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Tigard High school has many resources available to students and their families. There is a wide variety of clubs and activities, and the student body is overall very positive and supportive! The only complaint I have is that some teachers will make unnecessary comments. I don't think they're so bad they need to be reported, but telling teachers to stop is enough. Most teachers are great, though! Tigard High is a great school and I'm glad I got the chance to go here!
I enjoyed my time at Tigard High School. They have a wide variety of IB classes and sports and activies. Tigard has many diverse students, but the school does not do well to promote the diversity or have open conversations.
Most of the teachers are phenomenal. They truly care about the students education as well as their wellbeing. They building has some issues. It is old, and broken. Earlier in the year, the small gym and both locker rooms flooded filling the gym with 2 feet of water. We are currently in the process of constructing a new building, which creates distracting noises during important tests. But the teacher are forgiving and they do as much as possible for their students.
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I was only 15 years old; since I couldn't speak much English I had just 6 months of being here in the United States but some teachers helped me learn and develop my English
Every teacher that works at Tigard loves to be a teacher and help students to succeed. They have an IB program making them a school with more educational challenges for students who are looking to go above and beyond.
I can honestly say that I enjoyed all four years at Tigard High School. This by no means, means that Tigard High School is perfect. I created most of my experience through relationships and student involvement. One thing that I think is so great about Tigard is the friendly staff as well as the endless opportunities for students. There are several teachers who are always willing to lend a helping hand as well as truly caring for their students. Tigard offers many clubs, sports, and career opportunities that can enhance students' lives as well as make their time in high school more enjoyable. Tigard has a strong student leadership program that celebrates diversity and differences as well as bridges the gap between students across the board.
The administration did not put enough effort into the students. The counselors did not provide much help to students who were struggling. There was also a lack of recognition for the clubs and other student groups that were not sports or "popular".

The counselors were also never there when needed and there was a lack in diversity in certain clubs such as young life and yearbook.
I liked all my classes during the 4 years of being there. My classes were always fun to look forward to and my teachers and counselors were always to nice to me and helped me with everything. Something I wish I could have changed was how I took my classes because I always had trouble doing assignments in school, then my senior year they switched me to doing online classes and that has helped me so much to graduate and I was so thankful to my teachers and counselors. I was involved in a activity while in high school(shac) and I throughly enjoyed it, they were so involved with community and trying to figure out way to help solve health problems for others kids. The people were really nice and always included me in conversations and coming up with ideas.
I loved the athletic programs at the high school, the teachers were all great except a few. It was always clean and I felt safe.
I was involved in a lot at Tigard High School and I think that was what made my high school experience very good and fun. There was a lot of diversity and involvement. I would really like for the school to be more spirited. I was on the cheer team for two years and that was one of the times where I would question the acceptance.
I attended Tigard High School for two years prior to entering the Early College High School Program, where I now take all of my classes exclusively at Portland Community College Sylvania. The academics are five stars because the rigor of core classes is present, as well as the option for students to take honors or IB classes. The diversity is four stars because while there is diversity among the student body and staff, I think there could be more done to involve and recognize all of the diverse groups at Tigard. Overall, the reason I rated each item either four or five stars is similar to these reasons listed above, just pertinent to the topic. The SRO at Tigard, Officer Imus, did an outstanding job of creating a sense of security for students. Tigard is also going through a reconstruction and the changes made already are making immense differences. If I had to make one note on safety, I wish there could be at least one more SRO at Tigard being that there is almost 2,000 students.
A few of my teachers are really great and actually care about you learning. most of them don't though. The amount of times I've been told to just sit down and be quiet and not disrupt with my curiosity and questions is kinda scary. Its like our educators don't want us to learn how to question their knowledge. After all, how do we know that what they teach us is really true.
well in the tigard high school I had very good teachers, they helped me learn English taught me that I should not give up and much less just because I come from another country I can not do what I want in this country right now I feel that I regret little English that I can understand everything that the teachers tell me and I am grateful to those teachers who helped me and they are also proud of me because this is my last year, and they cannot believe it because it seems that it was yesterday when I entered their class and they saw me very nervous and when I go to visit my teachers they see me and tell me how much I have grown not only in my profession but also in my English.
overall the teachers are very nice but not very good at teaching. School administration constantly bugging everyone about every little thing.
Overall, my experience with Tigard hasn't been completely terrible. I've met some pretty amazing people, and learned which types of people to stay away from. The teachers are pretty chill and do a pretty good job of teaching, even though I'm sometimes having to teach myself. Tigard has fun events like sports and clubs which I love attending from time to time. I don't think I will ever forget high school since it has shaped me into what I am today.
I really enjoyed my time attending Tigard High School. They offered many different levels of classes from regular to International Baccalaureate classes. On top of that they offered many electives from autoshop to ceramics to journalism. One thing that I would change however would be class size. Several of my classes got up to 38 kids which is way to many in one classroom.
My Tigard High School experience has been average. My teachers have been okay but I had a few teachers where they would be very strict and intimidating. It felt like at time they did not enjoy their job or care about their students. Tigard High school does have a lot of resources that can help many students with their journey to college but I would like if these opportunities were more talked about.
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It is an overall good school. The academics are pretty good, they have IB classes. Most teachers are nice some are not very good at teaching. They have a lot of sports to which many participate. One problem with sports is that they tend to have gender issues. They promote men sports more than womens, like with soccer for example. Also they only promote the ¨big sports¨ like basketball, soccer, and football. They speak quietly or do not aknowledge at all the other sports. Also their dj at prom and homecoming is usually not good, they almost never put spanish songs, like at least one would be acceptable. Yet if they do put a spanish songs the students immediately say boo or next, which is pretty racist.
Administration promotes discrimination, allows faculty incompetence, abuse, cultural bias. Needed Student support unable to be provided as district administrators hold as greater priorty the avoidance of legal responsibility for forms of abuse delivered to taregeted students, families, & community through incompetent and criminal aspects of faculty conduct.
It is a good school. The classes are challenging enough for me to work hard in them. The teacher are always there when I need help. They are always trying to help me succeed.
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