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Thomas Jefferson T-STEM Early College High School Reviews

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It is a good sized school and they mainly focus n academics. The dual enrollment with South Texas College that they offer help a great amount later on when entering college. The staff and teachers were good and it was well organized. Sports was not that great since they did not have their own team but you can play for another PSJA school. Their are plenty of clubs available to join throughout the years.
i think is normal high school and is not that big of deal. when i entered as a student in freshman year and it not, is bad in every aspect. this high school is over rated.
While attending this high school,I learned to open up slowly to teachers and staff. There’s no sports but you can play for other high schools. However there’s band and Choir available and I’m in both. The teachers are amazing and are willing to help you pass your classes if you ask for it. There’s not many students so the teachers pay attention to you and other students unlike other high schools here.
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I am currently a senior at Thomas Jefferson T-STEM and although our own district decides to ignore us our own administration does as well. The only good staff at our school are the janitors, bus drivers, and occasionally the one teacher who wants to see their students succeed. The way teachers teach I commend, but some teachers like to prefer some students over others, this has become a problem. The word 'fairness' can't be used to describe Thomas Jefferson as it is all based on if a teacher or certain staff member likes you. Our counselors did not make themselves present until the week before senior and I am sure that this is because they want us gone by the end of the year. All our counselors have done is told us about two different scholarship openings when there have been several. What I would change about this school is it's unfairness towards certain students and some teachers as they are horrible at teaching the most simplest of lessons.
Great school. They make sure you graduate with an Associates degree on the major you want to go in once you go to a college or university.
Thomas Jefferson Tstem was an overall great highschool, prepares you well for college more than you know. In change I would like to see teachers motivate there students to their fullest potential.
It's a great school with amazing staff! Administration and parents are extremely involved in students every-day life in school and academics! T-STEM does lack in some areas, but they do their best to ensure everyone's success, not just for students. They focus on giving back to their community and do as much as possible for everyone surrounding them.
This school is outstanding in many ways. Besides being a STEM school, faculty and staff endorse students to pursue their dreams. It also provides opportunity for students to pursue an Associates Degree while taking their normal high school courses. In addition to that, most (if not all) teachers provide the resources necessary to succeed and cover their subject well. As I have been in this school for the past 4 years, I have seen any ups and downs this school demonstrates. Although there have been a few downs, overall, the school provides a positive college experience. With so many clubs available, there are plenty for students to build up a spectacular resume for future college or scholarship applications.
I have been attending TSTEM for all my high school life, so I already know how the system works, the people in there, the education quality, and their flaws. Overall, TSTEM is outstanding when it comes to the academic lives of students and college preparation. In all my four years attending TSTEM, there has only been 2 or 3 physical fights between students, and bullying is not as common as in other schools. In fact, it is rare to have cases of bullying in here. The teachers take their jobs very seriously, and they make their best efforts to give students the best quality of education. Honestly, I am very satisfied with my whole high school life, and the school has a lot of spirit.
I love this High- school,because since it isn't very big, you get to have a closer relationship with your classmates and your teachers
What I value most about Thomas Jefferson Early College High School is that it is a small campus so there are many opportunities offered. I appreciate how meticulous the teachers and administration are so that the student can be great. Only complaint is food.
Here at Thomas Jefferson T-STEM Early College High School there is a variety of opportunities offered to students. Our teachers are very encouraging and they are always willing to give us extra assistance, as well as the administrators! Overall, this is one the best high schools in Texas.
It's a small high school, the classes are small and everyone is friendly. Everyone knows each other and the teachers are very comprehensive. The one thing that i would like to see change is for the school to add sports since they dont offer any.
since my freshman year at this high school, I have been grateful for the opportunity of being a part of this school. it has successfully prepared me for college. it has allowed me to get a headstart on my university studies by graduating with my associates weeks prior to the date of my high school graduation.
I’ve been attending T-STEM since my freshman year and honestly it was the best place to spend my high school years there. The classes are gradually getting bigger and the faculty is just overall amazing. It’s sadly my last year here, I’ve had such great memories here, I’ve grown close to my fellow classmates and feel as if I can trust them with anything. I love it even if the food was not that great.
more options for college associate degrees rather than just the stem field because me, among other students, would have preferred other liberal arts courses such as political science or business, which was an option for me, but because i didn't know about it i didn't get to complete such degree
Thomas Jefferson is a great high school, I had the best years there. I showed how to be independent and responsible. Starting my Associates in high school, was an achievement I am proud of. Teacher and staff were a great support with everything I wanted to do. I am great full for the experience in Thomas Jefferson ECHS.
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What can I say? The school is a great place to study, an open campus, great teachers. It offers a great variety of college classes and great opportunities for advancement.
In my opinion Thomas Jefferson ECHS is a wonderful school that provides amazing opportunities to all there students; they persuade every student to enroll in a college course class, and provide the money and transportation as well. It is extremely friendly to all and no one is left out in any activity.
Thomas jefferson is a great STEM school. Where everyone interacts in a friendly and kind manner. There I am I violence between students nor is it tolerated. Teachers interact greatly with students helping them with anything they need even if its not the subject they may teach. They go out of their way to help us.
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