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Thomas S. Wootton High School Reviews

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I enjoyed attending high school at Wootton. The teachers and faulty were very supportive and did well to ensure all students were set up for success.
Wootton is an incredible school for students wanting to succeed. You have amazing resources, and everyone wants to help if you apply yourself. But for those students that cannot apply themselves, or do not do the typical student path to college, people are less willing to help. It's great only for those that are willing to work hard and do their best.
My time at Wootton was great. Academically, it is definitely challenging and you get what you give. However, even as a very average Wootton student, I can see how much prepared I was for college than my peers from other schools and counties. I participated in many wootton sports, and while not every sport has an amazing record, the coaches are dedicated and care and some sports (golf, tennis hockey, and others) consistently win counties and states! As for clubs, I didn't participate much but I have friends/siblings who did and loved it. There is a wide variety and the opportunity to start new clubs if there isn't one already available. Overall, great experience.
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Solid all-around academics. Needs some work in diversification and relieving academic pressure. Teachers are very high quality, and are always open for help.
It is a really good school. They are always trying to help you and want the best for you. Staff is the best they will never say No to you.
The academics overall are pretty solid, but the school is large and sometimes the facilities are not as on par as they should.
Wootton is a very academically rigorous school and places very high in the state high school ranking. However, it is lacking in school spirit so I hope in the future, the student body will be able to come together and focus on a community aspect in addition to our academic rigor.
Wootton High School is a top 100 public high school in America and is ranked first among high schools in Maryland. This high school offers many opportunities for students to better themselves academically and personally. This school ensures students are held at an advanced level in order to better prepare themselves for college and their future career path. The school also keeps a balance between academic and social events for the students.
Wootton high school is academically good. Lots of students take AP and Honors classes and they have good scores in standardized tests. Teachers are enthusiastic to teach students and help them.
Personally over time I started to highly dislike my school. When I was younger I reported a serious incident that happened between me and another student. I was simply shoved to the police and no one thought it was a good idea to ask if I was okay, or move me from classes I was uncomfortable in. This happened until senior year. But other than that. This school is extremely challenging, it pushes you to your limit and helps you get prepared for the real deal in the future. But that comes with a downfall. This school is a bit unaware about the mental health issues students face. Some teachers are extremely ignorant and don’t care about the student’s wellbeing but care about the papers and assignments.
I previously attended Wootton from 2011-2016. As an African American student, the academics were good, but then that's where the positives end. The school itself is old, some teachers/counselors don't provide the support you need, and the extra-curricular activities are average at best. The school isn’t very diverse with mostly white people roaming the school and beware of the bullying that goes on behind the scenes. As for people with accommodations, the school does the bare minimum to help kids succeed. My mother had to fight to have some more action to make sure I had a decent time at school. If you do end up coming here, you must fight to get a decent education.
Wootton is a diverse community with a wide variety of activities to participate in. Peers and teachers will push you to do well in the classroom.
Overall, Wootton is a very good public school. There are people who you'll mix with and teachers who you'll love. The only thing that really brings this school down is the pressure to go to college, more specifically umd. Like I get doing your best and being your best academically. But there comes a point to where if someone who applies to their dream school and gets in is still shamed because they decided to not go to umd.
it is the best school.. you can ever go to. the security, the staff is just the best. The academics, diversity, teachers, college pre, health, safety, clubs and activites are the best. Top rated school in maryland.
great school, ok teachers, very cliquey students. Education is pretty good, but wootton expects a lot out of you. Students tend to stay in their own closed off groups of asians, whites, and blacks. Admin is not that great tho.
During my time at Thomas S. Wootton, I was encouraged to meet and surpass my academic goals through encouragement from engaging faculty and peers. During my time in high school I was a competitive speed skater and faced many obstacles in my studies. Between classes, training, and traveling internationally for competitions, balancing my time and meeting academic deadlines were huge concerns of mine. Thankfully, all of my teachers were extremely understanding of my special situation, were committed to helping me catch up after absences, met with me one on one to go over material I had missed, and were very gracious in helping me stay on track. Overall, my time at Wootton prepared me tremendously for my entrance into college and has shaped me into a dedicated student.
My school is insanely competitive. Not only are the students constantly handling such hard classes, but they also are so involved with extracurriculars and are able to handle everything well. The infrastructure of the school is also quite aged.
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Wootton High School has fairly high academic standards and prepares students well for higher education. The school infrastructure is dilapidated and in dire need of a renovation, but luckily Montgomery Country plans to rejuvenate Wootton over the 2018-2019 school year. The teachers are fantastic, but due to severe overcrowding, students must make an extra effort to seek academic help from staff or cultivate a relationship.
My experience at this school so far has been great, my counselor was reachable whenever i needed to talk to him if i was struggling with issues. The teachers here are very nice and make you feel comfortable in the class setting if I needed any help I could go in at lunch, after school or in the morning. When i was in 9th grade freshman year i was struggling so much i was getting bad grades in all my classes until i got help and then the next year i kinda of got a little better and then the next next year i got back on my feet and started getting good grades and i felt happy for once and felt good about my self and was able to continue.
Wootton high school is a very diversed community which all students are very different from one another. The teachers abilities to teach vary from either super good, and helpful. Too absolutely horrible and very useless.
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