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We couldn't be happier at at this school. After having tried both Catholic and public school, we finally feel at home at The Village School. Both of my children come home each day relaxed and happy to share what they have learned. I see such a difference in the way they are celebrated as individuals and I love how much emphasis is placed, not only academics, but on specials such as art, Spanish, health and music. I am also glad that they are given a larger amount of outdoor time than they were getting at their other schools and encouraged to walk their "daily mile" to make sure their bodies are exercised and ready to learn. The children are given tools to help manage their own workload and a fairly early introduction to public speaking. I am happy to see both my children's confidence grow in a such a warm and encouraging environment.
We started at the Village School for kindergarten with the idea that we would send our twins to public school the following year. We fell in love with the school and have been there for the past 6 years. Our children have received a great education and they have also learned independence and wonderful social skills. They are able to advocate for themselves and they are learning how to be comfortable with public speaking. They are in a mixed classroom so they can mentor their peers and be mentored by them. The teachers are fabulous and really understand the children. The Village School is a very warm environment and has been wonderful for our children.
Five years ago when we moved to Bergen county, we knew we wanted to continue with Montessori education for our 2nd grader. We have been so fortunate to find the Village School and community. Our son has grown and thrived and has become a confident, young middle schooler. The school offers so much academically while also providing opportunities to experiment, to try new things, to learn life skills, to care and to develop stronger social and organizational skills. The teachers know each child and provide an environment that challenges each of them appropriately while also encouraging them and allowing them to still enjoy their childhood!
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I couldn’t be more impressed by the level of education my children receive from the Village School. Not only is it academically stellar, but they educate the whole child. They offer an education only seen in high schools, but at the elementary level. Alumni all report they learned their study tactics and time management for high school and college from the Village School. The community of parents is also very strong. We all come from different backgrounds which offering a diverse, real-world environment, yet we all bond over a common thread of wanting more for our children and their education.
I did not know much about Montessori education when I enrolled my child in kindergarten at The Village School. I just wanted a smaller class size and more individual attention for my shy five year old. I was astounded with how my child flourished and blossomed, so I decided to keep her at The Village School. The teachers are exceptional and the programming is inspiring. My child has a love of learning. They combine age groups so she learns from her peer mentors. The Village School is a great community as well - caring, diverse and inclusive. A huge emphasis is on independence, life skills and commitment to the community -- all such important skills needed for growth and maturity. The Village School also cultivates grace and courtesy in its early childhood programming and reinforces through Middle School. This is invaluable in today's world. The facilities are top-notch and state-of-the-art to create a safe, encouraging educational environment.
We love the "specials" during the school day & the after-school enrichment activities that are available on-site, making extended learning (whether it's a private music lesson or running club or a myriad of other options) convenient & fun. The school has some really fun traditions, yet also always room to grow; parental perspectives and involvement are appreciated.
Among area private schools, the value is also good; while it's definitely a commitment financially, the school works hard to keep the rates reasonable (especially compared to some other schools).
The Village School offers a superb learning environment & a welcoming community of families who work to make this a truly special place, one focused on the "whole child" & that values social and emotional development as well as academic understanding. Knowing that The Village School is one of only two pre-K through middle schools in NJ to hold triple accreditation (from The American Montessori Society, The Middles States Association of Colleges and Schools & The New Jersey Association of Independent Schools) made the choice of deciding among different schools an easier one for us as a family. The personal growth we've witnessed (from our son's time in the toddler classrooms and now lower elementary) is wonderful; it is amazing & inspiring to see creative, independent thoughts being expressed in such confident & diverse ways by the students here.
By far the best decision we made in the education of our son. His growth both academically and socially has been beyond our expectations and we have found that the Village School community as a whole comes together to help each child excel and succeed. Take a tour, you won't be disappointed.
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