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Timber Lake High School Reviews

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Has good teachers. The special education program needs to be more valued by the administration. It was not only until my junior year of high school did they realize why I was struggling to bad in school. I had ADHD and in all my IEP meetings the teachers and administrator kept telling me I needed to try harder. You do not tell someone who has worked there butt off to be able to walk across that stage to work harder because I tried my hardest but still needed help and I had to fight for months for them to agree to my IEP plan and needs.
We have more than one trained EMT in our school system, we also carry out drug dog searches and have many assemblies dealing with drugs and violence. I feel that our school system is safe.
Sports in Timber lake high school are very good. We have students in the National Honors society. Timber lake has one of the best drama departments in the state. We also have a rodeo club, yearbook and after school academic assistance.
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School has been great! You meet new people and make future connections for life. The high school I attend is unique because we are a blue ribbon school and have a very small number of students, we also require higher than state standards to graduate high school.
Teachers all over South Dakota put in hardworking and effort so kids can get a education. I believe the teachers and my school really connect with the students on a personal level, we have a very good student to teacher ratio.
There are a variety of sports and activities here. There is plenty to do
All policies of this school is great. They are understandable
After I graduated I felt that I was very prepared for the real world. I got a job and went to college.
They are very helpful. You can go to any teacher, and you can expect help.
This is an awesome school. Staff and Faculty are extremely helpful. Students are so kind
The students are allowed to use technology at the school but not allowed to check them out and take them home.
The students are often busy in the summer and don't go to summer camps and other summer work like other students
Timber Lake has the current teacher of the year. All the teachers assign homework and push the students to do their best.
The people aren't the best because it's a small school and you have to be around everybody all the time.
The school has always been competitive and at the top of the list when it comes to schools in the state based on academics.
The school doesn't offer much of extracircular except the basics of sports and drama.
Our food is far from healthy. They say it's healthy because it's proportioned out but most of the food has plenty of preservatives.
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The School is very aware of anything that happens.
My school has the availability to be challenged however it is up to the students to choose that path.
I think people should be allowed to where whatevery they want but still I understand that in a school setting it may be seen as out of line to show too much skin.
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