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Sci Tech is a great school with excellent education. It has recently increased in sport related activities, but still does not have an actual team. The school is known to give large amounts of work which can overwhelm the students. This is the main reason that the drop out rate is so high. The students will also have to work harder to achieve their desired rank and GPA, because the students enrolled are the best among the region.
I really enjoyed the block schedule at Science Academy and the diversity of the different races and religions at the school. Also the teachers are very helpful and kind, most, if not all, of them staying after school to tutor kids that are struggling in the class.
Overall I had a good time at SciTech. They have a good education despite the way they teach and many students have become successful because of SciTech. I would recommend going there if you're willing to work hard and long hours to achieve your goal
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It is a great school that offers students different areas of expertise to head in as well as being one of the toughest schools in the nation.
The Science Academy is academically challenging, culturally diverse, enjoyable, and one of the highest ranked schools in Texas. It nearly over-prepares its students to enter college, however, which has its pros and cons. If attending, be prepared to work harder than you ever have, but also to reap the benefits of an excellent, high-quality education.
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the Science Academy offers me a true college learning environment. Our school has such a great diversity of students and offers an enormous amount of AP courses to take.
Its a friendly school where everyone there CHOSE to be there themselves. It prepares you greatly for college and is a small school so it's easy to get to know everyone.
The Challenge of graduating at the science academy of south Texas is unrivaled in south Texas area. If you are looking to be prepared for college while still realizing your full scholarly potential this school is your best bet no matter your knowledge skill or intuition.
I liked the environment of The Science Academy. Students cared about learning and being successful in their endeavors. The teachers taught well and cared about the success and well being of their students.
A S.T.E.M intensive vocational highschool with a high level of academic curriculum and diverse background, the academics and college readiness are incredibly well, but the school lacks sports, extracurricular activities, facilities and school culture.
Attending Science Academy has been so rewarding and inspiring in multiple ways. Being able to understand what it takes to be successful in a tough, competitive environment such as Sci-Tech, is extremely rewarding. Especially when you attend a school like mine that gives you the opportunities to learn inside and outside the classroom. Not only do you learn the core materials that are essential for college, but you also learn what type of person you are, the student you are and what are your interests and aspirations. Coming to Science Academy isn't always the easiest choice, but it is definitly the right choice if you want to be pushed and excel at your craft.
Strong academics; great creativity clubs
Serious issues with harsh grading. Worse than in college.
Good counselors; great student culture
The climate of Scitech is a very unique one, unlike the other schools in the Rio Grande Valley. It's students are extremely diverse and very creative. The teachers are very dedicated to genuinely teaching their students to grasp the subject they teach, but recently I've noticed a shift in the culture of the school. The administration has taken a bite out of the originality of the student body and as a result Scitech has lost some of it's charm.
The Science Academy is a one of a kind school. The curriculum may be tough and some classes are tedious but the teachers help all they can to aid the students in any way possible to help them succeed in the future. The students themselves are given the opportunities to make their mark and make a difference.
The structure of the school prepares the students for the college environment and activities.
The Science Academy of South Texas has become more of a home with the small sizes of each of the grade levels.
One of my favorite things about the Science Academy (or Scitech) is ITS atmosphere. You can be yourself, and no one really cares. People experiment with fashion, wear footsie pajamas, carry around plants and blow-up animals, and literally nobody cares. The academics are hardcore, too, but the best part is the acceptance.
The environment at Scitech is amazing! Everyone is very easy going and willing to help each other out, even though it is a very competitive school. There is no entrance exam, everyone genuinely WANTS to be there and works hard to stay there.
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This school changed my life for the better. It was and still is the best 4 years I have ever spent anywhere. The teachers are your friends and mentors and they will guide you into a career choice. It is not just a school focused on science, while it does play a big role, it is a school focused on all subjects and each teacher is just as vibrant and excited for the day as the next. It is something special and it will open each student up to different cultures and will change each student for the better. I recommend this school to anyone who wants to be accepted and is prepared and ready to take on the workload.
Great academics that prepare you for university.
Almost every social group available to choose from.
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