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I have enjoyed my last 6 years at Wheeler. The best thing, other than the strong academic foundation, interactive and supportive teachers, is the diversity. The Unity and Diversity department at Wheeler, prepare students to be Global Citizens, ready to engage in different cultural diverse situations and be leaders.
The school offers a very rigorous academic experience that in my opinion is excessive. Yes, the school prepares them for college but at what cost. Many students at the school are stressed and overwhelmed with the amount of over the top academic load.

Furthermore, the school can develop a more holistic approach to every student so that they can be successful in all areas of their lives, instead of just academics. The diversity in the school has grown but not to the point where students of color feel empowered. There is a big gap between those who have and those who don't and the school doesn't do a good job in the social/emotional care of students in this regard.
I as well was a student here for 4 years and left very happily. When I needed help with mental health, and bullying within the community the school did nothing nor came to my aid. To this very day I still have students harassing me.

Towards the end of my time at Wheeler, the school I attend now (which I wasn’t even accepted into at the time) helped pay for my medical treatment while Wheeler sat by and did nothing.

Wheeler should not praise themselves in being a safe place- I would sit alone and no one would check in on me. Fix yourselves before you praise yourself as a safe and welcoming environment.
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Bullying is a huge issue that the administration overlooks constantly. They will do anything to keep money flowing in even letting bullies stay if they have rich parents. Bullying offences are often overlooked if the student is wealthy and can pay full tuition. Wealthy, white, privileged students often have such entitlement that they can evade any punishments, and they often do. While I was a student there were many instances of bullying that I saw reported to administration that were entirely overlooked. I know of a few instances where a bullied student has left the school entirely because of administrations inaction and blatant disregard for that students welfare. They prize money over qualified students who work hard for the school. If you are wealthy at Wheeler, you will undoubtedly succeed. If you are not wealthy, you will likely be exploited for the diversity you bring to the school and then disregarded when you are in need of assistance.
I was a student there for four years, and eagerly left. The student population was shallow and petty, but self-congratulatory for their "incredible diversity" and "unity". It was an enclosed bubble of white privilege that refused to admit it was such and aggressively denied its privileged status. Minorities were exploited to better the image of the school as a welcoming, diverse safe haven, while their needs were entirely disregarded by the people claiming to support and protect them. Wheeler does nothing to challenge the views of its students or educate in a way that is self-reflective, and instead relies on the assured comfort of its students to rake in cash year after year. I do not recommend Wheeler for any young person wishing to develop strong analytical skills, an understanding of the diverse world we live in, or have an education that challenges their views and forces them to see things from multiple perspectives.
The environment is extremely welcoming and each student is allowed to explore many subjects and activities.
I came to wheeler as a freshman and loved it instantly. I went to a public school berforehand and felt as if I stuck out. The teachers really do care about all of the students and you can always meet with them if you need to. There is a huge variety of classes you can take and an enourmous amount of opportunities. If wheeler doesn’t fit your needs, no school will. My only complaint is the Unity and diversity classes. They are required class for grades 7, 9, and 11. It really isn’t a necessary class.
I could have written the “wheeler rat lab” review, I was floored because we had the exact same experience right down to the neuro testing, medication pushing and expensive tutoring by the wheeler staff. What started in K as a nice experience quickly turned negative starting in FIRST grade ( our child was 6) with the teacher telling us we should get child tested. Many tests later, an insane amount of money, ridiculous tutoring and my child feeling so stupid and labeled resulted in us running far away in middle school. Our child is now in public school doing wonderfully, no sign of anything wrong, no medication whatsoever, and thriving in honors classes. Any school that pushes $2,000 testing and ADD meds be very wary. What they want at wheeler is to have a bunch of clones who make them look good, there is no room for your average kid there. Beware, they really did a number on us.
I have loved my experience at wheeler since I came in sixth grade. I have made a lot of friends and was able to explore everything I've wanted to. I am currently taking a graphic design class at the school and it has allowed me to explore a potential career option.
Wheeler is the best decision I could have made for my 5th grade son! The academics are rigorous but not exhausting. The teachers are enthusiastic and many have Ivy League credentials. The campus is beyond beautiful and there is a great sense of community that I have never seen before in a school. There is a program for a wide variety of interest. I also find the students at Wheeler to be more down to earth and grounded. There is no pretentious vibe that is definitely seen at the neighboring schools.
Wheeler is an extremely welcoming place with a beautiful campus and great food as well. The teachers all seem to really care about what they do. The curriculum is very individualized, so you're open to follow or try out whatever interests you may like.
The lower school should be re-named the Wheeler School Rat Laboratory. At least 55% of students are required to take a neuro-psych test which basically assesses your child's learning profile and costs at least 2k which your insurance will likely not cover.....Your child will likely be recommended to be put on ADD drugs, and/or forced into "required" tutoring 2x/week at $70/session. If you are actually paying full tuition you will be given absolutely NO appreciation and forced to pay even more in "required" tutoring which your child probably doesn't actually need. Your chances of success will be increased in your are LBGQT or an ethnic minority otherwise don't even bother with the lower school....
Wheeler has been the most incredible experience for me. I hope I am in a position once I have my own family to provide my children this special opportunity.
Teachers are dedicated to the success of students. They willingly come in early or stay after in order to help students and will not only go over what was learned in class but come up with creative ways to teach or implement a curriculum. Teachers are overall flexible with students and understands when students feel the need to move an exam or quiz. Overall, I felt like prepared to take on college, the lifestyle and the level of difficulty.
This is my first year attending The Wheeler School, and I still can't believe I go here. To succeed at Wheeler you must be willing to put forth nothing but your best. I personally feel Wheeler has molded me into an even better student. I have learned so many new concepts in such a short amount of time, and I can truly say, I love learning due to my wonder teachers. Wheeler has so much to offer, clearly the academics are off the chart, but also, they have good sports teams, the arts, and so many clubs to choose from. I feel if you're blessed enough to consider sending/attending the Wheeler School I would say go for it, you won't regret it. Everyone is welcoming, kind and hardworking. And if that is the mantality you like, Wheeler is for you.
The ratings here ring true. STEM teaching and electives are top notch for a Private Day School, as were its College Prep services. I found true individual mentorship from teachers and administrators during a period when I (perhaps) most needed it.

A truly academic focused high school - does not let sports overshadow everything else (although I played two) - this changes the dynamic of the place for the better. There is a sense of hustle from the administration that distinguishes it from rival schools - seems to have had to work harder to catch up re: reputation over the years and it shows.

Re: Room for Improvement - Diversity...perhaps the last time respect for it can be taught to should be emphasized more as being important.

If academics/college placement are your goals, Wheeler is the best Private High School in Providence. It also has strong sense of community that makes the experience enjoyable during a stressful time, and grows in value as the years go by.
Wheeler is really good at what it is supposed to do, teach. Throughout my time there however, I didn’t feel totally connected to the school because I wasn’t super involved in politics and I am not a “diverse” student. I wouldn’t go anywhere else because of what I have learned from the community in my 9 years at Wheeler but I would definitely do it differently if I went through it again.
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It has such a home-like feel to it and everyone makes you feel very comfortable. I have felt very safe and comfortable here and I don't know how to describe it to someone who hasn't gone here, but it literally feels like a second home. The freedom we have and the way everyone just wants you as an individual to be happy is the BEST!
The Aerie program at Wheeler lets students take courses in any subject they want. The college prep is top notch, teachers are great, and there are many clubs/activities.
An outstanding school. The teachers and administration have really gotten to know my children well, and truly seem to care about each child as an individual. They take pride in their community and strong academics. They model and expect good manners and respect for one another, and they don't tolerate disruptive students. There are no special privileges for being affluent; the poorest kids are treated and educated as well as the wealthiest ones. Administration and teachers are accessible, generous and approachable. We are so glad our children are here after a terrible few years at the other school up the road. This school is amazing!