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The STEM Early College at N.C. A&T Reviews

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My experience at Stem has been really amazing. I had made many great memories and i have gotten past many great challenges. I have made many awesome new friends and reconnected with old friends.
The STEM Early College is a very rigorous academic experience and it is important that students be aware of and prepared for the toll that this may take on them. If you are prepared for such an academic program, you will have a great time at this high school. In my experience, all but one or two teachers are excellent and have helped me grow into a better student and person. There is a focus on STEM topics and education, and not much flexibility in student schedules or classes, but this allows for a fast-track to complete high school requirements. Later on, you get to choose your track of college courses and determine how you want to prepare for your future. There was initially a lack of college preparation in advance, but I have seen large improvements in this area. The students are diverse and form tight-knit groups. Some of the facilities and resources could be updated. The safety is the main thing that could be improved, as we are in a glass-walled building on the edge of campus.
I liked how academically stimulating it was. If you are serious about your education and can manage your time well (no procrastination), you will be looking at a great GPA, and almost 2 years worth of college credits!
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Starting at this school is probably one of the most critical choices I've made in my life. Not only has it provided and advanced program, which set me up ot succeed anywhere, but it also has instilled the drive and connections for me to be able to find and obtain any opportunity I want.
I really like the school and the early college program. They are adding new classes every year and this is the school's 8th year
I love how academically focused it is. However, I wish it was just a tad bit larger so that some extracurriculars can be added to the program.
The STEM Early College is a good high school. Although the first two years are difficult, your junior and senior years are much easier. This gives you more time to pursue your other interests. At the school, many of them are great teachers that I have enjoyed learning others. Because I went to STEM, I found my self being able to explore more research opportunities such as internships.
The school has amazing staff and community. While the workload is a lot in the first two years, it helps you be prepared for college. The school offers a lot of programs to help you grow as a high school student. The staff is always there to walk through any issues you might have and offer helpful advice
I loved my time at the STEM Early College at NC A&T. The curriculum was built to prepare us for college classes. The teachers were all very nice and helpful. They truly cared about our success. If there’s one thing I would change, I would be the quality of their activities and clubs. It’s a relatively new school, so a lot of aspects of normal high schools are not very fledged out when I was there.
The STEM Early College at N.C. A&T is a school that you will certainly need to be ready for! The advantages of going to an Early College is amazing with two years of college experience as well. Due to the limited number of students per grade, the bonds created between students are exceptional and lasting. The diversity in the school is amazing with a majority of the school being traditionally a minority. This school really feels like home and through thick and thin, you'll gain support.
I wasn’t actually in the the STEM program, however I did hear that the program was very beneficial to students on my campus.
Your first two years will challenge you, but it will prepare you for success during your last two years. This school allows students to have freedom that traditional high schoolers are not granted. But this requires a student to be mature and responsible. Academically, this school requires a motivated, focused student.
This school was able to challenge and expand my thinking and knowledge. With this school I was able to gain experience working with others of different races and religions and begin to understand people as a whole more. The one thing I really liked about it was that I was able to experience two years of college and have those credits transfer with me later when I graduated high school. Leaving high school I am no longer too nervous about college life because I know and understand how the classes will be like. The one thing that I would changed or that I disliked about this school is communication. The office staff at STEM would communicate information at the last minute 9/10 times. This was the only downside to this school.
The STEM Early College at N.C. A&T was overall a great experience. The school overprepares it's students for the workload of college courses. This school gives it's students the opportunity to make connections with professors on campus that could last a lifetime. Ultimately, the school gives it's students the resources to excel academically in high school , as well as in college.
What I like about STEM is that it's a school that can challenge my brain and get me prepared as much as I can for college.
In attending the STEM Early College at N.C. A&T, I received the great benefit of being able to finish my high school career in only two years, while starting my college career at only 16 years old, which is an outstanding accomplishment. I feel that because the program is still fairly new there are tweaks that still need to be worked out, such as students not being able to have lockers or cubbies and having to carry their heavy books with them all day long. I also feel that the freshmen and sophomore students work extremely hard, so they should be able to experience the A&T campus and be able to eat at the various lunch locations on campus, as I was able to when I was a freshman. Overall, the program is an excellent one and I wouldn't change my high school career.
The STEM Early College has definitely prepared me for my future career in college as well as developing better skills as a student. These skills include better study habits as well as note taking. But most importantly I have learned about the importance in creating a connection with my teachers and or professors on campus. The STEM Early College has also allowed me to be pushed to my limits and challenge myself and ultimately find a career that I am interesting in pursing.
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This is a great place and they are very as what the stars say. The school is amazing the way they learn is amazing. My step-team performed a routine for the graduates a few years back. They also had Mister and Misses A&T had came to a graduates things for us also. This school is amazing and I am happy to say that I live by here. The former president Obama came to give a speech one year for this school. The school is amazing and I am amazed by how much this is what goes down when you are in greensboro and look for the best place to live.
I am a senior at STEM Early College and the school is great in preparing us for college and the real world. You cam actually get a full "typical" high school experiment if you allow it and participate. While there are many flaws, the school is still good and I don't regret choosing it.
Liked the classes that I took but I wish they offered more AP classes. Also, there were not a lot of clubs and sports in the school.
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