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The teachers and administration here really care. The kids have fun and learn so much more than I could have imagined possible! They have classrooms with flexible seating, hands-on activities, and lots of real-life application.
Good up until middle school, there was one student who constantly harassed the females in the grade and was never punished . They eventually asked for people to stop going up there and complaining.
I went to Thurman Francis for nine years, the elementary school part was good but when it came to 5th grade and middle school it was rough. One student that was in my grade constantly harassed most people in the grade including verbal and physical bullying, whenever someone would tell a teacher (like you’re taught to do) nothing would happen. For years we were harassed and bullied without being helped and somedays I would wake up afraid to go to school because of this student. Another student left because of this in 8th grade. It wasn’t only my grade, in my younger sisters grade nothing was done when she was getting bullied and she would come home everyday crying. If you want a safe environment for your kids then don’t bring them here.
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The teachers are fake. They act really nice when they have conferences with parents, but when you are in class they are rude and act like jerks. They load you down with 4+ hours of homework each night and then they complain about grading it. We only have 15 minutes for recess and 25 for lunch. If you do homework during the day (that is due that day) they take it from you and hand it to your teacher. Then you get a lot of points taken off because it isn't finished. Middle school has to read 2-3 books in the summer(500 pages) you have tests and assignments on the 500 pages that you just read. I hated this school when I went here. When you go online and look at reviews, you only see the good. Honesty, as they say, is the best policy. I had anxiety the entire time I was in this school and I was depressed most days as well. Never go to this school if you don't like homework, anxiety/depression, summer reading, or rude teachers, because there is a lot of each. 0⭐
I liked Thurman Francis because you knew everyone there and you were friends with everyone. There were lots of options for arts and music or anything you were interested in, not to mention the academics were certainly prioritized.
This school creates high expectations for young students to achieve. It can sometimes be overwhelming, but the teachers and faculty create a safe and trusting environment for kids. It was
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