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My experience at TJ was really good. I was able to be apart of many different extracurricular activities, like volleyball, speech and debate and the school newspaper. There was always something going on whether is was a sporting game, a theatre play, or a club meeting. The only thing I would have liked to be different was the school lunch. Very rarely did I enjoy or look forward to the lunch that was provided.
I have had a great experience at TJ. The school has a great community, and we routinely have one of the lowest rates of bullying and feelings of loneliness in Denver. The academics are strong, and due to the smaller size a student can be part of any organization they want to be part of (you can’t even get cut from the sports teams). We are well known for our CCT program, which is a very good STEM/technology program. Really the only negative is we don’t have a great music program, although some kids love it.
I will be a senior at Thomas Jefferson High School and I have enjoyed all of my time at this school. All of the staff is extremely helpful and I have learned a lot from all of my teachers. I have been extremely involved in many different opportunities at TJ and there are so many opportunities.
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My experience at Thomas Jefferson was fine. I enjoyed sports and classes. The classes are relatively small.
It was a good four years of high school for me. I think that most of the teachers and administrators care about you more than a student, but as a person as well. I had a good high school experience and would suggest it to others to attend there as well.
The schools diversity made my school years worth every second. The teachers were always ready to help students learn academics along with skills needed in life. The school also offered a lot of programs to help kids in every way they could.
Thomas Jefferson High School is an amazing school with amazing teachers who are always there for you.
I liked the community they have and how everyone is involved in some kind of activity, Everyone was friendly and welcoming to the new students, the teachers and all the faculty staff where there available.
I like the leadership opportunities I have been able to experience such as the Student Board of Education and being apart of 5280 where we solve social injustices.
I loved how everyone gets along with people. The diversity was awesome as well because it makes people more culturally aware of the people that they go to school with. I also like how the teachers care about you and never move onto a question unless all the students know the answers.
I enjoyed attending TJHS because it offered sports program. We had lots of clubs to join and compete in. There were clubs for all areas of interest (foreign language, business, science, etc). The teachers I worked with and encountered were nice and supportive in helping me to succeed. The library was a great place to hang out in and meet with friends and get homework/studies done.
Good community aspect. Teachers care a lot about seeing their students succeed. The magnet program is a big seller and a great choice for anyone wishing to explore technology.
I love the extremely involved staff and close community. The school is smaller than many high schools in the Denver Public School district and this allows for a more intimate connection between the students and staff. Everyone knows each other and there is less drama than most other, larger high schools. The staff genuinely care about the student's education and most will go out of their way to assist students in anything they need. I loved my time at Thomas Jefferson.
TJ is a really welcoming community. Everyone always feels included. The teachers care about you. They want to make sure you're passing all your classes. The demographics of the school is split 33% black ,white, and Hispanic so you don't feel like an outcast in your class. The principle at TJ also doesn't just seem like a strong authority figure. Mike Christoff is able to walk in a classroom and hold conversations with students making them feel comfortable. At sporting events, the students create an atmosphere of acceptance, fun, and community. Whether it's a win or loss, at the end of day the TJ spartan community remains together.
My experience with thomas jefferson highschool has been good and its a great highschool to attend if you live in denver. Its a small school which is better to get to know people more and get better help with teachers too.
Thomas Jefferson High School is more like a family, the teacher and administration really care about each student.
I enjoyed spending time with my friends, as well as the clubs and sports you could get involved in. Some teachers should not have been working there, however some teachers excelled in what they did and how they taught their students.
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I love how diverse and open-minded everyone in the TJHS community is. Teachers, faculty, and friends are always there for each other in the tough and joyful times. I would favor this school even more if it encouraged students to take more AP classes that are transferrable to colleges and universities.
I am a Sophmore this year it's gone well the bathrooms are well cleaned, the classrooms are swept everyday. The teachers are very kind and caring.
Many of the teachers at TJHS are very sweet, kind, and truly care about their students. They were always there to help me whenever i needed and didnt ever let me fall behind in classes.
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