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The Village School is a special place. The school itself is very diverse and offers a variety of diplomas specifically for high school. Village is heavy STEAM school and the sports and clubs are not very accessible for students.
This school is so amazing that students can have the opportunity to not only learn but also participate in various activities
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My experience at The Village School has been truly amazing. From smaller class sizes, closer teacher-student interactions, and well-learned and experienced teachers and staff, I’ve been able to get the attention I need to enhance my learning experience. Village has also allowed me to discover my passions and interests through the various clubs, extracurriculars, electives, and sports that it offers. In addition, the diversity of the students at Village makes this place so unique. Gaining exposure to the various cultures present at this school has definitely made me more open-minded and accepting of people of different backgrounds. I honestly couldn’t see myself in another high school!
They do not offer you AP classes since it is a IB school. Diversity is one of the big advantages that this school has.
Great place for students to grow and shape their future. Enjoy being part of a wonderful community, the experience is second to none. High academics, very diverse setting, and program/ diploma options to benefit student interest and passions to prep them for college / life.
What I liked about the Village School is the mass amount of diversity and the culture and the fairness that the school gives. I also love the fact that this is a platform that can help boost photographers, football players, soccer players, dancers, activist and so much more. At the Village School discrimination is nonexistent. Perfect environment to raise your family in! LOVE IT.
I have worked at TVS for almost 10 years and I could not be happier being a part of this great school and organization. Not only do we have the freedom to be creative and diverse, but we also have the wonderful opportunity to shape the minds of the future and we truly have some incredible students.

New facilities are being built and/or improved every school year and the new master plan will put our school 2nd to none in the city of Houston. It is obvious that Nord Anglia Education takes pride in providing each of their schools the right amount of resources to be as successful as possible, which is great to see and feel on campus.

I feel like all staff is treated with respect on campus and it is a very healthy working environment. We all laugh, smile, collaborate, grow, and achieve a lot together on this campus and it is just the beginning. There is no doubt in my mind that The Village School will continue on this path of greatness.
My child has attended The Village School Finna (early childhood) program for the past two years and I could not be more impressed with how phenomenal the program is. My daughter has learned at such a rapid rate that it has blown away all of my expectations. Beyond the academic side, my daughter has made new friends, gained independence, and her confidence has soared. I attribute her growth to the high-quality teachers and administration at The Village School. She loves going to school and we love taking her. We look forward to watching her grow even more as a little Viking at TVS!
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The Village School is a great environment for those that seek a STEM-based system with a diverse approach. Students in The Village School have the option to partake in the International Baccalaureate Program, which is an intensive, rigorous 2-year program that prepares students well for whatever major they plan to take in college.
I went to the Village School for five years (beginning of 6th grade to end of 10th) and I really liked it there. The people are definitely the best part. They're very accepting and friendly, and I loved making stupid jokes with them. I actually looked forward to going to school every day, even though the workload was somewhat heavy. It is a very diverse school, though in all honesty some of the teachers/admin. could have been better.
I've spent my 4 years of High School at The Village School and I definitely have no regrets about going there instead of some of the other private schools Houston has to offer. I enjoy the diversity seen at the school, and have met some incredible people in my time there. Although sometimes teachers and administration do things that anger or perplex the student body, our voices are definitely heard and changes are made if we and or our parents speak up. Overall, I've had a great experience at The Village School.
It is a good school but the IB program is not taught properly and my school is meant to be an IB school. In our school, we do not dedicate more hours to HL IB classes and fewer hours to SL IB Classes and so, as a result, we never finish the complete syllabus of the HL classes prior to our mocks. Which I guess does not make our mocks even a mock exam. Anyhow other than that its a fine school. Also, there is like a huge Asian Community there. Probably 7 out every 10 students are Asian.
Love the diversity and people in the school, a lot of the people are very caring and friendly. Many opportunities are also offered at the school! : )
I love The Village School, everyone is so friendly! My children attend PreK and Kindergarten. From a parent's perspective, I can really see a difference in all three of my children's development. The program is very good. They love their teachers and they are very happy.

I have taught at The Village School for years and I absolutely love the students and the culture. The diversity of the population cultivates a welcoming atmosphere to new families who join throughout the year. From a teacher's perspective, I truly believe we have the sweetest and most caring students.

Working at The Village School has also been a pleasurable experience for me. I love my colleagues and the friendships that I have developed from working here over the years. I enjoy the professional opportunities that The Village School has to offer and the flexibility and creativity I am allowed to develop my program.
The Village School is an amazing school with incredible staff and resources for any who choose to enroll! Most kids are from or have parents from an out-of-US country; it is definitely an open, diverse, and accepting school. Constantly new children enroll, so it's never a dull moment. The curriculum is ever-changing but is always beneficial to the students. The preparedness for out of school events and other activities should be slightly more organized than it is, but overall, this is an incredible school.
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I loved everything about The Village School. The high school IB teachers are incredibly knowledgeable and care so much about the success and well-being of the students. Its a truly unique school that I have unforgettable memories from.
Extremely pleased with the education my daughter is receiving at Village. We have been in search of a school that is both nurturing and challenging and have finally found the perfect balance.
Village has a pretty good focus on students who wish to pursue careers in various fields. They provide both the IB Diploma and the Entrepreneurship Diploma for juniors and seniors, and there are numerous STEM opportunities (throughout the school year and the summer) that are available to aspiring students.