for that is how poorly the teachers are paid because of
the lack of funding since we’re a charter school. I am grateful for my experience at Toledo School for the Arts.
My experience at TSA has been great. I've had opportunities to grow as a musician that I would not have found elsewhere. The atmosphere is very positive and accepting as well.
TSA holds an amazing community and prepares all of their students for whatever they plan to do in life aftet high school.
Going to TSA was one of the best decisions I could have made for my life. Toledo School for the Art is for outcasts and people who feel artistically different. There you can be yourself and express yourself through art. TSA is so welcoming and a 2nd home to many. There’s such a great balance between art classes and academics you enjoy coming to school. I highly recommend enrolling your children there!!
The Teachers were Amazing & Definitely do a great job Preparing me for College. The Academics were very challenging & pushed me to do my best. I Highly Recommend TSA
I’ve had three children through TSA, and I wouldn’t dream of sending them anywhere else! We have great suburban public schools and private schools to choose from, also. TSA is an amazing school whose results speak for themselves!
TSA is the easiest possible place I could imagine going through the transition from child to adult.
The defining factor that makes TSA different from other schools that have arts programs is that the arts are at our core. It's not that we prioritize them over the academics, but instead, the fact that they're just as important to us makes us stand out.
The acceptance rates are higher at TSA than any other place I've ever known. It's impossible and incorrect to claim that there's no discrimination or bullying, but people at TSA tend to be kinder and more cooperative overall.
The teachers and staff have a passion for what they're doing, and it shows in the students' grades and their success rates after graduation.
I'll admit that TSA is not the school for everyone, but when the student's energy and excitement matches that of the other students and staff members, it's the most perfect environment for empathy, maturity, and identity to develop.
Great School for the students that love every aspect of the arts. The Toledo School for the Arts brings out the uniqueness in each and every student that attends there. Toledo School for the Arts is College Prep Charter School that challenges the students for college readiness, while challenging them within the arts. You will love the diversity within the students and the staff. There is several after school events, clubs, and rehearsals to keep the students involved in the challenging curriculum. This makes the school a huge success with in our community. Toledo School for the Arts is definitely a greatschool to attend.
I have had the most amazing exprience at toledo school for the arts. They students are excepting and the teachers are amazing.
I love Toledo School for the Arts. You can be yourself here without anyone judging you. Everyone here is a big family and we all love each other.
They really work to integrate the arts into the curriculum through electives, but also through mixing art with academic projects.
Toledo School for the Arts is unique place, very different from any other public school. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming to all, even the lunch room staff and janitors. The education of the arts are what most students enjoy here, and it is no doubt that they are becoming well educated artists within this building. However, something that may shock people is how well this school exceeds in academics as well. You get the best of both worlds at TSA. From the catchy tunes playing in the halls during class changes to the dance battles in the cafeteria, Toledo School for the Arts is full of excitement and acceptance.
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This is going to be my 5th year at TEA and the atmosphere is just amazing. I have learned so much from my teachers and I couldn't ask for a better education. I already feel that I will be more than prepared to college. We may be an art school, but we focus on our academic classes just as much as we do our art classes. We may have more proformances and showcases than "normal" schools, but then again, I'm sure any student from TSA can tell you that we love our proformances. We are able to freely express ourselves without having to truly worry about what other people will think about us. I think this is something that brings us all together, almost like one big family.
Amazing atmosphere and amazing educational opportunities!!! Amazing teachers and required internship to graduate, never can be more college ready. I hated high school but I loved tsa!! it was the best school experience ever.
Toledo School for the Arts is an academically rigorous arts school. It has a very well rounded staff and extremely talented students.
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