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Urban is a wonderful place to go to high school. The faculty are better than most college professors I have had at Stanford, and the student body is engaged and eager to learn. You don't have to deal with people who are at school simply because they have to be, and the opportunities to really push oneself are plentiful. It set me up super well for college.
As an Urban alum, I loved my school's diversity. My elementary and middle school experience was fairly homogenous, so I found it exciting to learn and meet people with different backgrounds and cultures.
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The Urban School is the most wonderful, constructive, supportive environment I've ever found. The community is open-minded and the students work hard, diving into academics as well as clubs, sports, and art. There are so many opportunities for growth. I love it here, I'm so grateful for my time at Urban!
Beautiful campus, beautiful students. Great student body if you can figure out how to navigate the social scene, which can be a bit cutthroat at times. Clear social hierarchy, but lots of really cool people. Truly wonderful and supportive teachers/staff for the most part. However, academics are extremely challenging for those with a learning difference and for kids who didn't attend a prestigious private middle school. What's more, the top-level academic administration can be borderline cruel. Their academic standards are ridiculously high and kids who aren't able to meet those standards receive more punishment than support.
I love Urban. The community, especially the teachers, are so supportive and understanding. The classes are also incredible, taught at a great pace, but also flexible - to a point - based on the students' understanding and ability. I particularly enjoy the sports. I play basketball and have since freshman year. The team is a really great group of girls. The clubs are so diverse and unique because anyone can start a club with few requirements. In fact, this year a mahjong club was started by two sophomores. I really love Urban and couldn't picture being anywhere else, nor do I want to be.
Urban is outstanding. Rigorous academics, compassionate and innovative teachers, broad and deep college prep curriculum, and an amazing school community. We could not be happier with the education our daughters are receiving.
The Urban School of San Francisco is easily the best high school for academics and college prep in the bay area, if not inthe state. The students are engaged in class and fully invested in their studies, and teachers connect with them on a level that creates an incredible learning environment and elevates everyone to their full potential.
I like that the urban school works to prepare all of its students for college, and even the future beyond college. We are taught how to manage our time as effectively as possible to complete the tasks at hand. Although there is not a huge amount of diversity, the efforts out forth to make divers groups feel welcome is excellent.
The academics are rigorous, challenging and fair. The students are engaged in the work and the collaboration with teachers is amazing. Wonderful educational place!
I love Urban. The teachers are excellent and I know I am getting an amazing education. I love the trimester system as I have more opportunities to take a variety of classes that I'm interested in. The number of specialized classes one can take as an upperclassman is outstanding. It is a stressful and competitive school, no doubt– especially if you are aiming for straight A's, but worth it if you love to learn and are willing to put in the effort.
The Urban School is a heaven for students for students, teachers, and parents. The students are supported by teachers who have a passion for teaching and pushing the students to be the best they can be. The school allows the students to learn in an amazing community filled with trust, support, and laughter.
Amazing, incredible school. Academics are first-rate, with students exposed to a wide variety of ideas and encouraged to think for themselves. Writing is stressed in most classes and it shows. Our kids have thrived socially since coming to Urban, and they've developed diverse groups of friends. We couldn't be happier.
Definitely the best school community in San Francisco and very academically interesting. I have learned so much here
An incredibly diverse school with a breathtaking new Campus. With an open campus in the Iconic Haight-Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco, The Urban School boasts an impressive flagship Gym in addition to a second gym practice facility.
Fine school, great college counselor's but a very liberal environment. Teachers care a lot about students both in and out of the classroom and allow for an environment where most students can talk openly in classrooms though the liberal environment does create some problems for students exploring countercultural political beliefs.
Urban teachers and administration walk the talk they give at the Admissions Open Houses. My two kids have loved going to school each day, feel challenged academically, accepted socially, love their teachers for the most part, and have made lovely friends. The school encourages kids to be thoughtful, engaged citizens. My daughter felt very prepared for her Ivy League college. It has been a home run!
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The Urban School of San Francisco is an incredibly rigorous yet fun and laid back academic environment. Its unique atmosphere attracts the brightest and most creative minds from all across the Bay Area.
There are a lot of resources for student health. Very accepting people who are always there to help you if you are dealing with something. Always someone who is there for you
There are a TON of extracurriculars that are offered. Urban really wants students to help create the environment they are apart of so there are many chances for students to apply for positions where this is true . A lot of students really want to be apart of the community in a different way and extracurriculars are a great opportunity that many students take advantage of.
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