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I loved this school! It was an amazing experience though it's different form your typical "high school experience". It is filled with rich, preppy, white kids who live off their parents money for the rest of their life in Delaware. They believe they are walking gods on this earth, but that is because they never see the real world! Send your kids to this school!
I went to Tatnall for a total of 11 years, and I left before high school. Overall, my experience was pretty average. There were about 40 kids in my grade; I enjoyed the small classes because that meant more attention from the teacher and a decent work environment, but I got tired of the classmates that I had known for years, and I had a lot of trouble making friends. The social groups were always very cliquish and exclusive, and there was basically no diversity in race and wealth. I was never challenged academically as well; the admissions criteria is very low and I personally felt like I was held back by a lot of my peers. Because there were so few people, the extracurriculars were not good, like with kids who weren't athletes being forced to play two seasons of sports a year and holding back the team. At least the campus was beautiful, with all the surrounding nature and an amazing theater.
Unless you are a far left liberal or alt left progressive, Tatnall is not the school for you. While Tatnall is diverse in ways you can see (race, ethnicity, gender, etc.), they have no space for diversity of thought outside of progressive, and alt left views of the world. Our child was actually bullied by staff because if his compassionate conservatives views. The new head of school is an ego centric bully, and that attitude prevails across much of the staff and student population. Those who do not fit his mold are quickly targeted for bullying and harassment. Safety is a major concern. Almost anyone can enter the school almost any time they please. No security officer or real-time safety camera monitoring. The campus can be accessed from grounds adjacent to the campus and, absent a security officer, can roam as they please.
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My school did an excellent job of helping me through the college process and helping me get into the college that I wanted to get into. In addition, I made some great friends and was able to explore my diverse interests. It was an excellent high school experience. 9/10.
Tatnall has helped shape who I am as a person. The motto is "Omnia en Caritate," meaning "All things in love," and I can say without hesitation that this is true. Before I came to Tatnall, I attended a different private-day school in Delaware, but I can assure you, Tatnall is different. Here, I work with instead of against my teachers. All the teachers know me personally as a student, my strengths and weaknesses, and how I learn best in the classroom. The teachers are truly the reason I came to Tatnall and it would honestly not be such an amazing school without them.
My family has been a part of the Tatnall family for a long time. We used to live and breathe Tatnall- you could find at least one family member of mine at any sports game, performance/show, school event, or fundraiser. However, in recent years, the administration has tried to change the school and turn the school into something it is not. The essence that I used to love about the school is gone, and it's sad to say, but I won't send my children there after seeing the corrupt new administration. Even the students are unhappy- there is no more school spirit.
Having been at the Tatnall School since the eighth grade, I have been provided with the opportunity to enjoy all academics and extra curricular activities that the program has to offer. From the variety of class choices, sports options, and the arts, I would recommend the Tatnall School to most. The environment is family-oriented and diverse.
Great experience with a loving nurturing staff. My son is very well prepared for the college experience in front of him. In fact in some cases it may be easier in college!
I went to Tatnall for High School and it was an incredible experience. The teachers were excellent and always available to help, and the school allowed for a lot of freedom for upperclassmen to pick what they studied. Sports were always fun, and the small school atmosphere was perfect for me.
Tatnall truly is a family. The teachers are fantastic at all levels from Preschool through High School and the administrators are completely involved with the students as well. Parent and students are embraced by a community that wants to have them learn and grow as students and most of all as people.
Exceptional teachers at all levels
My child was not very involved due to a commitment outside of school to training for a year around sport
I would recommend this school to any parent who wants their child to have a great education, in a caring community of students, teachers and administrators.
My daughter has been here since she was 3, we have loved every day. She was very comfortable at this school, loved her teachers and made good friends.

I would choose this school again if we had to do it over again.
I have really enjoyed my time at Tatnall. The only thing not good about it is that it doesn't have a great reputation (socially) within the conference.
it's fun most of the time and the classes are usually pretty small so you can learn a lot
The community and the opportunities really speak for themselves
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The teachers all help in multiple aspects of the school community. They all run clubs and coach sports as well as being involved and helpful in the classroom.
The building itself is very old, so its as nice as it can be without major renovations. While the newer facilities, like the Performing Art Center (PAC) are top tier
There is an onsite athletic trainer for physical injuries and a nurse on campus, there are finger scanners at most entrances and other security measures taken
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