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The School Without Walls High School Reviews

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As a parent, with a student who is now a senior, I could not be more pleased with the education and values offered by SWW.
Walls is a school that prepares students for college, has so many opportunities for students. It has an incredible amount of resources. opportunities to travel, internships, options to take college classes. admin could be better, as well as more diversity. we are ensured to college and most teachers are supportive of students.
It was a good high experience in terms of the quality of education. The teachers, faculty, and counselors were very supportive and helpful when it came to specific student needs or issues. Also I felt that the school had many good opportunities for students and it opened a lot of doors for underprivileged people. However a major problem was the segregation and the apparent differences between the students and their own groups. Everyone seemed to be inclusive only within their groups and respecting other people’s beliefs or background or skin color didn’t exist at all. Furthermore the action taken by the administration was lacking severely and the justice wasn’t served in many of these situations. Overall the education and opportunities in this school is great but it is the lack of community or respect for students and their differences that made high school a let down in many ways.
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The opportunities at this school are never ending, students are given a lot of freedom, and students are well beyond prepared for college due to the rigorous academics at this school. This school also creates everlasting bonds and friendships.
I love the freedom that students receive at school without walls. We don’t have to wear uniform, we have off-campus lunch, and the teachers overall trust their students. There are some issues though such as poor communication skills between staff members and students. There was much confusion because of this. There also is a bit of racial tension. In general, we all get along but sometimes people can say harsh things about another's culture and it interrupts peace in the community. I’m general, School Without Walls is a good school but like many other schools, it does need improvement.
The type of student SWW produces is dynamic and interesting. As it is not zoned for any specific district, there are students from all over the city and from both poorer and richer neighborhoods. It feels like a meritocracy.
I liked that there was a tremendous about of diversity, majority of the teachers, admin and students were open minded. An area I would like to see change in is the level of seriousness when it comes to student behavior.
Lots of opportunities and caring teachers. Needs to work on not stressing students out so much and giving endless busy work. Potential students need to work on time management. Everyone's also a drug addict so thats cool
It was a great school for many students, however the science and math programs could be a little stronger.
I liked how diverse the school is, as well as how well it prepares you for success with future colleges. A lot of students get into great ivy leagues and it's very impressive.
The school is a good school all things considered. Personally I didn't enjoy myself but I think there are good opportunities to set students up for success.
School Without Walls High School is a perfect school for students that are truly dedicated to their studies.
School Without Walls is a renowned educational facility. However, while its name may conjure up images of academic proficiency and college readiness the sharp reality of a mismanaged facility cuts through the cloud of grandeur. There is a lack of leadership, support, and emotional stability at this school.
The school is extremely rigorous and fast pace . The environment is loving and fun though and I would recommend others attending.
All teenagers like to whine and complain about the all-nighters, early mornings, and stress that comes with high school. But all in all, I had a very good experience. While I wish that I would have had greater expansiveness in academic availability, and not all of the teachers were the most motivating, the general environment that I was able to surround myself with across four years has shaped me into the person I am today. The political activism has inspired and educated me on topics that I may not have been exposed to before. The opinionated class discussions that fuel the academic environment encouraged me to speak my mind, and demand my education.
What I love about the School Without Walls is that everyone cares about your success. The teachers are there for you, the students are supportive and have really tight friend groups, and the faculty is always there to make sure that everything is running smoothly. It is still a rigorous learning environment and the school is academically competitive, but you still feel like you are more than a test score. The school also has a lot of connections with George Washington University, so SWW students can take classes at the University or use its gym.
I like my school a lot, the students have a family-like relationship. Our staff is amazing, they are always there for the students. In my personal experience I can tell that staff, care about me and my peers. One improvement that I would like to see at my school is more places to practice sports and extracurricular activities, we do not have a gym. The fact that we do not have a gym give us an unfair disadvantage in sports. My school just needs more places for sports practices. When I played flag football, we practiced in the commons when it was too cold outside. The commons are basically a common area, we have our school plays there, dances, art shows, practices and we eat lunch in the commons. Overall I honestly love my school and I couldn't see myself going to any other DCPS high school, but we need more places to practice sports and extracurricular activities.
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School Without Walls provides several opportunities to its students, especially in college readiness. There are many APs offered, although not as many as students would like due to the small size of the school. Through its partnership with George Washington University, students are also able to become full-time GWU students for their last two years on full scholarship or take one college class per semester in addition to high school classes for free. The teachers are excellent and able to connect with the students given the small classes.
I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at School Without Walls. Between the rigorous AP classes and senior capstone project, I believe this school set me up for success in my college courses. I consistently do well on my college essays, presentations, and other forms of graded communication due to the classes at this school. A couple things I would change, however, are the dress code policy and how it affects girls of color at the school. I remember that being an issue when I attended the school. Likewise, some teachers were unclear with communicating their high expectations. Other than that, this school was excellent and prepared me for life beyond secondary education.
The school gives students a lot of freedom and the teachers are very understanding. The classes are challenging and push you to think and expand your learning .
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