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Thomas Jefferson High School for Advanced Studies Reviews

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Some of the faculty and staff are nice people and people you can talk to about personal and non school related issues.
I’m loving my high school experience. The school has given me a well rounded opportunity which will help me further my education.
The school is unlike any other, especially in its district. Most of the teachers and faculty members are very friendly and offer help when you ask. It's not too hard to make any friends amongst the student body, and the environment is safe and secured.
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School needs to be updated in terms of the facility. Most, if not all, teachers are committed to teaching students. Principal is really nice.
The staff honestly could not care less about their students; they allowed a child predator to work there for years before anything was taken to the parish. There is a great hierarchy among the students that even the teachers play into.
The education you get here doesn't compare to what you'd get at other advanced studies schools in the area. Students only test once to get in so you may have children who tested into the program in kindergarten and are not as qualified for the high school as other applicants are. The principle is also more focused on what the public may see rather than the true issues. Friendly environment with a crooked system.
I like how friendly the teachers and staff are at Thomas Jefferson, they are very helpful and good at their jobs. The environment is also positive and fun but still focused on education. The school could get better by cleaning and beautifying the campus.
I like the friendly atmosphere with the students and most teachers. One thing I would like to see change about Thomas Jefferson is the campus. The campus is very small however, that doesn't stop its academic excellence!
I liked how small the school was. Everyone knew each other and it's easy to get from one classroom to another without everyone squeezing each other. If I could change one thing about it, it would be the administration.
I’ve been at Thimas Jefferson for 2 years so far and I absolutely love it. I’ve made forever friends and received a wonderful education. At Thomas Jefferson, I realized my love for theatre and chose to presue a career in that field. Thomas Jefferson is an amazing high school and all students should be able to experience something as beautiful as I did.
The school was an alright learning environment, the staff wasn't that great, and the campus was terrible. The principal was great though. They just need to fix the campus up.
I like Thomas Jefferson High School for Advanced Studies for their academics and their strive to prepare students for college. I'd love to see the school's diversity, culture, and athletics flourish. As a student, this institution encourages my success in life and allows education to freely reach each and every individual student.
Thomas Jefferson High School is a great school when it comes to academics and college preparation. Each class teaches to build up individual workmanship as well as trusting and developing safe relationships with your peers as well as teachers. The environment is warm and welcoming as well as the students and teachers. The only thing I would like to see change at Thomas Jefferson would be to have more diversity among students as well as teachers.
I am in my third year of attending Thomas Jefferson and I am very grateful for my time being there. Thomas Jefferson, or as we call it TJ, is a very safe and open environment for students. The teachers do their best to excite us about learning and college and give unique lesson plans. Though TJ is a small school, we are not small on school spirit. We show support and love to all our teams and have the loudest rallies to show it. TJ is always providing new ways to advance us ahead and give us college experiences. Being at Thomas Jefferson lets me feel like I have an advantage towards my future and I can feel safe towards college. When people hear where I go to school at, they're in awe.
I enjoyed that it is an advanced studies school and I enjoy the student environment. I would like to see the environment of the school building change. The school is outdated and it does not feel clean. Overall, with the student environment, I enjoyed my time there.
This school prepares students for success in college and in life. The faculty is full of great people who wish to see their students excel.
For the last three years I've been at this school, I can honestly say that this place is the right place for me. I am on friendly terms with all of the wonderful staff members as they are very helpful and encouraging. Our principal especially tries his best to make a good learning environment for students to prosper. The school offers a variety of different courses and programs, which allow students to have a broad range of choices in choosing what they want to study. Though our school isn't perfect, I would never change it for the world.
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Thomas Jefferson is an academically challenging school that is concerned and puts its best effort in making sure you get into the college of your choice, as well as notified scholarship availability, and taking the advantage of early college classes. This is a tight end school that likes to focus on academics, so school spirit, athletic, and pep rallies aren't all too exciting or well off, so having the high school experience of senior trips or long, exciting pep rallies won't be so fun. It's a great school for parents, if you'd like your kids to continue academic excellence.
My son have attended Thomas Jefferson High School for Advanced Studies for 3 years. It's a school that is committed to academic excellence and it has a safe environment for learning. Also, it has a diverse student population which displays acceptance of different cultures and beliefs. My only concern is that the students' clubs do not play a visible role in the school as I have seen in other high school environments.
As I look back on my past 4 years at Thomas Jefferson, I have nothing but good memories from football games on Friday nights to prom, everything was amazing. The only bad thing about TJ is the buildings are really old and the A/C doesn't work that well so it can be very hot at times.
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