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My overall experience at Thomasville High School was great! Attending this school taught me to appropriate everything I have. Many people complain about this school for many reasons, which with some I agree, but that doesn't mean we should be ashamed of our school. If we wanted this school to be great we should work for it! What I like about the school is that the environment is welcoming. I loved that when I moved to this district I knew that at this school I could be myself. Although people only like to see the bad things about our school and put us down, I would like to say that I am a very proud bulldog! I want the student body to have faith in this school. The staff needs to believe in the students at a higher level. We need stable good teachers. We need more resources and opportunities. Lastly, we need everyone to cooperate to change our bad reputation!
The school is good to me. People would be like oh it’s trash, but me on the other hand I love it and I would be proud for the chance to Ben like I’m a THS Graduate. They could do better in my opinion when adding new staff, cause they have nothing on the original staff I’ve know since freshman year, but I mean they adapt well and they are good in their own way.
I absolutely love my high school. I enjoy coming to school every day to learn. The teachers and administrators are amazing. It is a very fun environment. Everyone has positive spirits and we are always encouraging each other.
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At Thomasville High School I like the majority of the faculty that worked there. I also liked the kids and how the school tries to keep them safe and whole. However, what I didn't like was the last minute announcements, the way that the principal and assistant principal played favorites, and how all the staff assumed that EVERYONE in the school favored the same things.
Thomasville High school is a big no no. They spend funding that could be used on upgrading the books and supplies for the students on unnecessary things, over tax everything, they do not work on skills you will need out in the real world on your own.
My 4 years at Thomasville high were great. Our staff here does a good job keeping us safe and on the right path, and it’s overall a good school environment
It's a school which tries to involve it's student but due to their lack of wanting an education the students tend to not care.
My experience in Thomasville High school felt like 4 years that flew by very fast. I can say that those 4 years, was an experience that I will always remember. This school has tried their best to help us as students, with what they can. They try their best to keep us involved in school activities. I definitely can say it was fun an stressful at the same time.
What i liked about Thomasville High School were the different people and also how the teachers and how good they taught in the class.
Thomasville High School is overall a great school. What I like about this school is the support that it gives they push you forward to
Be better ! They plenty of helpful resources for what ever you’ll resources for. Although what I would like to see change is the academic number we’re a average rate in that and I would like to see better for the up coming !
I liked how we had a diversified school overall and the effort too try new things, take care of each other when we need each other the most. What I would like to see change is the academic level within our school.
This school year we have had the privilege of having an African American principal by the name of Ms. Kinard. She has brought to our school fun and very entertaining events to ensure we have fun but still yet get committed to the curriculum at hand. This is my senior year and I am proud to say Ms.Kinard has made it my best as I hoped. .
What I like about high school the most is probably the diversity. You can see people from other countries and cultures. What I would like to see changed are probably the bathroom and the food. The food is sometimes good but then it's bad. It's like a mixture of both
I overall had a worthwhile experience of high school. I would like to see a change in the general morale, not much communication happens as much as it should. I loved learning in one or two teacher's classes. Biology was an excellent class. I don't exactly feel a success driven atmosphere around me. I hope that changes. I enjoyed being here and I am excited to head off to college.
This is my first year attending this school. For my freshman, sophomore, and junior years I went to a branch school called Yadkin Valley Regional Career Academy. I was still technically a student of this school however, I didn't attend this school. I was able to still participate in many activities such as; sports and clubs. If I could improve something about this school it would be the school food. This year a student found mold and bugs in their food. Overall this is a great school everyone is pretty friendly.
Thomasville High School is a competent school regarding education. However, regarding character the school is full of it. I am now a junior in high school here and I would rather be here than the majority of other schools I have been too. The teachers and staff are generally very kind and we have some very good ones as well. The only reason education is lacking at all is due to lack of materials and funding. Our school offers many programs that are unavailable in other schools. Overall, we have a nice school that is very diverse with small to medium ranged classes and interested teachers. In all this school seems to me suits me wonderfully.
I love this school. My school has such a good reputation and it really shows the professionalism that the staff tries to give the students. I have seen a lot of mutual respect and I love it! More schools should strive to be like Thomasville High!
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Most teachers want to show their appreciation towards the students and give the students plenty of advice for everyday life. It is not just a school, it's a big step into a good life. The teachers have a lot of one on one time with the students and genuinely care. Every teacher also has a very good reputation and a good education.
It is one of the most diverse schools in North Carolina, but it is very accepting. If you don't try to start problems with people, they won't try to start problems with you. The main challenge is that class ranking is mostly based on if your parents are connected to the school or not.
There are new teachers every year. The old teachers leave because they do not like how the school handles different things. My schedule has been messed up every year.
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