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The Prairie School is everything you look for in a place of education. The caring community is a base that provides nurturing education for each and every student. Prairie's unique and beautiful facilities allow children from Pre-K all the way through 12th grade to learn and grow under one roof. After walking the halls for a day, you will realize and appreciate how much this embodies our community. Prairie focuses on the whole student, promoting and enriching the qualities that provide a powerful base for self-reliance as scholars, artists, athletes, and leaders.
I usually avoid the term "special," but Prairie School truly is just that. Magic happens here with kids in ways that it just doesn't in other schools, whether or not they're public, parochial, or fellow independent schools. It's the Prairie culture, the Prairie values, the Prairie focus on developing the whole child for success and leadership in college and beyond.
Our child had a wonderful year where they felt supported and nurtured. Students at Prairie feel valued.
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I love the Prairie School because it is student focused learning with a strong emphasis on the arts. Every child is valued and loved. They are given endless resources to be the best versions of themselves.
The Prairie School focuses where it matters: on students. From academics to arts and athletics, students are the center of attention and their success and well-being is central to every experience at Prairie.
The Prairie School experience has been wonderful for our daughter. She is a middle school student that is challenged, engaged, and given many unique opportunities and learning experiences. The culture of the school emphasizes acceptance of individuality and being the best version of "you". We could not be happier with our experience and feel very supported amid any challenges that my daughter has faced academically or socially. The faculty genuinely cares for the students and each other.
Many schools toss around the word "community" like it's a catchphrase within their walls — but at Prairie, people walk the walk. Faculty, students, parents, alumni, and coaches truly act and feel like one big family, and it's clear that the number one benefit of that atmosphere is the success experienced by Prairie kids, academic as well as personal. Small class sizes in the lower grades and small-group programs like Advisory in the middle and upper grades give kids additional support on top of their schoolwork, and allow faculty the opportunity to get to know the kids outside of class assignments. But don't be mistaken: support is different from coddling. Prairie students are encouraged to be self-sufficient, and the mantra of "knowing and valuing, supporting and challenging" each child really does happen here at every level.
Prairie allows students to explore many different areas to find their interests, whether it be theater, visual art, music, sports, coding, robotics, gardening, etc. Teachers are caring and knowledgable and prepare students for college or other future paths. Students have the opportunity to learn outside the traditional classroom, especially with the many field trips offered to enrich the classroom experience.
The Prairie School staff and faculty (including teachers, administrators, meal service, facilities, and more) are committed to knowing, valuing, challenging, and supporting their students. The lunch server who knows my daughter’s name, noticed her new glasses. Seems like a little thing, but you can bet she talked about it after school and how special she felt. My son’s teacher and support staff attended and cheered for him at a summer sporting event. Teachers have gone out of their way to stretch my kids’ learning and support their social and emotional development. I couldn’t be more thankful for the Prairie community we are lucky enough to be a part of.
We were drawn to Prairie because of the positive environment that we experienced. The people of Prairie are friendly and go out of their way to help. Individualized instruction is another reason we think highly of Prairie. With one on one attention, your child can meet their full potential.
I love that Prairie feels like home. Driving up to the beautiful campus is just the beginning. Since day one, I have been treated as part of a community- a community that welcomes everyone with open arms. I love that students, faculty, staff, and parents exude a feeling of wanting to be their best self. It is a special place.
Prairie has been a safe and rigorous place for my students to grow. Their teachers know them personally and academically. They tailor the curriculum to meet their developmental needs. It is not uncommon for any person we pass in the hall to greet my child by name and make him smile. I am grateful we are part of this caring community.
Prairie is a fantastic school that places high value on community and individual development. The teachers are fantastic and very invested in the advancement of the students, almost to a fault. It's a wonderful place to grow in a vast variety of arenas. Many of the students are multi-sport athletes and involved in the arts as well as in academic achievements. The small class sizes mean students develop close relationships with each other as well as their teachers. The Prairie community is a family.
Prairie creates a prestigious and invigorating environment for the students while surrounding them with the resources, teachers and aids they need to succeed. The school encourages strong teacher-student relationships which often last the students their academic career. The Prairie facilities are incredibly well kept, but also incredibly salmon. The School offers many opportunities to its students, as seen in the numerous clubs, family and buddy activities as well as school trips.
The Prairie School is a warm and welcoming community that is full of devoted students and teachers. Prairie is very good at teaching students how to balance school, sports, and social life.
I've been going to Prairie since I was in pre-school. For the past 15 years, Prairie has done a great job of providing me with a tight knit community that feels like home. One of the best things about the school is the small class sizes which allow for one on one time and extra help (which teachers are always happy to provide). Academics is truly something that Prairie prides itself on, and in every grade level I can confidently say that I was challenged. Teachers are always pushing kids to be the best that they can be in and out of the classroom, which results in confident and responsible students. Overall, Prairie is a great community that fittingly prides itself on producing intelligent and capable students.
Prairie's philosophy of "Every child known, valued, supported, and challenged..." is not just a catchy phrase posted on their literature--Prairie lives and breaths this mantra. I have two children that attend Prairie, one middle and one upper school. The teacher's are experts in their fields and have the training--as well as the support of the COMPASS team--to teach the whole child. Each child is met where they are on their academic, social, and emotional journeys and given the support, help, and guidance they need to reach their maximum potentials. Teachers and support staff are outstanding and work with parents as a team to focus on what's best for the student.
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Not sure what brings me greater joy –– my kids' smiles as they get out of the car in the morning, or listening to them recount their experiences each night. (Let's just say their excitement level for the school day varies slightly from my own at their age.) From tough but fair curriculum, to studying with amazing teachers and understanding when to ask for extra help (which Prairie's teachers ALWAYS provide), to learning to work well with others, to developing their creative sides, to meeting kids from a variety of cultures...Prairie goes above and beyond in preparing students for life.
Prairie is not just a place to learn, it is a place where children are encouraged to learn in their own way and empowered to succeed. Because children feel successful and safe here, the hallways are always filled with happy smiling faces. The upbeat energy is contagious!
This has been an educational journey for our two children. First one began in Kindergarten graduated in 2015 and was well prepared academically for the college experience.
Second began in Early School and is now in 7th grade. The school offers a well rounded educational framework for a student to find their interests within academics, the arts, and sports.