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Tioga is a excellent school with amazing hardworking teachers and principals with a good football team the atmosphere is just heart warming just walking in the doors
Tioga is a great school! They push all student to do their best in and out of school. The teachers are great there and we have a lot of career ready classes and clubs. As we all say, just be timely, honorable, and safe!
Tioga High School Is An Amazing School. They Offer So Many Different Classes From DE To Regulars To Pre-AP To AP. The Staff Is Super Friendly And So Are The Kids.
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I LOVE Tioga High School ! The school is very warming to new students . I also adore how the school honors athletics and academics ! Yes we are very good in sports but we are even better in the books . The only change I would like to see is more pep rallies for other sports . Football is my favorite sport but the other sports deserve pep rallies as well .
Tioga High School does a great job at preparing students for their chosen field. Whether it be college or straight into the work field, each student will be prepped. The only thing that could be better is the planning ahead for days that have a special event or different scheduling than usual.
I feel absolutely prepared for college, but the school taught hardly anything on how to prepare yourself. The teachers are rude, they do not care about their students, and their egos are through the roof. If anyone asked me on if the school was a good place to go, I would have to say no.
I feel ready for college, however, I think that the school itself is a festering waste full of teachers and administration with inflated egos, leaving little room for actually taking time to teach students what they need to know for exams.
This isn’t final year at Tioga High School. This school has helped shape me into the person that I am today. The teachers and administration are there to help me strive and excel in every area that courses are offered. I have been in band for 4 years and this program has offered me unbreakable friendships. Since I have been there, there has been a new facility erected where the old ROTC building was. This building offers modern day classrooms as well as an indoor practice field, creating an ideal area for practicing for most of the cocurricular activities.
My 3 years here at Tioga High school has been the greatest everyone is so helpful and each and every student feels safe. The faculty and staff are very nice and they are helping the students prepare for the future.
Tioga High School is overall a great school, but it needs to change by accepting people. Not everyone at Tioga is accepting to everyone like they should be.
The school is overall amazing. The staff truly care about the students and how well they succeed throughout their high school experience. I do however wish that the athletes were not treated differently then other students.
I enjoyed my four years of high school here without a doubt. I was involved in multiple sports and clubs as well as taking dual enrollment courses. The teachers were amazing and I could confide in several with no problem. If I had to change anything about this school it would be the strict dress code just because now that I am in college, we have no dress code as it is not a problem.
I have been a student at tioga high for two years and now switching to a different school. the environment isn't always the best, there isn't enough college prep courses for my needs, and there isn't all of the gifted programs.
What I like most about Tioga High School , are the coaches. The coaches are amazing! Their helpful in any ways , in family problems if you need someone to talk to especially, because us athletes go through a lot at times and I for one feel like I can talk to my coach about it . I’m a runner for track and what I would want to change is my times and I can do that with the help of my coaches next year ! Their amazing and almost like our parent when we’re not home .
I like the connection and involvement between the teachers and the students. They are very loving, caring and understanding and they try to help you in any kind of way.
I have given up on the food, there is barely a meal from the school that I like. Most of the front office people are very rude, but the students in the front office seem to know more then the actual workers do. I don't feel safe at the school at all, they need better security at the school. Some classrooms are nice, but some are also very nasty looking. The best thing is the new multipurpose building that they have built, it is very clean and nice.
I like everything about Tioga! They make sure you learn what you suppose to & they go that extra mile to make sure you do the beat you can!
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Tioga High School is an excellent school. Very friendly teachers and staff. They have a great academics program but I wish they would offer more college credit courses.
My experience at Tioga High School was relatively normal. The school is a good school to attend for academics.
Tioga High School has been an all around good experience for me. The faculty and staff are always there for you when you need assistance. One thing I would change about Tioga High School is to have more options during lunch time. We only have the option to eat school lunches and not anything like pizza or hamburgers.
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