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The Odyssey Preparatory Academy Reviews

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I would choose this school again because of the teachers and their dedication to the scholars.
Teachers work together to integrate different areas of study for an overall learning experience.
I would choose this school again for the challenge
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Teachers are always willing to help students grow.
All students are family at Odyssey.
The sports facilities are getting better with time.
There are many clubs, but there could be more.
Health and safety at Odyssey is a safe environ.
Because we are a new school, our facilities are still vague. Our athletic involvement is big, but our skill could use improvement. Team performance is huge and our athletes work very hard to give our teams a better reputation.
Because we are a small school, organizations and extracurricular are limited at our school. For our few clubs and sports, the scholar commitment is immense. Even though we have no school Fridays, athletes are present for practices and club members are present for commitments.
I have never been to a school with such caring and hard working educators. Small class sizes ensure undivided attention to every student, and the discipline builds a fantastic environment. The uniqueness of our school is in the friendliness of our scholars and educators, everyone feels welcome. Even though we are a small institute, our school pride is big and loud, and every scholar here truly enjoys being here. Because it is challenging, our students are accustomed to 100% effort and hard work.
Every student is welcome at this school. The acceptance of every scholar is amazing. Though we are a high school, the clique aspect is not big. We are a family. School feels like a safe place, also being located in a small town, not much happens. Our school nurse experience has not been the best, but is sufficient. No special security measures such as security guards or metal detectors are present, but lockdown, and fire drills are practiced frequently.
This school has grown immensely since it first opened. It is an official IB school, and provides scholars with a worldly, rigorous education. Our classes range from Theory of Knowledge, Physics, American History, to electives such as photography, dance, weight training, fitness training, etc. Everyday scholars are provided with aspects to prepare them for the college world. Our school is very student guided, everyone has a voice. Teachers are available to scholars at all times, and there is no better school to attend where the teacher student interaction is better.
We have great couches for our sports teams. Our cleaners do a good job to clean after every sports game.
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