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It’s a great fit got the right student. It’s provides a rich and diverse experience for high and over achieving students.
My child has been in the lower school for a number of years. Observations:

- great student body
- teachers are hit or miss with some amazing and some terrible
- given their reputation, faculty feels it's your job to keep them happy rather than the reverse
- they are student-focused and not family-focused meaning they are accepting of only very specific qualities in children and not particularly inclined to work closely with parents

The latest affront to families is that they've begun teaching young children Critical Race Theory. Whether you agree or not, it is very political, controversial, anti-science and as far as I'm concerned deeply racist. Many families do, but are too scared to speak out given the current environment of intolerance.

Picking this school was the worse family decision we've ever made. I did the research and wish we had come across a few reviews like this that poked holes in the facade I originally saw.

It's all very disappointing...
The best school in the southeast without a doubt. The academics, athletics, student life, and facilities are unparalleled. I have been at Westminster since I was in pre-first and graduated this year and I am truly sad to go. They truly care about our growth as individuals and intellectuals.
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Excellent education. Consistently rated best education in the SE United States. Students are very conservative (proud of their confederate heritage), and sometimes make harmful remarks towards minority students. In many ways Westminster is excellent at preparing you for college and the workplace.
I have been attending The Westminster Schools since Pre-1st, so I am a student who is considered an "alpha-omega!" I can't think of much I would change but I am looking forward to a change of scenery after thirteen years of the same school.
I came to The Westminster Schools in the eighth grade. I was shy and nervous about making friends, but after getting accustomed to the way of life at Westminster, I was able to reach out and make more friends. Westminster's campus and facilities are well kept and provide students with many opportunities like the Innovation Lab in the middle school and the Kellet theater where students perform plays. Students are provided with a variety of virtual and physical resources that can assist them in any research they are doing for a class. The academics at Westminster are also very advanced and provide students with many different classes that suit their interests. One change I'd like to see made at Westminster are with the students. In light of the current world events, I've realized that the school needs to be more willing to have the hard conversations. Instead of just punishing the students who act the wrong way or say the wrong things, they should have more conversations with students.
Westminster afforded me an excellent and well-rounded education which I feel has more than prepared me for college and beyond.
Great school for well-rounded and passionate students interested in a balance between academics and extracurricular activities!
The Westminster Schools is a great school. I have 2 children that started in K and I have a graduating senior for the class of 2020, 13 years and could not be happier. Great teachers, environment, atmosphere for students that are motivated to do their best in academics, sports and community. They prepare students for life and to be change makers in the world. My class of 2020 had acceptances to numerous T 20 schools one can not ask for more. Go Cats!!!!
The Westminster Schools is a wonderful place to receive an education that prepares you for college. It could be better at addressing people of color and attempting to make their experience better as well as addressing the concerns of the students.
Westminster has been an amazing experience over the past 4 years. I have made great friends and the education has prepared me so well for college. I experienced taking challenging classes, balancing extracurriculars, and learning how to take advantage of the opportunities I am presented with.
I was so lucky to attend a school that cares as much about their students as Westminster. All throughout my time at Westminster my teachers were always engaging and had their student's best interest at heart.
Great school with opportunities for ALL kids. There is a club or activity for every group. I thought for a private school it wouldn't feel 'warm and fuzzy.' My family first visited in 2008. My kids didn't attend until 2015 and we felt the same 'warm and fuzzy' when we visited all those years later. Everyone is very welcoming. The school is heavy on academics, but they help you through each step. I will add that if the kid is not a self-starter/self-motivator, then it will be hard. There is a lot to do and having to cajole a child into homework and such each day would be a chore. Teachers expect the kids to reach their top level of potential. I believe most of these kids know what they have to do and they do it, otherwise they fall behind and that won't be fun. There are many clubs and all sorts of activities that other organizations don't have. Top notch place here.
Westminster demonstrates rigorous academics with a diverse student body and faculty. Although the environment is competitive and hardworking, the school is a strong supportive community and aims to help students that are struggling.
The Westminster Schools is a great institution for a high schooler's education. The teachers are great, the school spirit and athletic department is exceptional, and each student graduates fully prepared for college and a future career. It is not completely perfect, however. Diversity is not the best at Westminster from a percentage standpoint, and it does not seem that much is done about it. The school also puts each student under intense pressure to succeed, which has caused many burnouts by junior year. Although they have the Wellness Center for emotional support, nothing of substance is done to prevent the overwhelmingly large amount of students that cannot sustain the unnecessary intensity of this school. Finally, the performing arts program is greatly under-resourced and is in need of better facilities (classrooms, music stands, instruments, etc.) Westminster is a great school overall, providing students with a brilliant education, with some flaws.
No comment on the education standards of Westminster. As a student, teachers who have been at Westminster for a long time are often very good teachers and understand teaching. However Westminster has a tendency to hire based off background and if their personality appeals to them. Often these teachers don't relate to the students and their teaching styles are inadequate.
Overall, I have enjoyed Westminster. The academic rigor really prepares you for college, and the resources you have here are unmatched by other schools in the area. With the exception of a few, the teachers are also phenomenal. Westminster is very sports-focused, and I wished they used more of the budget on the arts. Some things that I don't love about Westminster are the environment and the stress culture. While you definitely do have lots of students and teachers that strive to always learn more about current events, there are some that seem to only care about themselves. I'm lucky to have found the right people who challenge me to think outside of my comfort zone. The stress culture is also intense here. There is a lot of pressure on every kid to perform well in all aspects, which can lead to students congregating and stressing each other out. Time management is key here.
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This school has very nice teachers and big buildings. I am part of the high school robotics team, and makes it world every year. This is a great school with good academics, but the tuition is kind of expensive.
All in all, Westminster is a great school. Although being an African American student in a predominantly white school is difficult, it was an experience I needed. Being around so many smart people pushed me to become better and overall the recognition this school has amongst colleges is extraordinary. Westminster has prepared me academically to do extremely well on standardized tests like the ACT going in and scoring a 29 my first try.
Westminster is an absolutely superb teaching and learning experience for families in Atlanta. It has a long history of working on behalf of families to realize their child’s dreams.
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