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We have been at Quarry Lane for 6 years and plan to go all the way through their high school program. My children have done really well and are happy there. As the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine hit, they were amazingly prepared for remote teaching and didn't skip a beat as far as continuing the learning. As a parent, I was very impressed and I believe it speaks for how well their overall program is on campus. Especially from what I have observed and heard from family and friends at other schools. I couldn't recommend QLS more.
Quarry Lane is a great school that gives you access to many opportunities to explore different interests, prepare you well for college, and a more personal college counseling experience. You're not competing against a hundred other kids for those opportunities which is great.
I am very grateful to have gone to Quarry Lane School. I feel that the level of education, personal attention, support, and overall experience has truly prepared me for success in college. It's a small school and without a lot of the barriers that you might find in public or even another private school. Thank you very much to all of the teachers, especially during this time of sheltering in place. They've all been really amazing during this time. Thank you, QLS!
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I highly recommend QLS for anyone that is serious about their education, and enjoys a smaller, tight-knit community of friends and teachers. The smaller class sizes and overall size of the school has given me a great experience. I feel like you can accomplish or set your sights on any goal, and feel supported. That way, you also feel more confident to push yourself and try new activities. I really feel that I'll have an advantage both in getting into the college I want and among my peers when I get to college. Thank you for this experience, Quarry Lane!
I am so impressed by the way the school has handled the shift to remote learning. It has been a blessing for our family during this challenging time. The school did not miss a beat and everything was up and running without delay once the shelter in place order was given. The dedication of our teachers in adapting their curriculum online has been phenomenal, and the quality of education our kids are receiving at home is excellent. It gives me great confidence to know that no matter what circumstances come forward in the future (come fall or any other time), QLS will be prepared. Both on campus and at home, I highly recommend the school.
My oldest daughter went to school at Quarry Lane and I feel she received a excellent education here. We pulled her out of the public schools and had her attend school at Quarry Lane. We have no regrets. It was money spent well. She graduated from college in the top 10 percent and has a great career.
I will have to say it again....It was money well spent.
I have been in The Quarry Lane School since 8th grade. I like the school's student to faculty ratio. Being able to easily communicate with the teacher allows for more success in the classroom. The STEM programs we have at school are well funded giving us access to quality equipment and well-trained professionals.
As a parent of a middle and lower school student, I highly recommend Quarry Lane School. A small class size makes a huge difference and I feel that the teachers we've had truly care about my child's learning. They both have really nice, great friends and are happy going to school. We came from another local private school where I felt there was pressure for students and parents in terms of academics was too high. I prefer the balance they have at QLS.
I have two children in the Lower School and have been extremely satisfied with our experience. One of my kids is more "academically-inclined" than the other and I can honestly say that they both receive support to fit both of their learning styles. I can see my older one stretching and asserting himself more this year from the encouragement of his teachers and I see the little one, while she needs more help, feels equally confident and not at all stressed about needing/getting more support. And, bottom line (what matters most to me)–they are both happy and thriving. Yes, it is an "academic" school with a challenging curriculum, but both of my children participate in a number of sports and activities and keeping up hasn't been an issue. I know many families choose this school for the academic rigor and are quite pleased, but as a parent that's not laser-focused on academic results, I can say that it is a terrific school for our family!
Pulled the kid out of here after his first two years in elementary school. My kid is thriving much better in the new school. Teachers like to work with only kids who perform well. They don't care about others. Their literacy curriculum is a real joke, subpar teachers. Teachers have no passion toward teaching or empathy towards kids. They can spoil the curiosity and thinking of kids. My kid always complained that he was not given much chance to participate in the classes. Join this school only if you feel that the teachers might like the kid. Even though they claim low teacher ratio, they still cannot meet the needs of all kids.

Don’t get fooled by their open houses. Cost to quality of education is very poor.
I'm so grateful for the supportive teachers who take the time to support my child as she navigates college prep. expectations.
My kid goes to elementary school here. In my opinion this school is purely academic and can suppress the critical thinking of a kid with the kind of teaching, tons of homework and tons of tests every week.

Didn't find much difference in the quality of teaching between public school and here. Haven't seen any kind of reinforcement instruction when a student falls beyond the grade level. Ultimately it falls back to the parent when a kid has trouble catching up to the pace of the class.
I would highly recommend investing in QLS education!
I have 2 girls who have been with QLS right from their lower school years (2nd grade onwards). My girls are now in 12th and 9th grades. We are extremely happy about their growth as young individuals in terms of their academics, mannerism and overall personality development.
The teachers and the support staff at QLS are very welcoming to not just the students but also to the parent community. I feel that my girls are well prepared to handle life in general. Thank you, Quarry Lane!
My daughter loves Quarry Lane! She is in Kindergarten and is thriving there. The instructors are great and really care about the students. The staff communicates very well with us and we always know what is going on. I highly recommend this school to anyone looking for a quality education for their child. It really feels like a community. We
love Quarry Lane!

The only concern we have is there is no organized parent committee to provide feedback. I have seen this in other private schools.
We have two children at QLS, a senior and a sophomore, and have found the school has exceeded our expectations on virtually every dimension -- academic rigor, quality of pedagogy, staff credentials with advanced degrees in the subject which they are teaching, care and concern for student welfare and total experience, healthy peer associations you'd expect from serious college bound students, and a well-appointed infrastructure from the secure buildings to lab equipment. We have two other children in top IB schools in the area but QLS provides a far better learning experience for children who have a strong motivation to learn and grow in a rigorous environment without many of the distractions you'll find even if good public schools.
As a student who has been at QLS since elementary school, I can say that it has been an amazing journey. Quarry Lane feels like home and I've always felt very supported by teachers. The opportunities available to me here at Quarry Lane have truly enriched my education and have allowed me to find myself, create lifelong friendships, and have allowed me to push myself in ways that I didn't know I could. Honestly, I don't think that I would've been afforded the same opportunities at a local public school. So, I feel fortunate that my parents made the decision to have me at QLS.
False advertising. Many have been tricked by either agencies or the open houses to come here. Teachers are discouraging towards students and most of them have even less ideas about what they're doing than the students. If you are thinking to come here, think again.
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It’s a very academically rigorous school. The classes and teachers are excellent and the small class sizes make it easy for the teachers and students to form tight bonds. There are many clubs and activities for the students to participate in. The students are sweet and accepting.
We are very pleased at the decision to admit our daughter in 8th grade to quarry lane. She moved from a public school. Her transition so far has been smooth. Most Teachers are well qualified. Lot of clubs to join. Teachers also guide for competitions. Elective opportunities are also great like project lab, robotics, speech and debate and art studio. Small class sizes and no bullying are other plus points. Homework's are well paced time wise ; effective planning can make them complete work on time. Regular tests are also given.
We are blessed to be part of The Quarry Lane School since 6th Grade. Now my son is going to be a freshman and its going to be our 4th year with the school. As a parent, I am very happy with the School Safety, Excellent Teachers, Great Curriculum, Very positive nurturing environment. Staff and faculty are highly engaged, welcoming to parents, and communicative about expectations. They also go the extra distance to address concerns and help all students reach their full potential. It's common for College Prep teachers to exude passion and deep knowledge of subjects. They make the subject matter engaging in ways that develop strong skills in writing, reading, conversation and collaboration.The combination of amazing teachers who want to help you, motivated students, and a diverse, safe environment make this easily one of the topmost private school in San Francisco Bay Area