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The Vanguard School Senior High Reviews

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I love my school, the work is hard but everyone can manage. I would like to see more funding, room, and concerts for the band; however.
A absolutely horrible school. 80 percent of the teachers I had were biased, and rude. Teachers at Vanguard care more about dress coding students, than about teaching. The classrooms are dark, and the atmosphere of the school is depressing. Students have no freedom, and technology is non-existent. The administration is biased, doesn't care about the wellbeing of the faculty or students, and refuses to change.
The Vanguard School is an excellent example that a school does not have to be large to be impressive. The school offers many outstanding classes based on classical education while also being modern. The high teacher to student ratio allows students to go to any teacher for help. While academics are a strong point in this school, so is the focus on many arts. The school offers many classes on music, handmade art, and performing arts. Overall, this school has a lot to offer in such a small package.
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This is a great school. I attended here from Kindergarten through graduation, and I was very well prepared for college. The academic regimen here was intense and standardized test practice helped me to score well on the ACT, resulting in a lot of scholarship for undergraduate school.

At times, I could see a little bit of pride from the school that came across as superiority, but the overall dynamic of the school was one that cared for student development.

With a high emphasis on character and moral principles, I appreciated how committed this school was to teaching objective, healthy truth amidst such a culture of relativism.

The teachers I had loved me well, and they poured much into my life and into my current success.
I genuinely love the Vanguard School because of its small size, amazing teachers, and opportunities it gives its students. We, as students, are allowed to flourish in the small class sizes, create a close knit community with our fellow students, and get all the help we need from our teachers. The administration, for the most part, is rooting for every students' success, and it really shows through.
Very academics-focused... leads to a lot of late nights, but you will feel way more prepared for college than at a normal high school. The teachers will take time for struggling students to help them do better in class, which is always a helpful resource.
It is a very acedemicly rigorous school you won’t have any free time and you will have to work twice as hard as a normal high school to get the same grades but when you get out you will be so much more prepared for the world because of all your hard work. Most kids have been there since kindergarden so coming in is hard but you find your place eventually a lot of the extra carriculars are underfunded.
The Vanguard School is a small charter school Colorado Springs. They are highly accredited for their success in academics, however they lack in many other areas of their school experience. I know from experience that students are made to feel as though they are never allowed to make a mistake. Also, very few staff members actually care about the well being of the students, however their are a few that do and they are the ones that make the school an okay environment. The extracurricular activities at vanguard are very limited and also very biased. As stated above, Vanguard was an average experience for me. It could have been a lot worse, but things in the environment could have been done differently to better the experience for myself and others.
My school is excellent at preparing students for college, but struggles in providing the resources of a public school. Girls' sports teams and student-led clubs especially are underfunded and not given many opportunities for raising money. The administration is also very rigid and restrictive of the students. Otherwise, this school creates a community of people who are very excited to learn. While the administration is poorly organized, the teachers are wonderful.
I was a student who graduated from Vanguard. In terms of academics, Vanguard is a great school for preparing students for college. I loved how small the school was, but now they are trying to expand. There are some teachers who are awful to the students and pick favorites. The administration is corrupt and has no character, which is hypocritical for a school that preaches about how important character is. It's rare to find someone there who has the students' best interest in mind.
The Vanguard School is an academically rigorous school. Studying is a major factor to success at this school. Students will have to learn how to balance lifestyle, work, and extracirricular activities. The teachers are very willing to help, but one must self advoccate first. This charter school is different from a average oublic high school because teachers focus on academis more than anything.
Difficult school, and sometimes work has seemed over-the-top. But it successfully prepares one for college and teaches time management. Surprisingly, it is a good sports school as well. It is only a suitable school for people willing to work very hard.
As a Senior, I have enjoyed the teacher to student ratio. It allows one to seek help whenever it is needed. The teachers are very aware of their students problems or issues and find different ways to help those students. Vanguard's academics are challenging and help prepare the students for college.
I had a love/hate relationship with Vanguard. Most of the teachers were great, however a lot of teachers only stay for a year or two. There is little diversity, and a lot of favoritism. The academics prepared me for college. If I could only see one change, it would be getting rid of or rethinking the capstone project.
The A.D. is a nightmare. The teachers in general are very caring and dedicated to their jobs and helping their students. The academics are good, but very challenging. Homework load is ridiculous.
This school is incredibly difficult. The amount of homework can range from 6 hours to 10 hours per night! While I do appreciate that the focus is on academics, the focus was so strong that no one had much time to do anything outside of school. I was afraid of doing extracurricular activities because of the time commitment. I did make some of my closest friends while at this school. I did appreciate that it was very conservative in its teachings, but the work load needs to change. Students are incredibly stressed to the point of being burnt-out by the time they enter into college. The school must find a better sense of balance. Happier students make better-performing students.
Vanguard did so much in preparing me for college! I would almost go as far to say college academics can be a tad easier than Vanguard was. Most teachers are extremely caring and fun, but some only strictly enforce the rules, not the spirit of the rules.
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The Vanguard School is definitely a hard school because it truly requires a lot of effort. It gives a lot of homework, but with that work comes a lot of knowledge. The teachers are all fantastic but they expect your best and no less.
I have learned a lot from Vanguard and absolutely do not regret going here. They have truly prepared me for college and have pushed me academically. Something that could be improved though is the the teaching of real world skills. We are taught endless academic topics, but I think we somewhat lack the real world skills necessary in college.
Academics are incredible, but the administration is overbearing. Overall a decent school, but the work load is insane and the people who run it are awful.
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