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The best of the 3 thorns. Good ap classes, duel credit, and they don’t let you graduate unless you are ready and prepared for college. Lots of resources. The Upward bound program is also great, helps you fill out your FAFSA and get thought the college application process
My experience at Thornton was okay. Their organization skills could have been better among other things, but overall it was decent.
My experience at Thornton Township High School has been one for the books. This school has taught me a lot about the value of education, as well as obstacles I may face, along with how to defeat them. I genuinely appreciate the staff members. Whether they are helping students with assignments or giving advice on personal problems, I can always count on them for support. It also brings music to my ears listening to the inspiring announcements from my principle over the intercom. I do look forward to seeing a few changes in my school, though. I suggest an additional section in the cafeteria (specially designed for those who are vegetarian or vegan), a study hall, and reconstruction on the worn-out parts of the building, hence it is over 100 years old. Overall, I will always cherish Thornton Township High School and its staff members for its positive atmosphere and effort to make sure students are academically and mentally prepared for what life has in store for them.
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Although the location is highly poverished, the school in itself is filled with teachers who care. There is a true bond built from the principle right down to the security guards and custodians. When focused, the education provided can take you far. The extracurriculars are just as amazing. Not to mention the excellent speech team.
Currently a student here and Thornton is a very outgoing school, lots of opportunities. In the wildcat community out athletic activities are why our school is known. We are competitive but it’s all love and our academics are average I would say but they are a really resourceful school.
I am currently a senior at Thornton Township highschool . Im graduating class 2020 this school is like a family towards me. I can say "I bleed purple" not no other school colors i come from a highschool where i can express myself.
I liked the sports at Thornwood High school. I would like a change of staff getting more involved with the students and getting to know them better to help them understand why they take the actions they take that leads to violence on school grounds.
The school provides great resources for the students. The teacher are also helpful and there for you if you need anything.
I liked the diversity in my school. My school is recognized as the best academic school in our district (205). However, something I'd like to see changed is the teachers, some seem they hate coming here every day and doing their job, thus affecting the education of the students.
Dont really expect any diversity, school culture overall I'm sure it wasnt only me that hated the place. There are some pretty good helpful counselors though, so if you're going through something you could take to them. The students are just horrible though.
Academically the school is wonderful. Socially that's where we lack, some people are nice and respect each other some don't.
It was overall an interesting experience. I could have personally focused more, nut the school can be limited in terms of resources. But if you work hard at Thornton, then you will surely be rewarded. The high school seniors won over 8 million dollars in scholarships. So overall, it is an above average to good school that can become great if you put in the effort.
I have been attenteding Thornton Township since my freshman year. Coming into high school it was a different experience than middle school. I had to become more responsible and self sufficient very quickly. I liked how the administration and staff helped the incoming freshmen to become comfortable in the new environment. I also enjoy the school spirit that the students and teachers have. However, I feel that we need better food choices, a better athletic facilities, and to remodel the old parts of the buildings to help create a better environment for students.
School was fun, met a lot of great people and shared some great moments. There were times when a teacher pushed there limits bt overall great experience
I really love how the teacher-student bond that is encouraged by the school. There are multiple after school “help” resources where students are able to have alone time with their teachers in order to gain clarification on questions they have and are able to get help on homework. The main issue I have is that the bathrooms need remodeling and there needs to be a broader food selection for the students.
My experience wasn't bad. i just wish they would have organized things better and had more understanding and caring teachers
Thornton Township Highschool is the best highschool in district 205.I find it fun. What I like about Thornton is that everyone knows everyone. People are always there for you whenever you need help for free and there are plenty of resources. The school dances are a lot of fun. There always a sport event to watch and clubs to join. Filling my schedule up with hard classes had challenged me to work harder. If there were anything I could change about Thornton, it would be for the students to abuse the teachers time. Now this is something I cant force anyone to do. But I feel as if teachers know the material inside and out and should be available to help you during class time. Students should want to seek for more help from the teachers so they can gain knowledge. Another thing I would change about Thornton is to begin classes at a later time. I don't know about you but I personally hate waking up at 7:00 in the morning to go to school. I would rather start an hour later.
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The school is pretty big and you get to meet a lot of people. The teachers for the most part are really concerned about your future. We have tons of school spirit. One change that can be made is the no pass days.
What I like about Thornton is that is a well rounded Highschool. Coming in 4 Years ago and leaving as a Senior has prepared me for the real word. I have had many great experiences
Being here .
Being a Wildcat is the best thing EVER! Classes are amazing and you make friends instantly! This school prepares you for college and everyone here helps you on your way to becoming the best YOU that you can be. Never be afraid to be yourself and step out of the box. You are guaranteed to have the best four years of your life here. Once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat.
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