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Thomas R. Grover Middle School Reviews

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It's an amazing school it's prepared students for the upcoming year and prepares them well for high school
I loved the friendly atmosphere of TGMS and how the teachers had helped during the three years of schooling. The curriculum includes material that helps to prepare you for high school and college and that really takes off the burden of having to study extra during the first few weeks of High School. The school focused on things to make the school culture and atmosphere fun and enjoyable.
The Band is amazing. The Sports are very well taught. The choir and orchestra is also amazing. There are the best teachers in the world. The Education is amazing. The facility is the best. There is an elevator. There is good security. Amazing counselors. Best school possible.
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The school is very good. But Community is better. Y'know what I'm saying!!!!!

Community to Grover = Hulk to Loki
Grover is a special place that is deserving of the highest of praise. Although the Superintendent will claim that he is a significant factor, the truth is that the quality of the students, school staff and school administrators (most of them) has always been the hallmark of Grover Middle School's excellence. My child's 3 years ending in 2016 were transformational in her life, and I couldn't imagine her experiencing middle school anywhere else.
Many fantastic teachers - although I've come across some horrific ones as well. 2/3 of the guidance counselors are helpful and tremendously significant to our school (in a positive way). Lunch is decent, however, I usually brought my lunch as opposed the numerous amount of students who purchased their lunch on campus. Afterschool activities are unique and interesting, many devoted to the sciences. Janitorial staff is hardworking. HOWEVER, the students are disgusting and fail to be sanitary in the lavatories which leave a foul smell. The music program is absolutely fabulous and the arts program is outstanding.
The overall culture of the school is very homelike. It is like a second home, where everyone wants you to succeed. The academic expectations are very high, and every kid is expected to meet those requirements. The school offers many different electives, such as Band, Choir, Computer Applications, and TV Production. Students choose their electives and pursue them throughout. The building itself, made in 1999, is very posh and modern, with Samsung 4K TVs in the Commons (cafeteria). The school also has many sports that all kids can try out. The school is one of the best in the country, definitely.
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