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I like the friendly and accommodating atmosphere and how all teachers and students are willing and excited to help. Academics are important, but relationships and support are also valued. The school makes it easy to prepare for your future, and offers you many opportunities to succeed. The coursework is challenging, but only if you want it to be, and the workload is still very doable.
I like the people in Thunder mountain. They are open to new people like me. The teachers are great too. They make it easier to learn and stay motivated for the next day of school.
I’ve gone to Thunder Mountain High School for 3 years. It’s definitely the more artsy and creative school out of the two high schools in Juneau.
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TMHS has a wonderful dynamic, with teachers that care, and lots of options. The music program is top notch, and your teachers want to see you succeed. The only thing is that you need to be careful with certain teachers with certain classes. Sometimes they have too much on their plate to care about certain classes, and it’s important to be aware of that.
Thunder Mountain was a great school, I never felt any exclusion while I was there. The administration was extremely helpful and the teachers were all amazing at their jobs. If I ever needed help in a class I knew I could always go to a teacher for help.
I loved the friendly and warm welcoming atmosphere that invited me in when I started out as a freshmen 4 years ago. There is not anything that I would change about the school or want to see differently because I think that the school is doing pretty good as is. During the whole pandemic, the school has done a very swell job at everything because they had like 1 week to get everything up and running, and I think that yes, there could have been better things, but given what they had, I feel that they did very very well with the task at hand. I am sad to see it go, but will hopefully return someday to say hi to the amazing teachers that brought be to this moment in what is now history.
Overall my experience in TMHS was a positive one, Iwent from a school where I was bullied by my teacher to doing trivia in between math problems in Mr. Watts class, and discovering my love of pottery with Mrs. Imboden. Overall I really enjoyed going to this school. What I would change is the cafeteria food. There are times they would serve food nobody would eat because it didn't look edible. I personally wouldnt eat the meat because that worried me the most. However, the lunch staff were very kind, nice ladies.
Thunder Mountain High School encourages their students by providing help and support as we strive for higher education. It has welcoming environment and it makes sure that the students know that help is always available.
it was good and very fun with how the faculty treated us like family, I really liked the clubs such as robotics and track and field and native youth Olympics, very good time that was, I also liked the music teachers such as Mr young and Mr. Vankirk as they were very nice to me and pushed me to my fullest potential, to conclude thunder mountain high school is a very good school with very kind faculty, amazing sports and club activities and the music teachers brian van kirk and Mr young are amazing teachers and most importantly mentors.
I had an amazing senior year at Thunder Mountain High School, the teachers are very nice. The only thing I would change, is the teachers believing that the student can reach a higher potential. I think that they could encourage them more and to do better.
the school is fine, the teachers are mostly ok but I would say that our school has some of the craziest teachers that should not be teaching but because there isn't enough money to hire and train other teachers the bad teachers continue to teach. Also, the school has a lot of really easy fixes that aren't expensive, some only take a screwdriver, but the school won't fix them. For example, all of the bathroom stalls in the girl's locker room don't close. It is a pretty simple fix yet it has been like that since before I was a freshman.
The environment at TMHS is very friendly. The teachers and staff are there to help you when you ask for it. While I attended TMHS, I was able to connect with many of my teachers and form good relationships with them. As long as you are willing to reach out to them, they will always be there to help you out.
Thunder Mountain High School is an excellent school with several resources, excellent academic courses /programs. This school is filled with people who are involved with the students, and others who are willing to help you succeed.
Thunder Mountain is one of a kind. I feel safe in school. I have teachers that I could talk to easily and would help me with my problems at home, school, or at work. Theirs a lot of things to do in TMHS. I have enjoyed many clubs and activities like community service, playing soccer and enjoying our school spirit. Our classes are nice not to big or not too small. I like how THMS is designed. I like how we are close to everything like the library, field, pool and the grocery store.
Overall my experience at this school has been great. This is my senior year and I've loved everything about every year. If I could change anything it would be school culture due to the lack of school spirit and traditions.
My high school experience has been amazing and I'm quite upset to watch it come to an end. My favorite aspect is the acceptance and diversity between everyone. We are also a very driven school and hold the highest graduation rate in Alaska. Something I would like to see changed is more exposure to current world problems and potential solutions.
I really like the fun and friendly environment that we have here. Also, the student body can make decisions for our spirit assembly's as well as being able to plan our dances and see them forth. Thunder Mountain is a welcoming environment that wishes to see that all students will succeed successfully.
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Thunder Mountain High School is a depressing place where drugs run rampant and the social structure lacks any form of true love or care for others. There is only a superficial attempt to welcome people, and when people don't fit the mold they are left out. The grey building helps to facilitate depression, and the number of students does as well. People see each other and get depressed because they know that they are like the people they see, and they don't want to be.
So far my experience with thunder mountain high school has been satisfactory. The teachers are engaged and love to share their joy for learning, the staff are helpful and the community is very supportive. The complaints I have for the school would be the lack of diversity in clubs. We have the champion debate team but lack other arts/academic affiliated clubs. For example, no school newspaper, Model UN, chess team or other such team like cribbage, no academic decathlon team either. The students stay busy but I would like to see more diversity in options for the students to participate in clubs they are passionate about. My second complaint would be the class sizes. It is not rare to see upwards of 35 kids in a classroom meant for 20. The teachers are unable to develop lasting relationships with students when they have over 100 students to juggle throughout the day. The students then do not feel any motivation or drive to continue learning if they are simply a face in a crowd.
Thunder Mountain is great and the band program is incredible! The teachers are very kind but can be a bit biased.
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