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The Urban Assembly School of Music & Art at Waters Edge Reviews

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The academics need to be more challenging, they constantly change teachers and staff. NEEDs to be a bit cleaners..Enforce more disciplinary.
The faculty members are helpful, and cater to their students. Certain teachers willingly work with students after school, if in need of extra help, and they provide early college classes/opportunities for those seeking higher education.
However there are very few extracurricular activities, except for the Arts Animation club, there is no gym, nor, auditorium but the physical education class and teacher helps in fulfilling this absence. Most students are hard workers, while some wander in the halls, like a typical high school, few suffer with being punctual, and they love to engage in class discussions, especially on current social topics.
I like the small friendly environment. All the teachers know all the kids on a first name basis for the most part. They offer AP classes as early as sophomore year. There are many clubs to join. However no sport teams.
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Urban doesn't bring much to the table in all honesty but, there are a few teachers that make it worth it. There isn't a proper gym or auditorium and the staff rarely helps with any physical or emotional problems between children. I am so thankful that this will be my last year and that I can move on from this school.
I like how most of the teachers care about each student. They'll go above and beyond to make the students succeed. I would like to change the students because the lower grades don't realize how much the teachers care for them.
The school is literally corrupted. There were many scandals surrounding the legitimacy of the principal Paul Thompson and whether or not he got his position from his wife. Also the staff is primarily family so that leads into who would let this happen? It is very unprofessional. Teachers are really good many of them try very hard and from talking to a lot of them they also hate Paul as the principal. Despite the corruptness of the school the teachers are actually amazing, and I have experienced an amazing education I don't think kids from privileged schools will be able to get. However a lot of the teachers I had have left so I can't speak on the new ones but I can infer that many of them will do a good job.
My experience at this school was not all that great. Academically, yes but my experience outside of it was not. It was not many activities to enter. We do not have a gym so our access to gym activities were limited. The school is very small so almost everything was limited or we did not have like any other school. I would not choose to go to this school again because the staff was not nice they were all so strict on the students and the school was very small so their was not a lot of activities outside of the academics.
Some teachers at this school try more than others to help them at struggling moments. You can always set an appointment with some teachers to talk about your grades and figure out a way to help the student pass with good grades.
This school has such amazing teachers but it all goes to waste because the staff doesn't care and neither does the principal.
The gym teacher is well knowledge about health and safety of the kids
EXCELLECT by well known people
The experience there is to never forget because that school teach you about the real world
The teacher in The urban Assembly School for Music and Arts are well qualified to teacher above and beyond our grade level that keep the students engaged.
My school has been open for 9 years and and this year the FIRST and only sports team began. We have no gym or auditorium so we constantly have to rent out spaces or use poor resources like the Cafeteria or near by public park. We have to run pacers in the hallways. I wish we had something to call "sports & fitness"
My school isnt challenging enough for me or many of my friends
There is no gang activity WITHIN the school but students may be involve outside of school. When there are fights there are little consequences within school.
The salad looks old. The food is reheated and sometimes hard. The staff is rude. There aren't many options
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We have great Teachers that teach the subjects to the end.
There are many afterschool activities available for all grades .
We have one basketball team that's only for Guys , and they never won a game so noone supports them , but we don't even have a gym to practice in.
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