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The administration changed over the years, in a way that no longer let us express ourselves. We were not allowed to do many things that we used to, instead we were given detention for standing up for what we believer.
A great school with great staff. Lacks in student freedom. It isn't what it used to be when I entered freshman year. You still learn a lot and the student environment is very secluded.
Attending the Science Academy of South Texas was a challenge for me as of many others because the academic rigor was high but so was competition. This school has a variety of students who, like me, had come from different backgrounds and nationalities to the US and had the same aspirations I do. The diversity in the student population at Science Academy made me more open minded to all types of ideas and cultures.
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The Science Academy gave me the chance to participate in an environment where my peers really cared about learning and wanted to further their education. It was because of SciTech's great curriculum that I discovered my passion for electrical engineering.
My experience here was very good overall. The teachers and staff here are all interested in seeing their students succeed. Its curriculum has a good amount of rigor and is centered on pushing students into various STEM fields. There's is always something to be involved in here.
Attending the Science Academy was by far the best four years I've had in my entire life. The school environment makes you feel at home, with well-educated teachers, great peers, and highly involved administration. Every day you walk into class learning something new, that helps prepare us for our soon to be college life.
This school really treated me well for 4 years. Renovations could be great, and a more spacious environment would be amazing for the incoming classes.
A great school with a focus on STEM-based courses and engineering based outreach. The Science Academy of South Texas prepares a student for their undergraduate studies by providing rigorous coursework and exposure to tools used in the engineering field. The student learning environment is like no other. Students are surrounded by like-minded students who wish to pursue their education and do so by being very competitive and strive for perfection. Overall a great school.
Gets you ready for college, but colleges might not even accept you because of your ranking in such a small class.
Being in an environment where everyone is decided on what they want to be and are very competitive really sets your gears moving. This school motivates you to do your best and achieve your goals. The teachers really prepare you for college and the fact that we have engineering classes really gives us and idea if this field is actually for us.
Staff only cares about top 10%
The vast majority of students transfer out of this school because of how overwhelming the work load is. School does not help you at all. Unless academics is your entire life don't go here and even if it is I still wouldn't bother...this school does not help with college any more then your average public highschool. Students are extremely stressed and overworked. Not enough help provided to the students. Personal experience was a nightmare. Aside from a few nice teachers and an amazing counselor this school was incredibly unpleasant. If you choose to go here be prepared to make academics your life and kiss all other activities goodbye for the next 4 years or else you'll find yourself transferring out really fast.
The Science Academy of South Texas is one of the best schools in the nation and the best in all of south Texas. The school has the best academics and is one of the most diverse environments I have ever had the pleasure to partake in. One thing the school lacks in is sports however, I believe that if you want to go to the Science Academy sports should not be an issue at all. Overall I believe that the Science Academy of South Texas is a great oppertunity for anyone wanting to get into a good college
SciTech is an academically intensive school that I would recommend to those interested in engineering careers. While I decided engineering was not for me, I benefited by maintaining a decently high GPA at a rigorous school.
Sci Tech is a great school with excellent education. It has recently increased in sport related activities, but still does not have an actual team. The school is known to give large amounts of work which can overwhelm the students. This is the main reason that the drop out rate is so high. The students will also have to work harder to achieve their desired rank and GPA, because the students enrolled are the best among the region.
I really enjoyed the block schedule at Science Academy and the diversity of the different races and religions at the school. Also the teachers are very helpful and kind, most, if not all, of them staying after school to tutor kids that are struggling in the class.
Overall I had a good time at SciTech. They have a good education despite the way they teach and many students have become successful because of SciTech. I would recommend going there if you're willing to work hard and long hours to achieve your goal
It is a great school that offers students different areas of expertise to head in as well as being one of the toughest schools in the nation.
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The Science Academy is academically challenging, culturally diverse, enjoyable, and one of the highest ranked schools in Texas. It nearly over-prepares its students to enter college, however, which has its pros and cons. If attending, be prepared to work harder than you ever have, but also to reap the benefits of an excellent, high-quality education.
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the Science Academy offers me a true college learning environment. Our school has such a great diversity of students and offers an enormous amount of AP courses to take.
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