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Current headmaster is associated with the MENTAL ABUSE problems against students of certain attribute happened at a boarding school about 20 years ago. He was working there as the admission director then. Some teachers and students were mentally teasing and harassing students of certain attribute in a very underhanded, indirect, and ill-intentioned yet legal and politically correct (for white Americans) way such as dividing communication or friendship among those students, instigating those students to be unfriendly or hostile with each other, not respecting the difference of those students, forcing some liberal white American values and ideas to those students (like mind-controlling), spreading some negative rumors about those students, and treating those students in cold, unfriendly, or unkind attitude. He was one of the main perpetrators.
Great experience with a loving nurturing staff. My son is very well prepared for the college experience in front of him. In fact in some cases it may be easier in college!
I went to Tatnall for High School and it was an incredible experience. The teachers were excellent and always available to help, and the school allowed for a lot of freedom for upperclassmen to pick what they studied. Sports were always fun, and the small school atmosphere was perfect for me.
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Tatnall truly is a family. The teachers are fantastic at all levels from Preschool through High School and the administrators are completely involved with the students as well. Parent and students are embraced by a community that wants to have them learn and grow as students and most of all as people.
Exceptional teachers at all levels
My child was not very involved due to a commitment outside of school to training for a year around sport
I would recommend this school to any parent who wants their child to have a great education, in a caring community of students, teachers and administrators.
My daughter has been here since she was 3, we have loved every day. She was very comfortable at this school, loved her teachers and made good friends.

I would choose this school again if we had to do it over again.
I have really enjoyed my time at Tatnall. The only thing not good about it is that it doesn't have a great reputation (socially) within the conference.
it's fun most of the time and the classes are usually pretty small so you can learn a lot
The community and the opportunities really speak for themselves
The teachers all help in multiple aspects of the school community. They all run clubs and coach sports as well as being involved and helpful in the classroom.
The building itself is very old, so its as nice as it can be without major renovations. While the newer facilities, like the Performing Art Center (PAC) are top tier
There is an onsite athletic trainer for physical injuries and a nurse on campus, there are finger scanners at most entrances and other security measures taken
Some of the rules are a little outdated, but they're getting there
You're required to play a sport which is very limiting, especially as there are no substitutes for meeting this requirement. So doing any other extracurriculars is very difficult, but necessary.
Very fair admissions test, but also aids the exclusivity of the school
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Tatnall get the Best teachers there contract are renewed yearly.
The Family Feel Ant the encouragement and the support to succeed . The responsibility is given to the student to want and own the path to take the Mentors are there cheering them on and the joy of discovering passions which have been cultivated.,Tatnall was the best place for my Children . They were prepared was more than the GPA. It realizing and knowing the Grades awarded came from hard word and persistence and reaching out to the support around them. Excellent Teacher.Counselors, School Head. A true Blessings .
All of the above College prep
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