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The students and teachers make Nueva what it is, and are insanely bright and driven to the point where I worry sometimes I'll be let down by college. Nueva is so good academically that I intended to remove a star for the cons, but added it back on because I think you'd be hard-pressed to find a school as excellent. I'm more into humanities/arts and despite the strong STEM focus I still love most of my classes (somehow, and I don't even like math or really working with numbers at all). Academics are impeccable.

However, diversity, arts, and school spirit are... not so much. I don't mind the school spirit thing, even as a former varsity athlete, but if you're expecting football games and big promposals, then... sorry. For arts, the fundamentals are covered but not much else (but as an artist, I'm ok with that, just do your stuff outside of school). The biggest problem is probably socioeconomic diversity, it's basically only rich or highly connected kids here. And 0 dating pool.
Nueva really has changed my life – in elementary school, every time I earned 100% on the pre-test for math (there were at least 100 units), I got pushed into the back of the classroom. I had no support, no resources, just a few other nerdy boys who tried to flirt with me each day. I completely lost my love of learning. After joining Nueva, I was pushed but supported, freed but always guided. The flexible grouping is so effective, and I'm so grateful for all Nueva has gifted me in my life.
Great school! Gifted and Talented Education. Has reputation for being a STEM school but non-STEM classes are abundant and excellent. No football team, but cross country and track are state ranked for school size. Basketball teams regularly make sectional playoffs, and boys basketball in 2019 made it to state quarterfinals!
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Coming to the Nueva upper school has been the best decision of my life! From the passionate teachers to the driven students, I always feels as if I belong in the Nueva environment.
Extraordinary teachers, curious students, and leadership dedicated to the students and their wellness. Feel so lucky to be part of this community.
Transferring to Nueva in 7th grade was one of the best choices I have ever made. Coming to Nueva made me feel accepted and helped me develop my sense of self and become a better person. I have dealt with some mental health issues and I am very grateful for Nueva for making an effort to support me when I was struggling. Nueva is a wonderful school that can both challenge you and make you feel comfortable. Nueva, while being somewhat of a new high school, is making a consistent effort to cater better to the needs of the students. It's a place where your voice is truly heard.
Transferring to the Nueva Upper School was the best decision of my life. I now get to take classes that satisfy my academic curiosity! I left my old school because I felt that it was lacking in STEM classes, and Nueva has fulfilled my desire to learn more about physics, computer science, and math, beyond the AP curriculum. Nueva's community is so incredible and I truly feel welcome at school. The Student Council always makes sure that all voices are heard, and no student is left without support. I find myself excited to go to school every day because each lesson is unique and inspiring. As Nueva continues to grow, I can't wait to see what the upper school will soon become. Go Mavericks!
I've been at nueva for 10 years, and it was definitely a mixed experience. Pre-K-5th was very good, but middle school was not a pleasant experience. I think this was the time where the disparity between the few middle class kids and the rest of the extremely wealthy student body became evident, as well as the chaos of the administration. I definitely recommend this school for elementary learning, but I would definitely not send my child to the middle school.
Incredible experience. The more I think back on my time at Nueva the more grateful I am to have gone to school there. I was the second class ever in the new high school and while there were a few kinks to iron out, Nueva did a fantastic job. Teachers were fantastic and treated students with respect. Classes were participation-based and hands-on. Some schools simply claim to have "learn by doing" models; Nueva lives this motto every day. Unparalleled education in design thinking and STEM, science program is developing fast and becoming recognized, and the most incredible teachers in arts and humanities. There's not enough space to write everything I want to say but Nueva is a top-notch school that really cares about its students.
Nueva is such a great school, not only because it gives students a great education, but because it's clear the teachers genuinely care about their students, which is one of the reasons why the community is so strong.
I've been at Nueva for 8 years. I love it. The teachers are amazing and dedicated and the courses are incredible with lots of choices on what you can take. The environment and the people are so warm and welcoming. The friends I've made at Nueva are ones that I know I will keep for life.
I genuinely believe the Nueva School is the nation's best. Throughout my Nueva tenure, I've had the opportunity to collaborate with faculty on research projects, take highly specialized courses such as Drug Design, and socialize with individuals as motivated as they are intelligent. In terms of college preparation, Nueva has outstanding facilities and it reflects in its alumni. We sent 28 students to Stanford University over a three-year span – a positively astounding statistic regardless of how you frame it.

The teachers, though, are the unconditional feature of this school. I've formed and maintained out-of-classroom relationships with several instructors, ranging from casual conversations to research endeavors. Each of my instructors cares about me as a student. Through engaging (though challenging!) assessments, highly-tailored curriculum, and one-on-one interactions, I've found a way to thrive in every class.

I'm honored and humbled to have attended this school.
amazing education for quirky, passionate, self-motivated learners. The teachers are crazy amazing - brilliant, accomplished, inspiring and knowledgeable. My child is very well prepared for college.

The negative is that some of the parent of children are a bit full-of-themselves (entitled, self-absorbed and over helicopter-y) <eye roll> but the new families are great.
went to the high school, very challenging academics, great teachers, limitless resources but the students are highly competitive and the entire community has a bit of an entitlement problem.
Nueva is not very diverse, its academics are poor, its food is terrible, its sports are terrible, and the facility is mediocre. A vast amount of the campus is wildlife, and mountain lions have been known to wander the campus, so it is not very safe. Its SEL is especially poor, with a mediocre teacher. Although Nueva boasts to learn by doing, a lot of the kids are pampered by teachers, and it is quite competitive.
Nueva changed my life. I started in 6th grade, only continuing to thrive. Nueva made sure I had several friends before the start of school and made sure all new students felt welcomed by having several opportunities to meet new people and make friends. The teachers WANT you to do your best, they are there for you whenever you need help. The community here is outstanding. Nueva is inclusive and doesn't just focus all on academics, they focus on the whole person.
Attended Nueva from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade and would do it all over again! Thanks for the best 14 years :)
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A safe, supportive environment that really challenges students to do more, if they want. Most students are highly driven and intellectually curious - which is part of the reason why the school culture is so weird and quirky. Nueva is not a high school from central casting... there are no football players, no jocks, no cheerleaders, no druggies (at least not in the open)...
Student since Pre-K and have loved most everything at Nueva. My favorite thing is the class sizes. I love being able to connect with my teachers for projects and ask questions both in and out of class. You really get to create a rapport with both your faculty and your class. I know everyone in my grade by name and feel I could talk with anyone. On the downside, at least with my experience in the Middle school, there isn't much prep for high school. Despite moving into the Upper school, I still found it challenging to catch on with the workload and the concept of grades as grades are never used and homework isn't ever enforced in the middle school. I have friends that never turned in anything in the middle school and were able to get away with it because of the culture of the school. Because of this, it was much harder to keep up grades for them as they had to learn how to manage their time and convince themselves that the homework was worth doing. Love some, dislike others.
I LOVED attending Nueva! I spent ten years as a student and am a recent alum, and cannot recommend the school enough.
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