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I loved going to this school ever since I transferred here in 5th grade. I was able to make great friends the teachers work very hard to try and teach us students what we need to learn, for the time that we are at the school. I am currently a senior and my year is going kinda fast. When I graduate I am gonna miss this school cause I met my good friends here, had some really good times, and I learned to work hard. I would suggest parents that are in the area and are having a little trouble trying to pick a public school for their children.
Teachers are always willing to help and even go out of their way to help you after class or whatever you need.
Thompson is an okay school for its location. Thompson tends to be soft on us as students, I personally think. We should be challenged more. It lacks diversity and a sense of inclusion. The school is a small town school in result it has created cliques. However, in the overall sense, Thompson is a good school. Just like people, we all have flaws. Once we expose them and put them in the light, that is when we can began to improve ourselves. We can only grow from our ways. Thankfully growth leads to one direction-up.
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Thompson has a wonderful variety of academic and athletic opportunities. Its community rallies around all of its achievements to encourage the students toward success in all areas. Attending Thompson has been a great experience and has truly made me a "life-long learner and responsible citizen"-- true to its mission statement.
I loved the small school experience! There were many chances to be in extracurricular activities. I liked the fact that we have small class sizes and personable teachers. You get to know your classmates and teachers on a very personal level. Great experience for me!
Thompson is a small, nicely kept school with a great sense of community. Students are encouraged to join as many activities as possible and many excel in a variety of things.
All the teachers are knowledgeable about their subjects, and their teaching styles rely strongly on student participation and engaging activities
All the administrative staff is extremely friendly and ready to help out when you need it.
The school is constantly being remodeled for the best and most advanced learning and working experience for students.
A salad bar with nutritious options in available
School clubs include Chess club, Jets, Yearbook, Athletics
Our school constantly updates their medical equipment and precedures for their student's safety
I would definitely go to this school all over again. The small class sizes give teachers a chance to work one on one with every student.
Every teacher at our school is motivated to give us the best possible education and understanding on the subjects being taught.
My school has put an extreme emphasis on team work and participation in sports, and other extra curricular activies.
It's hard to put a set amount of calories for each student to eat, but our school is doing the best they can to keep the tummies of their students full as a school day proceeds.
The school policies, such as attendance go well with our school. For attendance, you can only miss four days of school or you will take all of your semester finals. If you receive and eighty-eight percent (a B) in a class, you are exempt from that final. If you miss ten days in a semester, you have to take all of you finals no matter what. This policy was added a few years ago and has pushed students to not slack, but put forth an effort. This has been an effective method and keeps increasing, because seventy-one percent of the students made the A and B honor roll.
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Resources are always open for a students use, the only thing you have to do is let a teacher know where you will be going and for the duration of time you will be gone.
Thompson goes through all safety precautions, including tornado drills, lock-ins, and fire drills. IF you come to our school, you will see it is a slightly small rural school that has about two hundred students in the high school wing. Two hundred students is a lot, but you will rarely see someone getting bullied. However if someone is, another student will come and stop the bullying before it becomes a serious problem.
Nothing compares to the experience at Thompson. The school is friendly and willing to help you as a student accomplish your highest goals.
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